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  1. Thanks. Data of the day are back this morning...
  2. Hello, Today, FSGRW is stuck on yesterday's data (2022/06/30, 23:58 Z) Do people here have the same issue ? I could not find anywhere the website of the editor...
  3. Hello, Since latest update of the aircraft, the lights of the AP commands are flashing on my Bravo (HDG, NAV, etc.). I tried to re-import a json.file, but they are still flashing... Thank you for helping me to solve this issue...
  4. Thanks for your answer. Have a nice sunday.
  5. Thanks "Pils", but on approach, the TO field is always blank when I set the N1 target. How may I get the TO preset again ?
  6. Thrust Limit page of PERF menu : select N1 thrust on the left side of the screen. Before landing, don't forget to select a N1 target (90 for example) on the right. It becomes blue when activated.
  7. Thanks for your answer. I will try to practice on IVAO...
  8. Hello, I don't clearly understand the difference between datalink clerance (DATALINK in the FMS menu) and CPDLC (FANS). I tried to use this functionnality on IVAO at LFPO. Using FANS, I got a clearance, but I did not find the way to display the ATC full message and to send my answer. Should I send my request by Datalink instead (at least on IVAO) ? I read somewhere that Datalink is only used for communications between pilots and technical services. With ATC, the procedure is to use CPDLC. But probably, I'm wrong because the clearance may be requested by Datalink (according to Toto's last video). Thanks by advance for those who could enlighten me. Daniel.
  9. "C'est magnifique" Then, we will be facing with a cornelian choice : flying the Mu or the Challenger, old or new school. The old story of "cheese or dessert" are we saying in french...
  10. Thanks Graham, I think this is the issue : I'm using FS Global weather and always launch this add-on after loading x-plane. So, the trick will be to start x-plane with another airplane, then load FS Global weather before loading the Challenger.
  11. Thanks. I did : indeed, page 2 of PERF INIT page.
  12. As in the last video of our beloved dev, it seems that leg winds are not downloaded in v. 1.31 May you confirm ?
  13. I get better results on IVAO if I leave the barometric item checked in the user settings. Then, the difference is only about 200 ft. If unchecked, then the différence is near 2000 ft at high altitudes...
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