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  1. Understand. Thank you very much for your cooperation. As soon as I get a new CTD, I will send you the full log. By the way, it is a superb aircraft.
  2. Same reason: “Failed to download WAAS API data: server responded with error 404 (Not Found)” and CTD. Thank you
  3. Same for me. No problem at all before v1.1. Huge frustration when you get a CTD after so much preparation and immersion. Thank you in advance for your help.
  4. "The patch is called "new hardware". Super answer! very pro-active - FYI My system is new, 6month ago! Acer Nitro ... "This is a meaningless statement" Again what a interesting one. You don't like the comparison, excuse me. I have the CRJ, Saab340, IXEG B737, Jetstream32, no complaints so far but you are not alone into the market. I just try to understand. Is it a problem? Honestly, in that specific case, it is the way of saying what you think, the perception itself. But perhaps I am too old style and too frustated as well, you are fully right. Discussion closed. All the best.
  5. Thank you for this haughty answer. I am extremely disapointed. I support your product since my first post and I still think that it is a great one. But I spent 55$ to buy it and do you think that is it normal to get such an arrogant answer?! I am a longtime and loyal customer of X-Aviation, but today "I was" sorry. Who are you to talk like that Mr Cameron? You treat all of your customers like that? The patch for you will be: Doing a training - "Best practice in Sales and customer support" Full stop. Good luck for the future.
  6. I have to go one step back a little bit. I resolved « partially » the problem. There was a bad interaction with some sceneries that created one of the problem. Freezing and FPS drop. But I confirm that the aircraft seems to be really hungry in terms of performance. Bad optimisation of the Avidyne Entegra. Sure 100% It is less dramatic for me now as it was at the beginning but still appears in detailed sceneries. VRAM as Torquesim already mentioned, yes very well could be, but there is definitely something wrong with the aircraft. I expected a patch for that. That being said, I can fly with it, it’s a fantastic aircraft. Definitely. But this has to be more fluid with the hardware I have, specifically because I am running the most sophisticated payware addons super well. I will install the new version this evening and see. For sure the excellent TorqueSim Team will help us.
  7. Found the problem. All is fine now.
  8. This is exactly what I have done when the aircraft was released and it works but it happened again in the last update. Why should I lower the texture resolution again. I insist that I am running most of the heavy payware without any problem. Something is wrong.
  9. I have installed the update today, and I experience FPS drop issue. I already sent a post when the aircraft was released and solved the problem with some tweaking. I have an average of 50/60 FPS in Xplane11 - No issue in any aircraft or scenery payware. Problem: I am in the cockpit front view - 50/60FPS but when I switch the view to the right or left the FPS dropped to 6/8 FPS for about 3/5 seconds and come back to normal, but with an acceleration to recover the time when the FPS was out. Not really cool when you are flying. Again, I love this superb aircraft. The best in its category. On top of my whole list!
  10. My Specs: Nitro 5 - I5 10th - GTX1650 4G - 16G Ram X-plane settings: Visual effects High Texture Quality High Number objects High Reflection details Full left AntiAliasing 4x SSSA FXAA Draw Parked Aircraft Unchecked Vulcan Checked Inside the cockpit: I get 35/40 FPS in heavy cloud (Sky Max Pro last version) - Mesh SFD Global - and 60/65 FPS in a not hungry area. Take off yesterday from Montreal (HD scenery- 35FPS) + Some tweaks in the Nvidia settings. For me it is super fine, fluid, smooth. Enjoy flying this super bird. Hope it will help you.
  11. After doing some tweaks, specifically regarding an issue with my FPS, all is ok now. I made four flights since yesterday and I have to say that it is the best aircraft I have in X-plane. Yes there are a certain numbers of high quality aircrafts but this one is very complete. It depends for sure what you are looking for. I have all the main complex aircrafts for X-plane, fan of business jets. I have the new Phenom300 from Aerobask, but the feeling I have with this SR22 is unrivaled. The Avidyne suite is really well done and fully realistic. Flight model is perfect. You really need to take care of all the parameters which are all fully functional. The maintenance section is fully functional as well. Routing checks, Inspection for all the main part of the aircraft is simulated etc... Look at some videos on youtube and you will see how the panel and functions are close to the reality. This aircraft is a must to have for people who wants to learn to fly but also to do nice and complex VFR flights. I am only flying IFR (Vatsim included) and it is a very immersive experience. (SID, STAR are included within the PFD & MFD) This is a real flying experience so far. I am not working at TorqueSim, but I have a PPL and flight simmer since 1982. Thank you TorqueSim team !
  12. I just finished my flight. Quite ok with the FPS. Small freezing. It is a super aircraft, congratulations, you made a very “VERY” nice job. It is the best GA aircraft for Xplane11 so far. A must to have. (even if my issue is a bit frustrated)
  13. This is what I have done - Lowered to High that is why I got 60fps. I am flying right now FL140 - no specific clouds or what so ever, and it continue to go down from time to time specifically when I move the view inside the cockpit. Seems like the Avidyne is very hungry. That is flyable but I am bit frustrated. As an example I run the Phenom 300 from Aerobask at 30fps without any issues.
  14. No the last time it was when leaving X-plane but the first time I was flying. I lowered my settings, get 60fps. Outside view no problem Inside from 60 to 12/15 but able to fly even if it went to low fps for 2/3 seconds it is annoying. Something is wrong inside the cockpit.
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