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  1. A workaround is suggested here :
  2. You may download my config file for the Honeycomb Bravo here : https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/files/file/6172-hotstart-tbm900/
  3. danhenri

    "Vacuum low"

    Thanks a lot Goran ! @aerox : for the doors, you have to set 3 conditions in the configurator : tbm900/doors/main, .../pilot, .../front_cargo. The value is "1". No HYD msg in the TBM, so I leaved it blank. Perhaps will map it to the INERT SEP msg. It may be useful... To search for the daterefs, I suggest the use of DataRefTool.
  4. danhenri

    "Vacuum low"

    Hi, I would like to know which dataref commands the CAS Caution message "Vacuum low" (for Bravo Honeycomb annunciators settings). I spent several hours to find it without success : the sim/cockpit2/.../vaccum_low doesn't work. Curiously, it works with "low rotor", but the Vacuum annunciator stays illuminated on the Bravo even when the CAS message is disappearing. Thank you very much for your answer and have a nice week-end.
  5. You may download here the config file of the IXEG/737 for the Honeycomb Bravo Quadrant : https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/files/file/6162-ixeg-737300/ Cheers, Daniel.
  6. Hello, I have some problems to map the leds of my Bravo Throttle Quadrant. To illumate the NAV button, I think I have to use this dataref : ixeg/733/MCP/mcp_lnav_act. The dataref "sim/cockpit2/autopilot/nav_status" doest not work. But what is the index or value I have to put in the Honeycomb Configurator ? When I type "1" or ">=1", the nav button illuminates, but it stays in that status even if I click on it (the LNAV button on the MCP switches off, but not the button of the quadrant). Thanks for your help. EDIT : don't answer, I found the appropriate datarefs using
  7. Hi, I know there is no profile for the Bravo Throttle available yet, but does someone here would have a solution to map the vertical speed button inside the Aerosoft Configurator ? When the button is mapped in the XP settings menu, the VS switch illuminates in the cockpit, but I cannot enter the value : the VS speed indicator remains blank. Besides, it works well for speed, altitude and heading. Thanks for your answer, Daniel. EDIT : that's OK I found the correct IXEG dataref to map the VS button... (instead of the "nose up and down" commands).
  8. New crash for me too... My specs cannot explain this repetitive failures (i7, RXT 2080, Ram 32 Go). Log.txt
  9. For info, CTD in flight when trying to change SMP cloud settings. Log.txt
  10. Hello, It seems that I cannot run SkyMax pro with volumetric settings. Even with a RXT2080 Super, I get very bad FPS with reasonable XP settings (antialiasing at 2x) and I just got a CTD by trying to change cloud settings. Switching from volumetric to standard clouds, my FPS are jumping from 15 to 80 ! Hope my log will help, Cheers, Daniel. Log.txt
  11. I already get fantastic results with SMP and FSGRW (RTX2080 and an i7 CPU) and would upgrade for sure. I have two questions : May I expect better performances with .5 version using FSGRW (because it's still quite demanded in heavy weather situations) ? Could you give us more information about what means "GPU ray-casted clouds" ? (try to translate this expression in french, but it did not mean much more to me...)
  12. Or... it's time learning to manage RNAV approaches. ILS will disappear some day !
  13. Same for me. An IVAO trafic, 3000 ft above, is displaying on the global map, but not on the traffic map.
  14. Hello, Thanks for your answer. Will do.
  15. Thank you very much for your investigations. I just had a crash after one hour of flight. You're right, SMP is just a contributing factor. Hope rc2 will solve this issue.
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