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  1. Sadly, after flying 5 hours, CTD. I attempted to restart the flight without success... CL650_Log.txt Log.txt
  2. Hello, I was about to start my securing checklist after a 2h30' uneventful flight putting my last pin on the right landing gear and suddendly...CTD CL650_Log.txt Log.txt
  3. My bad, now I see that I left engine on on start-up ticked.
  4. Hello, I was playing with the MFD during a training above my home airport LIBP, I was direct PES and selecting ILS Z 22 while deleting the STAR the I did not use and suddendly, CTD! Log.txt CL650_Log.txt
  5. During the same flight EDDB-LSZH on VATSIM descending before the STAR just after downloading the LSZH ATIS...CTD! CL650_Log.txt Log1.txt
  6. I was doing a EDDB-LSZH on VATSIM when talking with the controller the simulator crashed. Log.txt CL650_Log.txt
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