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  1. As far as I know this feature is only available with X-Plane running Vulkan, it will not work on OpenGL. Sometimes if you get a CTD X-Plane will automatically revert to the more stable OpenGL without you nececerally noticing.
  2. Very much looking forward to this release! It has really become a rarity that devs take on the challenge to develop custom avionics. Kudos to you! How does it compare FPS wise to the current G1000 SR22? It's performance impact is quite heavy already and a significant additional FPS loss would start to bring my rig to the edge.
  3. The EC135 V5 by HSF & Rotorsim is causing the same issue for me but only as soon as I start an engine. It does not have a headshake or movement feature build in (as far as I know).
  4. Yup, Gizmo beta and the issue is gone with only Gizmo, SilverLining, XPLM and XPWidgets.
  5. The issue is still present for me with ASXP off, RWC turned to automatic and both volumetric cloud options disabled.
  6. I tried the "soft" option but it still happens.
  7. Using a Palit GTX 1080 Gamerock Edition. 50+ FPS in the outside view using ASXP, RWC and V5.
  8. Same issue here, RAM usage spikes to 100% (32GB) in the cockpit view and X-Plane crashes.
  9. Are you using time acceleration in X-Plane? I'm not 100% sure but I believe the fuel flow is unfortunately unaffected by that so if you do a 2 hour flight in 15 minutes you'll have burned 15 minutes worth of gas.
  10. I'm occasionally hearing that too, like you said it kind of sounds like something is creating additional drag. It's audible with the virtual headset on too.
  11. I don't, no hardware apart from my joystick and no G1000 buttons mapped. I also tried redownloading/reinstalling and disabled all my plugins and scripts to no avail.
  12. It does disappear after the "alignment" so it's really just a cosmetic issue. What's strange is I've never seen this before v1.1.1 in the SR22 however this ocasionally happens in the HotStart TBM as well (haven't used it in quite some time) so it's likely related to the SVS. I found this in their Forum although the topic is unrelated:
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