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  1. I've been doing some additionals tests based what has been said in this thread, and definetily the issues is with volumetric clouds. The lowest layers dissapear and the feeling is as a sunny day. I hope finally you will be able to manage some solution to use the volumetric clouds with a realistic aspect according to the metar. In any case, the non volumetric clouds are amazing in visual and performance way Edit: Oops, I've just realized there was a new version correcting this issues. Let´s test it. Thanks guys. Very good job.
  2. Yes, with SMP enabled and disabling the volumetric clouds the scene is right, but rain is not visible
  3. Here it is (two rwx files are generated). Anyway, I've just disable volumetric clouds and now it is working properly. Even though the plane is casting shadows it was a sunny day fsgrwsmp.rwx METAR.rwx
  4. All of those options were tested :-( I've even deleted the rwx files to be sure the new files were loaded. If I disconnect the SMP and RWC and then connecting only SMP the weather is more realistic but with too much fog (there is no fog neither the metar nor here). However as soon as RWC is on (and I refresh weather from FSGRW) the sunny day appears again. :-(
  5. Hello, I've upgraded from V4 to V5 and I have just loaded Xplane in my home airport to test if everything is as expected. I am using Xplane 11.51 vulkan, SMP v5, RWC (last version) and FSGRW. As you can see in the pictures according the METAR (and what I am seeing from my window) it is raining and cloudy. However SMP is not depicting what it should. The rain is not visible at all and the plane is proyecting shadows as it was in summer. Best
  6. Well. At least it is not a negative answer Thanks for your quick response Best
  7. And are you planning to include it in the near future??
  8. Hello, I have seen that rain (at least with the Xplane 11.51) does not appear although it should according to the METAR (neither Vulkan nor OpenGL). I have tried it with SkyMaxx pro and with the XPlane's standard weather. The same thing happens. In the case of SMP, if I force it in OpenGL with the precipitation options that the addon has (setting off then setting on one of the options), it works fine. But I have to do it every time I know there is rain. In the case of XP, the rain does not appear under any circumstances (well only if I move my view up and whenever it is in motion). It s
  9. Thank you very much, Litjan. That was the problem. I've downloaded a previous version and it is working like a charm.
  10. Hello everyone, I am trying to assign the thrust reversers to two axis in my GoFlight TQ6 as I have in other planes using the reversers assigments in Xplane 11, however it seems that doesn't work as I'd like. Apparently the only way to use the reversers is using a button and assign to it the command. Does anyone know any solution (maybe some lua script) to use joystick's axis for the thrust reversers? It's a pity that having those axis in XP 11 we can't use them. :-( Best Tomás
  11. Finally I adjusted my firewall again and apparently is working now. Thanks
  12. Thanks. I know that file. I will review it again. Maybe I forgot something.
  13. Well. I'm affraid the problem is still there. Apparently it is working now but in a random way, in the middle of the fly, the connection is lost and everything is reset. That's very annoying. I don't undertand what the reason to try to connect to a server in the air. What's the reason? If it is for verifying it is a legal copy this is something that could be done at the begining, as many other planes. What happened is somone doesn't have a Internet connection? I know this is a very old plane, but since it is still being marketed I think a solution should be offered. Thanks
  14. Solved. I put Xplane.exe with Administrator rights and then connected. I can understand why worked before without changing anything. Maybe because not always try to connect.
  15. Hello, I've been flying with the CRJ200 for several week without any problem. I was doing it tonight and was perfect. However today I tried to do a new flight and no matter what I do the plane and simulator freeze with the message "looking for server". I read time ago that there was some issues with the server.exe command but I can undertand why is now failing because it was working during these days. Are there any issues in your conection server? I assume the plane is trying to connect somewhere to verify it is a legal copy. Best Tomás
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