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  1. You're very welcome. By the way, in the pocket on the left side you'll find the AviTab tablet :-)
  2. I noticed these occasional freezes with the Entegra version as well, although it's definitely less often than every 5 minutes on my system. I'd say maybe twice an hour but I'll pay more attention to it next time.
  3. There is a bug so you can't see the cover but the clickspot still works fine, it's in the net on the right side
  4. Hi, I understand that and I do appreciate your help! I didn't feel the need to post multiple identical logs since neither showed a backtrace (I checked my fully loaded installation, no scenery and vanilla) and due to the nature and replicability of this crash it was obvious to me that this is unrelated to any plug-in or add-on. I get that you can't replicate each and every crash scenario though.
  5. I removed all plug-ins and tried again with an almost vanilla X-Plane. Maybe I wasn't clear enough, to recreate this CTD let the F/O finish the shutdown checklist, scroll back up to TAXI LIGHTS and double click it with the push select button.
  6. Does this really seem like a plug-in issue to you? I doubt it to be honest.
  7. This isn't the original log but since this is reproducible every time I just loaded my latest 1000ft save state and recreated the crash. Log.txt CL650_Log.txt
  8. Hi everyone, after the F/O finished the shutdown checklist I tried to manually advance to the securing checklist page without triggering the F/O to actually start the checklist. This usually works without issues however I accidentally turned the knob twice and landed back on the first item of the shutdown checklist. Without realising this I clicked the "push select" button once, the TAXI LIGHTS item got unchecked and when I clicked "push select" again the sim crashed. After that I loaded the auto save to check if this was actually the cause and it crashed again so I hope this is reproducible. Cheers
  9. I know you guys are busy and I haven't read the entire changelogs yet but I think this has gone unnoticed.
  10. I noticed something odd with the nose gear door extended Edit: Disregard, has already been acknowledged.
  11. Thanks! That's more or less how I've been doing it as well. For more accurate fuel calculations I tried entering the step levels to the respective waypoints during preflight but you have to do it seperately for each waypoint and that felt like they were recognized as constrains and not as a new cruise level.
  12. Hello everyone, is there a (correct) way to enter step climbs into the FMS? Or do I just initiate the climb when it's time to do so without telling the FMS beforehand? Thanks
  13. Thanks. While this happened I googled and found the manual of a Proline 21/FMS-3000 that said: "Delete extra waypoints/legs, or wait until there are fewer than 100 legs in the flightplan." which made me think I would eventually be able to enter the complete arrival. This was the flightplan suggested by SimBrief. ~2800NM, 74 waypoints + 4 SID + 17 arrival + 3 missed app = 98 + TOC and TOD? EDHK LUGE1N LUGEG Z998 RAMAR L23 TORLO BINKA M602 VAVUN L996 DENKO L619 ADVAB L981 INROG M860 KUGOS UM860 SIN UW704 CRM UM688 ULTED UT301 IMKEN W3 KIXOB UL223 EGSIR T217 RUBAK UL223 TOTNO T217 DASDO UL223 LAGSA T217 LAM UL223 SIR L223 VUTEB VUTE3C OMDB
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