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  1. Hello, In the FMC the HOLD function is not working. I entered a waypoint for the HOLD fix and nothing happened.
  2. Yep did all of that, also I compared the volume of the sound files to the FF 767 files and it is the same. So I would say that the only way to solve this is to either move to FMOD or make a GPWS volume setting.
  3. Yeah, it seems that the volume is fine when I play it from the sounds folder. I think it would be a good idea for developers to make a volume slider only for the callouts and GPWS.
  4. I have all volumes except air conditioning set to MAX (Both X-Plane and IXEG), and I am running the latest version if the IXEG 733 and X-Plane 11.50. Sometimes during the landing I can barely hear the GPWS callouts, also they are hard to hear even with the engines off. My windows volume is set to 60 and X-Plane is set to MAX in the sound mixer. I would suggest that you add a GPWS volume slider and boost the volume a little bit.
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