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  1. I can confirm that the right engine will not start, even though the yellow lines indicate "start". The left engine is good, it's only the right. Like I said, using the mouse to "push" it down into the detent will work. But there is something strange going on between left and right. Thanks for an awesome plane.
  2. Maybe I'm not setup correctly, but, when I move my physical throttle quadrant condition levers from cutoff to start, the virtual handles never sink into the detent. No matter how finely I move them around the start area. It works just fine if I grab the CL virtually and move them with the mouse. What can I do to use my physical quadrant?
  3. I have only used my x-aviation library of 4 aircraft on this machine. But, during the next license check, it is reported as Machine ID invalid. I put my username and password in and it brings up a box listing 3 ID's. All of them are older than the next and all refer to the same computer. I don't want to make the mistake of freezing, so, what should I do. Any help is appreciated and how to remedy.
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