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  1. dbw11

    main cabin door

    Found the one inside, pressed and the door closed. Many thanks. As to button outside about all I could see to the right of the door was a silver "button" but nothing happened when pressed. Thanks again. Great aircraft you guys have made.
  2. dbw11

    main cabin door

    I am unable to close this door (on the ground, before start-up of engine) using payload panel...actually I can't get it closed period. I've looked in the docs that came with this aircraft and have been unable to find a solution. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks. Dave
  3. No. Example....Throttles do not work properly where my settings work fine for every other aircraft. Engine indications are erratic. There is not a section that I can find...and I have looked....relating to the saab. Other controls do not respond normally. I am wondering now if my download is corrupt. Infact i have for the most part parked this aircraft and I'm really hoping your next patch is not too far down the road.
  4. In my settogs > All >Keyboard..... I do not have a selection for LES
  5. Rob, thanks. Got it figured out now. Most appreciated. Dave
  6. Thanks Rob. Got the synthetic vision working and it's pretty good. I can't find the radar selection...it's been 3+ years since I flew the Garmin 1000 and I simply can't remember. if you'd guide me I'd be grateful. I tried multiple combinations of soft keys but simply my throwing darts did not hit the right square, LOL. Thanks. Dave
  7. • Integrated Synthetic Vision into the PFD with obstacle display, navigation pathways, airport labels and TAWS-B integration Been through the manuals and may have missed it...But how do I access it? Also, how do I select the weather radar? I have rw time on the G1000 but finding it here is escaping me. Any assistance would be great. If I have missed it in the manuals I apologize in advance.......Thanks. Dave
  8. Calm Air International...... of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I would sure like one of these liveries. I flew the B & B+ for a few years there about 20 years ago. Routes used to go north into the Arctic. In October one could start in Winnipeg at +20'C and finish 7-8 hours later in Baker Lake (CYBK) (4000' gravel) in blizzard at -20'C after doing a vor/dme or ndb approach to get in sometimes circling at night with 1-2 miles viz - no gps approaches for this company in those days. If you liked variation in your flying Calm Air International was the place to be.....plus the pilots were represented by ALPA. The SF340 was/is a very capable pilot's airplane. Saab produced a gravel kit for the company for this purchase of new aircraft. After i left they started SF340 service to yet another arctic community (CYUT) with 3400' of gravel. More than a few of these runways had quite a good slope to them. Great aircraft. If you did your part the aircraft would do its part.
  9. I did look in the X-P 11 key assignment section and the only thing I saw was to assign a key to "magnetic locks".If you have a moment to provide a little more detailed info that would be great. Thanks. By the was thank you for the weekend sale.
  10. I flew this machine for a few years in the rw many years ago. I know how to release them in the real aircraft but can’t figure out how to do it in this sim......probably staring me in the face but darned if I can figure out....... is there an additional key stroke I’m missing? any assistance would be really appreciated. Thanks. dave
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