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  1. Since writing this inquiry, it has become clear that the mini devices recognize and reflect the state of the aircraft at the time of loading the flight in XPlane. I have had no issues over 5-6 flights. So it's clear that I do not need to do anything at flight startup. Looks like all is working very well. Very nice product, which significantly reduces panning around in the sim view in the Challenger 650 which requires a lot of pilot actions during certain phases of flight. I do still have the question regarding MSFS, although Spad.next should be able to handle that (am already using it with other devices like RealSimGear (w/ MSFS).
  2. Hello, I have XMidiCtrl working with a pair of x-touch mini's, and the Challenger 650 (courtesy of the @VictoryAJ customization to your CL60 profile. My question is what is the best practice for when XPlane (12) is started up into a new flight (CL60), in terms of how the plane is configured (airframe setting such as "ready to taxi"), and what the settings are on the mini (which could be those from when the last flight ended)? Do I need to manually set the buttons according to the CL60 airframe settings at the start of the flight (e.g. to match)? Quite excited about how this addition to my sim is going to enable me to go to the next level with no PM (FO) assisted actions. Very cool what you have done to help integrate this into XPlane. As you can see, I have a flexible stand (with a 4 lb weight on its base) and a little clamp on light that creates a great experience. Final question: do you have a plug-in of this nature for MSFS?
  3. Ok, thanks. ISA as a standard reference for the performance related information makes sense.
  4. Have been studying the Challenger's cold weather related operations, air and fuel temperature and other criteria as the winter weather approaches. ISA reference temp, static air temp (SAT) and total air temps (TAT) all are shown on the PFD(s). Bulk fuel and engine fuel temperatures are shown on the MFD Summary page. In what scenarios would the ISA reference temperature be used with the Challenger? The other temperatures are clear in terms of operational reference/usage.
  5. Update: - this particular tiller evidently has components made from 3D printing rather than through industrial mfg. equipment. The issue that has surfaced is a range of "play" at the center which produces an inconsistent "centering" of the steering (e.g. no steer center position) which then leads to having to counter it with the rudder on takeoff. That's a problem. - The company has more expensive industrial mfg tillers, and I will be testing the Airbus 320 PRO. But ... Question: does anyone know of a SMALL twist capable joystick? I haven't found a small one, they are all large and therefore really aren't suited as a tiller. A small one would be a fraction of the cost, and would probably have a tight, predictable center spot for the twist mechanism.
  6. Appreciate you posting this. Root cause still being pursued, and awareness to operators. Managing this failure scenario when it is added would include: - awareness, identification (drop in speed, change in attitude, flap position indicator on the glass) - timely reduction speed to below 45 deg Max Flaps Extension (VFE) speed to avoid structural damage and beyond.
  7. Switching the units for the altimeter is via DCP Menu (PFD) - Config. And welcome to the Challenger community. I started a few months ago, have come a long way through the help of the community. The support team are highly responsive, and there some actual Challenger pilots involved as well. Lots of good stuff in this forum, including training videos.
  8. Thank you. The specific example would be KTEB (Teterboro, NY) where the ILS 6 Circle 1 involves a turn and reversal as part of the circling approach off of the localizer, and the addition of two pilot waypoints enables NAV assisted automation to guide between a 675 ft tower and MetLife stadium. So after doing the work to identify the coordinates of these waypoints and to store them, it would logically become part of an accumulating DB of pilot waypoints (and also routes), for reuse. In this case, it's more frequent than just between releases of the jet simulation. It's also between saved states which are not all sourced from a common underlying foundational state. But the foundational state is the work-around for now.
  9. Following are a few excerpts from the Adv FMS document:
  10. This would be of real value in terms of a future capability. Ability to manage routes and pilot wpts across states and airframes, basically simulating the storage module / USB capability, versus manually re-entering them (esp. pilot wpts) multiple times.
  11. Is it possible to store and load pilot waypoints and routes in order to transfer them from one stored "state" or even between airframes as sim versions are released, or as we add to these lists over time?
  12. To clarify, you are saying that the TRB is visible as soon as the pitch tape becomes visible, not RADALT 50ft as with the sim?
  13. My mistake. Not FD side bar; rather, Takeoff Reference Box is what I was referencing.
  14. @Victory AJ - Do you use the Flight Director side bars during takeoff as well? I pop out PFD and the two MFD's (right one for the checklist) and drag them into my RealSimGear G1000 screens. But my main use of them (given the HUD is my primary focus) is PPOS, engines, checklist and such. Also, would you rotate the HUD up and out of view (and at what point) for the Teterboro ILS 6 Circle 1 approach as you navigate between the tower and the stadium on the turn/descent into final stabilization for 1? What would you say is your cockpit "scan" process in context of using the HUD (as PF)?
  15. Assuming EVS is quite expensive (infrared camera<s> and associated equipment), what are the key justification factors for it? I'm assuming: - safety and risk reduction for people and assets - cost avoidance (fewer go arounds / missed approaches, etc.) And finally, as configured on the Hot Start CL60, what are the approach limits that can be shot if holding within the regulations regarding equipment? I assume the pilot / crew certification aspect is there IRL.
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