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  1. Thanks. As I come across further queries I'll bring them up. It's definitely hitting that spot for me of "I like this enough that I want it to be better"!
  2. Hi, I flew last night in 2300m visibility and I was wondering if you could offer any comment on the difference in the two shots below at EBLG taken with the time set 12 hours apart, but otherwise the same conditions (ASXP/RWC/volumentic clouds) (EBLG 240120Z 29010KT 2300 -SN -PL BKN003 M00/M01 Q0994 REFZRA R22L/590294): It feels to me as if the visibility at night should have been worse.
  3. Glad to see this thread; thanks for bringing it up and the clear comments from @sundog. I think this explains why my flight into EBLG last night was easier than expected this this METAR: EBLG 240120Z 29010KT 2300 -SN -PL BKN003 M00/M01 Q0994 REFZRA R22L/590294 (I'm using ASXP and RWC) I think it's a great idea not to remove the lowest cloud layer, and my suggestion for working around the difficulty of cloud/terrain intersection would be to sharply restrict visibility while in OVC (and possibly in BKN) down to the lowest cloud base. In the case above limit visibility to (a
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