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  1. Yes, so as @rosseloh mentioned, the hovering information only works when the UI is set at 100%, and does not work at other percentages.
  2. Solved! Checked and apparently it was popped out. Resetting it makes it working now, it happened probably because of pilot error. I will do a longer flight just to check how it goes but it should be fixed now. Many thanks!
  3. So I reloaded the aircraft and did a windshield/window test on the ground while being parked, which it shows that there is a failure with the R Window Heat. I have attached all the necessary logs for you, and I am happy to provide more info if needed So far I have tried: -Resetting the circuit breakers in concern (F15 circuit breaker) -Setting the R Window Heater to be triggered and then clearing the failure in that window -Analysing in the electrical study panel to see if there is any current flowing through, and there is (pointing to maybe a short-circuit?) CL650_Log.txt Log.txt
  4. I am using a dual monitor setup with different resolutions (one in 3840*2160 which I use for XP11 and another one at 1920*1080), using a Ryzen 7 5800X, 32GB of RAM and RTX 3080Ti. Hovering my mouse does not show any information on any study windows (engine/FMC etc.)
  5. I am currently doing a transatlantic flight and during cruise the "R Window Heat" kept showing up as a caution item every now and then, even after turning off and on the switch. I also located the CB (F14 and F15) and tried pulling out and In, with no results.
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