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  1. Not sure if this was intended, but it looks a bit strange
  2. this looks a bit strange and can probably be fixed?
  3. This happened just while sitting on the airport and doing literally nothing :=) 2018-10-24 17:00:17 TBM900[except.c:99]: Caught SIGSEGV: segmentation fault (0x4de1000153d4) latest OSX, older iMac27" pls see attached logfile Log.txt
  4. There is an iOS and Android app called TBM Performance. Its the best source I know.
  5. This might happen because of air pressure changes and the AP is trying to compensate the altitude?
  6. I might do the Privatair livery for IXEG 737, but I can not promise when it will be ready.

    If your still interested let me know,


    1. AeroPictor


      I have posted some screenshots :)

  7. same here, XP10, SMP4.01, RWC 1.1 absolutly crashing (CTD) every attempt to start XP10 (same with XP11beta3 as well) Log.txt METAR.rwx
  8. as far as i remember, IXEG used the aerosoft airbus FP format in v1.0, but that was dropped. Currently i am getting "FILE TYPE NOT SUPPORTED" if i try to load such a FP. The current FP format is a *.FPL file with the simple format we know from RFINDER KJFK WAYPOINT1 F123 WAYPOINT2 F456 WAPYOINT3 KLAX
  9. Hi guys, you´re welcome to make some noise at aerosoft´s PFPX forum and support us, asking aerosoft to create a flight plan export option for the IXEG 737 for PFPX (Professional Flight Planner X). Here´s the relevant thread: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/118207-flight-plan-export-option-for-ixeg-737/ Thank you.
  10. How about these? We are somehow missing BizJets
  11. another take minutes later (00:40) in the video
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