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  1. Ok, got it. Just to make sure I got it right - no VR flight currently possible? no workaround?
  2. The yoke in VR currently moves (forward/backward) in the opposit direction of the input. Beside that the yoke does not turn left and right. Something is odd here althought quite fun .)
  3. currently, afaik there is no changce to change settings, configure weights as well as fuel in VR. Any chance to be able to do that in VR in future?
  4. you could add some routine to dowload pax, cargo and fuel data from simbrief and set them, i think this is quite handy and saves lot of time manually adjusting..
  5. Hi folks, after a long time without flightsim, I decided t do a fresh install of the latest 737 version as iit is today in the x-aviation store. I am also running the latest 11.52 RC along with a HP Reverb headset with all latest versions of steamVR and WMR for steam VR. I have also installed GIZMO 2.0 as well as tried the "old" stable gizmo. My problem: I do have sounds in 2D but whatever I have tried, I did not manage to get working sounds in VR. This only happens with IXEG 737, no problems at all with any otheer airraft. Any idea?
  6. Not sure if this was intended, but it looks a bit strange
  7. this looks a bit strange and can probably be fixed?
  8. This happened just while sitting on the airport and doing literally nothing :=) 2018-10-24 17:00:17 TBM900[except.c:99]: Caught SIGSEGV: segmentation fault (0x4de1000153d4) latest OSX, older iMac27" pls see attached logfile Log.txt
  9. There is an iOS and Android app called TBM Performance. Its the best source I know.
  10. This might happen because of air pressure changes and the AP is trying to compensate the altitude?
  11. I might do the Privatair livery for IXEG 737, but I can not promise when it will be ready.

    If your still interested let me know,


    1. AeroPictor


      I have posted some screenshots :)

  12. same here, XP10, SMP4.01, RWC 1.1 absolutly crashing (CTD) every attempt to start XP10 (same with XP11beta3 as well) Log.txt METAR.rwx
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