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  1. It’s above the door on the fuselage if I recall correctly.
  2. Cam

    Thank you

    Agree. Good job boys. Everything worked as smooth as butter on my flight. More than happy. Come on V2. Cheers
  3. Yep. Me too. Downloaded the version that JGregory advised to download and it is still a problem. I even deleted my entire X-Aviation folder prior to installing it.
  4. Mate, just downloaded it after your comment above and it is still a problem as described. I actually deleted the entire X-Aviation directory before installing it.
  5. Is it worth downloading - can you steer well enough to get to the threshold and take-off?
  6. A known problem with a fix in the next update I think.
  7. I have no issues with the throttles anymore. I use the auto function and they are great with hardware throttles.
  8. Cam

    Trim Issues

    It appears to depend on your trim setting on AP engagement. If your straight and level it would likely be fine, but trimmed for a 140kt climb and then engaging AP will lock the trim in a high nose-up position and give you grief when you disengage AP. Anyway, looks like a problem has been found so that’s good. I might try what you did with the directory as I sometimes overshoot VOR/LOC capture.
  9. Cam

    Trim Issues

    Nope. Your app is great.
  10. Cam

    Trim Issues

    Thanks for the input guys.
  11. Cam

    Trim Issues

    Thank you sirtopper.
  12. Cam

    Trim Issues

    I set the trim for takeoff to 1.5. I then retrim on climb out, after accelerating, to maintain my climb speed. I then engage the AP and the trim does not move from there. I thought the trim DataRef and gauge would change during AP operation as weight and CoG changed. I manually changed the CoG from one extreme to the other and there was no change in either the gauge or DataRef. My recollection is that the trim gauge moved as the AP retrimmed to account for CoG changes during flight.
  13. Cam

    Trim Issues

    This is mainly an issue on climb-out. After takeoff I follow the FD bars and trim to the set climb speed. I then engage the AP. The trim position you see on the screen shots is where it is at for the trimmed climb speed. Are you suggesting that I should not trim for climb out speed and hold it manually till AP engagement? Seems counterintuitive. I have always flown the Saab this way and not had a problem till this version. Notwithstanding, you will see that the trim DataRef does not change at all in any of the screen shots. I would have thought that it would move when I used the AP VS mo
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