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  1. Hi, I am trying to register again my Hotstart Challenger 650 in the X-Aviation licensing window and as soon as I try it I get the following messages The plane and other products were previously registered time ago. But in the last few days the window has appeard every time I load Xplane 11 with the results showed in the previous image. I'd apreciatte any help to solve this Thanks
  2. I've just flown another one after installing the last upgrade and everything is working perfectly.
  3. Hi again I've uninstalled the CL650 completely and removed all files related with it. Then I've reinstalled it again and now I could finish the flight successfully. I think something was wrong with the last upgrade so the config files were mixed in some way producing strange behaviour. In any case, I will do some other flight to be sure. I'll come back to report about it. Best
  4. Hello everyone, I've just read this thread and I have to say that I am experiencing the same problems. However, I don't use Mac OS. I am using a windows based system. As Gsuri mentioned, I managed to do a few flights with the first version, but after the last few updates I started seeing the same weird behaviors as Gsuri: - the autopilot is disconnected without any motivation. - Trims goes to the extreme producing an unbalanced situation of the aircraft. It is as if the keys remain pressed. In fact I disabled the joystick configuration of the trim functions thinking that it could be due to that. I began to think that it was that I was doing something wrong in the start-up of the plane or I had an incorrect previous configuration. Therefore I tried to do some flight with the Cold and Dark mode (without career) but the results were the same: the plane becomes totally unmanageable. Like Gsuri, I have more than 20 years of experience with simulators, although since this plane is so complex, I blamed it on a bad operation of the systems. My question is: Was it found any solution to this?
  5. Hello I am programming my cockpit using Spad.Next and I can't find the datarefs containing the values from FCP (heading, alt, course, etc). I managed to program the values using some commads (CL650/FCP/alt_up, CL650/FCP/alt_down, ...) however I can't locate where the dataref in which their values are strored. Well, in fact I found some data refs (CL650/FCP/alt and CL650/FCP/alt_value in the case of the preselected altitude) but I don' know in which format is expressed. Thanks.
  6. Tompolth

    No P-Factor

    I also agree including again the P-factor. The reason we like this plane is due to the realism it has.
  7. I've been doing some additionals tests based what has been said in this thread, and definetily the issues is with volumetric clouds. The lowest layers dissapear and the feeling is as a sunny day. I hope finally you will be able to manage some solution to use the volumetric clouds with a realistic aspect according to the metar. In any case, the non volumetric clouds are amazing in visual and performance way Edit: Oops, I've just realized there was a new version correcting this issues. Let´s test it. Thanks guys. Very good job.
  8. Yes, with SMP enabled and disabling the volumetric clouds the scene is right, but rain is not visible
  9. Here it is (two rwx files are generated). Anyway, I've just disable volumetric clouds and now it is working properly. Even though the plane is casting shadows it was a sunny day fsgrwsmp.rwx METAR.rwx
  10. All of those options were tested :-( I've even deleted the rwx files to be sure the new files were loaded. If I disconnect the SMP and RWC and then connecting only SMP the weather is more realistic but with too much fog (there is no fog neither the metar nor here). However as soon as RWC is on (and I refresh weather from FSGRW) the sunny day appears again. :-(
  11. Hello, I've upgraded from V4 to V5 and I have just loaded Xplane in my home airport to test if everything is as expected. I am using Xplane 11.51 vulkan, SMP v5, RWC (last version) and FSGRW. As you can see in the pictures according the METAR (and what I am seeing from my window) it is raining and cloudy. However SMP is not depicting what it should. The rain is not visible at all and the plane is proyecting shadows as it was in summer. Best
  12. Well. At least it is not a negative answer Thanks for your quick response Best
  13. And are you planning to include it in the near future??
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