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  1. Is anyone else having this same type of issue with offline services? I am encountering a differential when using offline ATC. (Pilot2ATC)
  2. Take my word for it, its required. You will see it show up on the wings as a haze. At first I thought it was a graphics texture issue. I was wrong and tried to take off......not good.
  3. This is great thanks for all the hard work. I spent some time on this but you have it all here. Really appreciate the share!
  4. Native x-plane multi-monitor here also. I will get you a log.txt as soon as I can.
  5. Is anyone else having an issue with the checklist instructions being compressed and unreadable while using triple monitor setup? Everything else in the cockpit looks perfect but the instructions are compressed to what appears to be about 1/2 size. Same thing with the hand signals menu and the tab for the hand signal is in the middle of the center screen, not on the side. Suggestions or ideas?
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