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  1. Will the aircraft follow the approach LNAV and the vertical component to be controlled manually by the pilot?
  2. Greetings. Request an invite for the hot start discord please. Thanks.
  3. Where can we find the landing ref speed? Thanks.
  4. Just wondering how it is coming along. I am a recent purchaser and retired pilot who is really impressed by your aircraft. No rush - just curious.....
  5. KirkR, Many thanks for your response. This is a very good creation. Support is excellent. Sharing of info on the forum is great - respectful, just nice helpful people. So glad I dusted off the credit card finally and bought it. Retired pilot so I'm really getting into this machine. All the best, Dave
  6. In the challenger how do you turn on synthetic vision?
  7. Used to put a checklist between the throttles so as to not forget.
  8. Many thanks. Lots to learn on this aircraft. Airframe settings for the altimeter…..I didn’t see this selection and will go back and look for it. APU observation…..never even thought of it but you’re right. Thanks. Your advice is most appreciated.
  9. Great creation. Just bought a couple days ago. Looking forward to the XP12 release too. 3 Questions.....I've looked but so far have not stumbled across the answers... How to you change the altimeter setting subscale from HPA to In HG? ATS - it fails on climb out. No idea why? ATS power settings - I've read after take off there is a way through the FMS to select climb power for the ATS. I have found the power management page but other than a take off limit there's nothing else populated. So is a selection to climb power required or does the ATS do it automatically? Could this be tied into my ATS failing on climb out? Many thanks for any responses. Dave
  10. Is there a way to simply bypass the FBO experience and get in the aircraft engines started and ready to taxi or take off? It's probably an interesting experience to participate in this but more often than not only so much time is available to go for a flight. This is the reason I've been holding off buying. Dave
  11. dbw11

    TBM900 Autopilot

    Point understood. Many thanks. Cheers.
  12. dbw11

    TBM900 Autopilot

    Greetings. Thank you for your reply. The last three attempts at flying had flights 1 & 3 behaving normal. Autopilot functioned fine. Flight 2 - the AP was essentially non functional. Strange I agree. That said the remainder of the the XP sim and addons function fine so I will hold off on a reinstall of XP. Thank you for your support.
  13. dbw11

    TBM900 Autopilot

    One other point - I am unable to engage the FD at times.
  14. I have autopilot issues too (noted above) and I have done the new airframe creation route and the problem remains.
  15. dbw11

    TBM900 Autopilot

    Hello Goran, We discussed briefly about a week ago a couple issues I have with the latest version. Hadn't flown it at all since the last update till recently. This version the autopilot will not follow "heading" or "nav" though it does capture altitude. I have spent considerable time trying to figure out why including redownloading. I have real world G1000 time in a king air so I am somewhat familiar with the G1000. Not sure where to go with this. I have wondered if I am simply missing something but the TBM is not that complicated a machine though we are all human. Also in another communication I mentioned just how easy it is to crash this aircraft on touchdown. Never had these problems on the previous version. I quite like this aircraft so please do not take these comments as a complaint. In fact if god were to smile on me and provide a winning lottery ticket i would like a real TBM900/930/940 in my hangar. Cheers, Dave
  16. Is it possible to get access to a download for the previous version .... 1.1.12. I hadn't flown the time much in the better part of a year and I'm having issues I'm not smart enough to fix. Besides the previous one worked fine for me. If not I guess I'll park this one and wait for the next update.
  17. Thanks for your reply. I realize you are under pressure from the Avsim CL650 forum. I can assure you I am not driving the tbm into the ground when landing. Maybe I can see if I have a previous version of it stored, blow this one off, and try it. I've hardly flown the tbm since the last update for this reason.
  18. Thanks for your patience....Is there any way to make it less sensitive to crashes. I just did a landing i know* would be fine in the real world but once again it burst into flame. *Retired 40 year pilot.
  19. It is a great aircraft. I find it a little on the sensitive side for landing especially in pitch.......and then bang.
  20. Greetings. I sometimes crash on landing and then have to either go through the repairing process or start a new airframe. Is there a way to turn damage off? Many thanks. Dave
  21. Very nice Calm Air livery. I spent lots of time in that particular machine. Many thanks.
  22. Thank you. Must have missed it. Age thing I guess. Thanks for the quick response. dave
  23. dbw11


    Thanks David. Well, we've got it going now. It is a great airplane for XP11. Cheers.
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