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  1. Hi Folks, Here's a short video of the newly updated 737. I hope you like it
  2. My pleasure! Love this plane. Well done to everyone involved. Feel free to use it or @Cameron if you like. No worries either way!
  3. Hey all Just a short hop in the Islander!
  4. Worked a charm! Thanks very much. Your thunder sounds are awesome!
  5. Thanks @sundog Log attached Log.txt
  6. Confirmed! Its working fine. Thanks
  7. Hi @sundog, Just wondering if there is time on your schedule to have a look into this? I seem to be having the same issue with no Thunder sounds... Aside from that its a great plugin
  8. Twotonemurphy


    Hi All, Just checking, does this work with 11.50 vulkan?
  9. Yep they work! Seems to be a glitch with the saitek panel. thanks for your help @tADEUS73
  10. Thanks for the feedback, It might be a glitch with my saitek panel. Ill disconnect it and see what happens...
  11. Not sure if its related but I can see that the Real View plugin is causing all sorts of errors... Maybe try disable that first and see what happens. Also, try binding a different key to set parking brake to see if that rules out a click spot...
  12. Hi Guys, Many thanks for the update. Great to see devs commitment to getting everything right. Some small issues still remain, 1. External sounds when using headphones are also muted (not sure if that is a feature or bug) 2. Internal passenger signs (top right of overhead panel) dont appear to work 3. Mag switches dont impact on engine performance (again not sure if this is a feature) 4. Ingratiation with Saitek Switch Panel (not sure if you can help) most aircraft afaik work with this switch panel, battery, lights etc. The switches work but dont move anything inside the cockpit. 5. Landing lights and beacon dont seem to work during day time Not sure if this is just isolated to my setup but I thought Id share. The sounds are much better now. Thanks again and looking forward to the next update
  13. Twotonemurphy


    Hi all, Just wondering does this product work ok with the new Vulkan beta? or is there an update due in the not too distant future?
  14. Hi All, I just want to thank the devs for this amazing aircraft. I have read that some users have experienced fps issues but I guess im lucky. There are a few small issues relating to the fmod sounds (internal and external), headphones, electrical system (lights on center panel when power off), lighting (internal and external - although the exterior lights do illuminate clouds and the ground). But these are small issues. The great details about this aircraft have to be the modelling and handling. Both in the air and on the ground. Its an easy to fly plane but hard to master. Getting the speeds just right on take off, cruise and landing can be a challenge especially with decent weather. The texture work is top notch and the model is perfect. I used to live at an aerodrome that had a Defender 4000 variant so I think you guys nailed it! Hats off to the devs. Fantastic work and I am looking forward to the updates that will hopefully land soon.
  15. I added the below to see if its a limitation with 11.50b4
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