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  1. I noted, about this, that when my fps became very low ( about 20 in vr) the engine stats to sobbing goning from the setting i have (usually 75% power) and zero up and down.
  2. Great video!!! I think this is for sure one of the (and probably the) most complete and well done plane of xplane 11 and the entegra version is super also for vr flying. I really love this plane!!!! thanks Giacomo
  3. ok, never mind, I just saw yellow numbers on the compass (instead of white) and I thought it was lighted from inside. today i did a night flight and i noted i was wrong Thanks
  4. Thanks for the answer, but I think it's not what I mean. that knob I think controls the red light on the overhead near to the compass, what I mean is that the compass with its yellow numbers looks like it's lighted from inside by its own internal light (as normally is in commercial planes), and I was wonder if there is a switch to turn this internal light off. thanks Giacomo
  5. Hi, is there a way to switch off the compass light ? thanks
  6. thaks Great !!! that 's a fantastic plane !!!
  7. Hi, may be is better to put this post in general and ot here but, I found an app to setup the cirrus fiights, this app requires to setupthe plane with the following data, and i hope you can help me speaking about the sr22TN it requires: TAS BEW (lb) ARM (in) to select if there is teh following options: (yes or no) air 60/40 seating tks fiki thanks
  8. Hi , I applyed the patch written above, but for me, still the gtn750 is working only with the dfc90
  9. Hi, i don't understand why in the menu selection of xplane, I have 4 different planes instead of 2 sr22 avidyne (gtn570 does not work) sr22 avidyne dfc90 (results in a CTD) sr22tn avidyne (gtn 750 does not work) sr22tn avidyne dcf90 (everythings work fine) thanks Giacomo
  10. I think that is a matter og gtn 750 setup, try do untick the setting the makes it as master system
  11. Hi, first of all.. this plane i a fantastic plane and i think you did a really great job. i just noted (i don't know if it's me or the plane), i'm not able to switch the booster pump switch with the vr controller any ideas? thanks Giacomo
  12. well... here again, i tested more and more and I found (it looks like) that the cause is not gizmo itself but the aicraft menu option "enable wear based failure", removing that everything looks ok.... for now i can keep disable but i would like you can take a look and solve it thanks
  13. here the video 639101684_2020-11-3009-44-19.mkv No i found the problem... this behaviour is caused by the gizmo plugin..(both stable or beta) it i disable gizmo and i wait for a while, everythings is ok.... the strange thing is that i had already gizmo installed for other planes and i never had problem with them
  14. I did some more tests. I focused on uwxp as the begin and i had this results: 1. not plane with engine on, cloudy day 45 fps i have stutters 2. switches off uwxp: fps aroun 55, stutters disappeared but started again after around 20 seconds (fps still the same) 3. switch on again uwxp: fps again aroun 40-45, stutters disappeared but started again after around 20 seconds, fps 40 looking at the "performance cake", it's like after a while, the m20 plugin starts from 0% of resources (when there is no stuttering) going to 33% and blinking every second from 33% to 17%
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