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  1. That's not as easy as it sounds since it's moving around. Here it was inside the copilots shoes.
  2. Hi, I noticed this object is floating and moving around in the footwell. I'm on 1.0.1 with the pilot object hotfix installed. Cheers
  3. Yes!!! Thank you so much guys, it works now and looks great! I'm not sure if this is related or not but I don't want to open a separate topic for this, the MFD has a blueish tone that remains even when all systems are off while the PFD is just plain black.
  4. I'm sorry this keeps coming up but as I said last week, "disable_pixel_effect=0" and "disable_pixel_effect=1" still look identical. I'm not quite sure what's going on here, could you maybe show us how it is supossed to look like with "disable_pixel_effect=1"?
  5. It's not a whole sim stutter, that's how I noticed it in the first place (OpenGL btw.). I had just finished my run-up and in the process of returning back to 1000 rpm the engine page froze for the first time while the engine continued to spool down. I'm also not sure if they both freeze simultaneously or not, altough it seems likely of course. Anyways, it's not a big deal for now since it only lasts for 2-3 seconds but I'll see if I can reproduce it somehow.
  6. Hi guys, while I'm generally a big fan of the persistent aircraft state, there is one problem: CTD's. If X-Plane (or your Computer) decides to quit for whatever reason you're back on the ground with a hot engine and all systems running. It would be nice to have a C&D option in this case to properly restart your flight. Maybe this could be implemented in a future version :-) Cheers
  7. Hi guys, I noticed that occasionally the Engine page on the MFD (maybe the whole MFD, just noticed it on the Engine page yet) and the prop animation freeze for 2-3 seconds before returning to normal.
  8. Can you confirm this actually works? I've just double checked and it looks pretty much identical, maybe that's why there was no improvement on our end. I do run XP with HDR on and VR off btw.
  9. I have to agree, the screens look like frosted glass almost...it would be highly appreciated if there was a way to disable the custom backlighting altogether and revert to a more default way of simulating the displays.
  10. I have the same problem (in the TBM as well), most of the time it's only visable on approach if at all.
  11. I'm still airborn on the same flight, pressing CLR worked! I can't tell you exactly how or when that happend but I was just airborn when I noticed it so it must have happend when entering the flight plan...Since this happend twice already I'm sure I'll stumble across it again, I'll see if I can use ShadowPlay to screen record my next flights without too much of a performance hit.
  12. Hi guys, I've noticed this twice now, sometimes the Engine and Checklist pages are only accessible when you're on the FPLN page.
  13. The display on the left belongs to the default C172 G1000 which is clearly readable at all times, this really needs to be looked into.
  14. Another teeny-tiny oversight :-)
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