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  1. Same for me. An IVAO trafic, 3000 ft above, is displaying on the global map, but not on the traffic map.
  2. Hello, Thanks for your answer. Will do.
  3. Thank you very much for your investigations. I just had a crash after one hour of flight. You're right, SMP is just a contributing factor. Hope rc2 will solve this issue.
  4. I am not an expert of course, but I doubt orthophotos are really the source of this issue. As I told you, I could achieve my first flight in rc1 version with several ortho files loaded... I made a new test with the last version of FFA320 (number of airports and all ortho sceneries covering French territory loaded via x-organizer), and for the moment, no crash (SMP desinstalled for now). Wait and see
  5. Thank you for your answer. The log I sent to you was just one among others after application errors. Of course, I did some tests with only one scenery loaded (but a big one), because I'm using x-organiser. And I had same crashes. Laminar devs have soon identified an issue that should be solved with rc2, but for now, SMP is unusable. I well understand that SMP is not a cause of crash in itself. To make it clear, I will report if I have a new crash without SMP installed.
  6. Hello, Since 11.50 RC1, I got multiple crashes 5-10 mn after the sim is loaded. I sent a bug report to Laminar. One of the log.text ends by these two lines : G64: 602.806: Memory Allocation Error: Run(gfx): OnDraw_Gauges_3D: not enough memory G64: 602.829: Memory Allocation Error: Run(gui): toast_Windows_OnDraw: not enough memory I've tried many new settings since yesterday and finally tried to uninstall SkyMaxPro (although I love it so much...). And for the first time after the release, I had no crash after more than a hour of flight. So, I'm afraid that AMD is not only conc
  7. Don't forget this is a default aircraft. My purpose was not intended to be negative towards this brand new product...
  8. A simple flight with the default TBM in MSFS allows to realize how beautiful is the Hotstart TBM in x-plane, I tell you
  9. Hi, just an example : https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1396612/Garmin-G1000.html
  10. Hello, Just a short video without any pretention showing that visuals are pretty good in x-plane, clouds especially (thanks to SkyMaxx pro), and how it is nice to fly the IXEG B737 (quite diffferent from my DR-400 in real life !). Littoral Airlines is my VA on IVAO. (PS : I am new with Windows, so I have to improve my knowledge of OBS and Shotcut... And I know, I forgot to switch off the terrain radar before taxying to the gate ! Quite hard to make screeen shots and to stay concentrated on this very difficult approach... Thanks for your indulgence).
  11. Thanks again for this gift ! Il will test it soon...
  12. Thank you for your answers. I removed librain plugin, but it seems that Altitude is the culprit, even when x-plane is disconnected to IVAO (another guy has reported the same bug elsewhere). I reverted back to XIvap and all seems to be in order again. In flight now to LOWI, hope x-plane will not crash on the mountains !
  13. Thanks for your answerJan but just ignore my message. I missed the update of IVAO client Altitude. It seems that this is the issue (curious, because I could fly another aircraft without problem...). By the way, I switched from Mac to PC a month ago (yes, I could dot it after 40 years of Apple computers !), and my install is quite fresh... Moreover, I purchased X-Organiser to keep some order in my scenery packages. As you see, there is still some cleaning to do... But the holidays are coming soon, isnt'it ? Cheers, Daniel. Edit : no, it's not Altitude, XP and B737.300 crashed aga
  14. I guess it is a problem with gizmo (stable AND beta, I tried the two of them). I loaded the TBM 900 and same crash occured. Thanks to let me know if there is a problem with my account. Log.txt
  15. hello, I do not know what happens today. I did not change anything in my config. B737 crashed several times 5 mn or so after it is loaded with IVAO Altitude client. Same in beta 15 and beta 16. I sent a bug report. I do the flight with another plane without any issue. Cheers. Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
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