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  1. Actually, just found that status menu, thank you again for your help!
  2. I have not, where is that located? Thank you for the response
  3. So, I have setup multiple flights and have had no issues with calling passengers and loading. Today, it has taken over a half hour from the passenger calls until they arrive at the FBO and I get the call. It has never taken that long before, so I do not know what is going on. I also deleted the airframe and created a new one and had the same results. Any idea what may be going on? Thanks everyone!
  4. Hello, I am following the checklist and I am on the after engine checklist step 21. It says Check ATS display shows N2 TO, but mine does not, what have I done wrong? I must have missed something
  5. Thank you for the response. If I do that, I still have to call a fuel truck? Or will it just fill and I stop it where I want it? My confusion is that I do not want to use career mode and there really is not a call a fuel truck option.
  6. Hello, I was messing with my controls, and did the revers test. All worked well, except I am now stuck with reversers on. Is there a way to get the engines back to normal so I can take off? Thanks a bunch!
  7. Yes, thank you for the response, I was wondering that.
  8. Hello, I am trying to map my speedbrake axis to the Challenger's Spoiler, and no matter what I do, I only can make the spoiler go 50%, does anyone have a better way to do this? Thanks for your help!
  9. Yes, I have seen that, but the truck does not come and there is no way to adjust quantity.
  10. Hello! I have done a combination of both. Maybe I need to adjust FOV when sitting with the default view and see what it does. Thank you for your response and have a great day!
  11. I prefer not to use a persistent state and just want to setup and fly like I do with other planes. When I do that, i am struggling with fueling the airplane. When I select fuel truck, I get the pop up that appears to be the fuel interaction screen, but I am unable to select what I want loaded. I am sure I am doing something wrong so any assistance would be great. Thank you! Also, is there a way to use the FBO side of things and not keep the persistent state?
  12. Hello, is there a way to adjust what you see on the HUD? When I go to the forward view, it is fine, but if I go to my save forward view that is zoomed out a little, the HUD display is large and you only see part of the display. If I go external, then back to internal it resets until I do a different view again. I hope that make a little sense. Thank you!
  13. I have the same issue, and it also seems to happen above custom airport scenery. I put in a support issue when v5 first came out, and it is still happening to me. This time, it has happened over KSLC and KLAS, and originally it was KLAX. Everyone of those are payware.....Do not know if that helps as well. If you look at my first posts, you will see my screen shots.
  14. Awesome! I will keep you posted if I come accross anything else. Other than that so far, all I can say is wow! I love how it looks so far!
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