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  1. About 20-22 years ago I was a captain on the Saab at Calm Air. Nice to see someone remembers those days. Great place to work then. Great pilot’s airplane. Arnold was still involved. I found him a great guy.....you’d have never known he was the President....just a normal guy.
  2. dbw11

    main cabin door

    Found the one inside, pressed and the door closed. Many thanks. As to button outside about all I could see to the right of the door was a silver "button" but nothing happened when pressed. Thanks again. Great aircraft you guys have made.
  3. dbw11

    main cabin door

    I am unable to close this door (on the ground, before start-up of engine) using payload panel...actually I can't get it closed period. I've looked in the docs that came with this aircraft and have been unable to find a solution. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks. Dave
  4. No. Example....Throttles do not work properly where my settings work fine for every other aircraft. Engine indications are erratic. There is not a section that I can find...and I have looked....relating to the saab. Other controls do not respond normally. I am wondering now if my download is corrupt. Infact i have for the most part parked this aircraft and I'm really hoping your next patch is not too far down the road.
  5. In my settogs > All >Keyboard..... I do not have a selection for LES
  6. Rob, thanks. Got it figured out now. Most appreciated. Dave
  7. Thanks Rob. Got the synthetic vision working and it's pretty good. I can't find the radar selection...it's been 3+ years since I flew the Garmin 1000 and I simply can't remember. if you'd guide me I'd be grateful. I tried multiple combinations of soft keys but simply my throwing darts did not hit the right square, LOL. Thanks. Dave
  8. • Integrated Synthetic Vision into the PFD with obstacle display, navigation pathways, airport labels and TAWS-B integration Been through the manuals and may have missed it...But how do I access it? Also, how do I select the weather radar? I have rw time on the G1000 but finding it here is escaping me. Any assistance would be great. If I have missed it in the manuals I apologize in advance.......Thanks. Dave
  9. Calm Air International...... of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I would sure like one of these liveries. I flew the B & B+ for a few years there about 20 years ago. Routes used to go north into the Arctic. In October one could start in Winnipeg at +20'C and finish 7-8 hours later in Baker Lake (CYBK) (4000' gravel) in blizzard at -20'C after doing a vor/dme or ndb approach to get in sometimes circling at night with 1-2 miles viz - no gps approaches for this company in those days. If you liked variation in your flying Calm Air International was the place to be.....plus the pilots were repr
  10. I did look in the X-P 11 key assignment section and the only thing I saw was to assign a key to "magnetic locks".If you have a moment to provide a little more detailed info that would be great. Thanks. By the was thank you for the weekend sale.
  11. I flew this machine for a few years in the rw many years ago. I know how to release them in the real aircraft but can’t figure out how to do it in this sim......probably staring me in the face but darned if I can figure out....... is there an additional key stroke I’m missing? any assistance would be really appreciated. Thanks. dave
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