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  1. I've updated to the latest version. My issue is, after removing the cover and pulling the safety pin, I cannot seem to put the cover back. There is no click spot. The mouse would typically change from the arrow to the hand when rolling over the click spot, but that doesn't happen anymore. It's fine at first startup and the cover can be removed, but it just can't reinstall the cover. What am I not doing? thanks for any help.
  2. What was your fix to resolve the FPS problem?
  3. I installed 1.0.1, hoping that the NA version has stable power for me. Unfortunately, I still have the same issues. The only way to fly the NA is to load the TN, and then immediately load the NA. Is there any reason this would occur?
  4. I deleted the file and restarted a new session...same results. Here's where it gets interesting. I loaded up the TN version and performed a takeoff, just for a sanity check, and all was perfect with the RPM's. Instead of shutting down XP and restarting in the NA version, I just immediately loaded the NA version and executed a takeoff. No bouncing of the RPM's. It was smooth as silk. Next, I shut down XP and loaded the NA up and the RPM's were unstable again. Does that help in any way explain what the issue could be? It is repeatable as I did the above twice and had the same results. Thanks @Coop for being patient with me and this problem. <edit> To be clear about all this, all I have to do is bootup XP with the TN version. I don't have to turn on anything (battery, etc). Then, immediately load up the NA version, and everything works as expected. But, if I boot up XP and start the NA version straight away, I'll get fluctuating RPMs. Scott
  5. setup a new session, my CPU stays between 65 and 75% I also captured the CPU utilization when in the TN version, it varied between 65 and 70%. Hope that helps After that, I ran the installer again, hoping something just didn't install properly. No joy. Same issue. Sorry for all the trouble with thus. I appreciate any help.
  6. @Coop, So, I re-performed all the maintenance actions again (my mechanic must be loving me by now...lol). I started XP11 without any plugins except for Gizmo64 and X-Camera. Loaded up the SR22_AVIDYNE_DFC90.and began startup procedures (leaned on the ground and warming up). Executed the takeoff roll with flaps at 50% and power smoothly to full throttle (mixture full rich). The RPM's are smooth all the way up until I hit around 2300 and beyond. Once I get to around 2300, the gauge is bouncing all over the place, I can't even read the numbers it's moving so much. Consequently, the power is moving all over the place too. I can reject the takeoff at this point and come to a complete stop with idle power (1000 RPM) and it's nice and steady again. I don't know how else to explain it. I guess I could record a video, but I've never done that before. I could try if it would help. Like I said, the TN version of the aircraft doesn't have this issue. Everything works as expected. Thanks for helping Scott
  7. I went through all the maintenance actions, but the NA version, for me, runs rough as soon as i am full throttle, full rich. It seems like the plugs are constantly fouled. I would think it's me, but the TN version runs smooth as silk. I'm open for suggestions
  8. When I run the NA version, my engine will run rough, as if plug fouling is occuring, while in the air. the RPM will bounce all over the place. There are no indications of problems prior to departure. The TN version runs smooth as butter. Not sure what I'm doing, i've following Greams video to with learning and what not. Are there issues with the engine or is it just me?
  9. I can confirm that the right engine will not start, even though the yellow lines indicate "start". The left engine is good, it's only the right. Like I said, using the mouse to "push" it down into the detent will work. But there is something strange going on between left and right. Thanks for an awesome plane.
  10. Maybe I'm not setup correctly, but, when I move my physical throttle quadrant condition levers from cutoff to start, the virtual handles never sink into the detent. No matter how finely I move them around the start area. It works just fine if I grab the CL virtually and move them with the mouse. What can I do to use my physical quadrant?
  11. I have only used my x-aviation library of 4 aircraft on this machine. But, during the next license check, it is reported as Machine ID invalid. I put my username and password in and it brings up a box listing 3 ID's. All of them are older than the next and all refer to the same computer. I don't want to make the mistake of freezing, so, what should I do. Any help is appreciated and how to remedy.
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