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  1. Is it possible to copy the code for the fuel pump switch from the SR22TN and paste it over the same coding for the SR22? I would really like to do a complete startup in the Sr22 and take it for a flight.
  2. Thank you for the updated files. The key controls and the fuel selector switch are excellent now. The prime switch still does not work in VR. The throttle and mixture levers should use the Y axis instead of a Z axis. It feels better to move the throttle forward and backwards instead of up and down.
  3. I agree with all of the above. I have the same issues. On the Pilots position I used the flywithlua script Log pilot head position to set all seats VR position. I have experienced all of the others as well. On the SR22 you have to prime it in 2d and select the fuel tanks too, since the VR button won't work. I really dislike unnatural motions in VR, it breaks the immersion. If i load, reload too many times the simulator crashes.
  4. The prime switch does not function in VR. The boost switch works but you cannot prime the engine so you cannot start the engine. It does work in the Turbo version.
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