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  1. Funny you should mention that. @arctic85 I just finished updating the XP12 version with more features and a better matching CG. I've been talking with Tom about incorporating the mod, because diff files aren't as friendly as I would like and I'm not going to release a full acf file to the forum. I'll try and get the diffs and updated airfoils up next weekend
  2. Hi @Rlondon I understand your frustration. Using the file explorer if you navigate to [X-Plane install directory]\Aircraft\X-Aviation\CL650 you will see several folders, one of them is called "Documentation". That folder has all the mentioned documents based on the release. My recommendation would be to delete the Log.txt file in the main X-Plane folder then start X-Plane in VR. If X-Plane crashes attach that log file. Sometimes Windows can be very dumb in how it handles files and may or may not properly overwrite the log file. Please attach that log file as a response to this thread and lets see if we can identify any potential issues.
  3. There is an unofficial mod that addresses the cruise perf for the 4 bladed prop
  5. For windows try https://savannah.gnu.org/projects/patch/ I've attached an experimental build of the latest patch file. Below is an image from an article referencing the above tool: https://medium.com/codex/how-to-create-and-apply-patches-a9ef94340501. As always your results may vary. MU2_mod_2022-08-18.patch
  6. @danhenri The discrepancy you note is due to compression heating and the limited recovery coefficient of the temperature probe on the actual MU2. Based on the POH values I have identified the recovery coefficient of the temperature probe to be about 0.6. This is important for the following equation: T_static = T_total * (1 + 1 / (0.2 * C_recovery * Mach^2)) Where T_static is the static outside air temp, T_Total is the indicated outside air temperature, C_recovery is the energy recovery coefficient of the probe. Modern probes are 1 but those are aspirated types on jets, on stuff like the MU it would be between 0.6 or 0.8 depending on type. Regarding your performance issues, you may want to try out my FM modification, it gets the plane to within 1% of cruise POH values. I haven't evaluated takeoff or landing distances yet.
  7. Just and update regarding simbrief. I did submit a request for an MU2 profile based on the POH and AFM. They said they'll add it but no idea on time frame
  8. OEM and GNS versions exhibit the same behavior, the course can be set but the obs knob and the CDI card on the HSI do not rotate to reflect the new course. GNS version shows the behavior when in GPS mode according to another user
  9. It appears the RMI needle will flip the long way around if the navaid switches from the left to right side of the nose due to the circular singularity at 360/000
  10. 8/9/2022 Change log added flight model ventral strakes added tip tank fins and strakes added 85% ram inlet recovery pressure reduced total power to 1113shp to account for ram inlet recovery cruise values are now consistently below 2% delta from POH values at all altitudes Changed trim time response and increased elevator trim in response to POH values and autopilot sensitivities uploaded weight and balance spreadsheet
  11. Hey there @mjrhealth I'm not sure what you are trying to say. If you are trying to be helpful might I suggest instead of saying "payd (sic) to read other posts" providing a link to the other posts as an alternative? Something along the lines of the following: Lets try to avoid basically telling people to read the forum and have a bit more understanding that people miss things. Thanks, Crash
  12. Hmm. I believe @amyinorbit has openGPWS functioning on her M1 in the Q400 so maybe she can shed some light on her voodoo that she do, I don't own a mac. the weather API for XP12 is going to be totally different hopefully rendering the need for openWXR redundant. But for users that will not upgrade to XP12 it may be worth integrating it. I would have done so already but I'd need to modify the obj and insert the screen object to replace the mesh where the INOP sticker is
  13. When the auto-stop throttle feature is toggled engine 1 reverts to reverse and all control is lost of engine 2.
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