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Found 9 results

  1. Obviously could be pilot error, but I cannot figure out why the Mu-2 flies appx 5 degrees nose up, and about 80kn true too slowly. I'm fairly certain this is not expected behavior. If anyone has any tips, it would be appreciated. I've tried changing the centre of gravity and the plane rebalances back to 5 degrees nose up. I've tried trimming it out hard, same thing.
  2. Hi, as always i try to fly a aircraft by hand. No AP. But the Challenger is very hard to fly without the AP. The plane is hard to trim. Elevatortrim 1.2 the plane goes always down, trim to 1.4 goes always up. Speed is 240 kts. I also have to trim the ruddertrim always 1 left. Otherwise the plane goes to the right. Any ideas what i am doing wrong? I use hotas warthog Greetings Mike
  3. Elevator trim is always Down. It never comes to Up or TakeOff position. I cannot perform the flight. What should I do?
  4. Hi sorry if this topic has already been discussed but tried to find the solution of the issue but couldn't therefore i am here to find the answer of the problem. bought Saab 340 A month ago tried and found amazing aircraft but there are couple of things i need to discuss TAKE OF PITCH TRIM SETTING Really annoying behavior during take off even trim bugs nearly 80% up (near the top end of green bar) with around 70% load (fuel and pax) but still i have to pull the yoke nearly 80% to get the aircraft off the ground as for me it feels like that aircraft is not ready yet speed 110 to 115 knots with flaps 7 but even after take off if try to relax the yoke a little bit above 1000 ft towards normal position the plane immediately start rapid descend unless i keep the yoke in the same position until aircraft reach more then 150 knots then it stops descending and at this stage it wants me to trim the nose down. I flew most of the aircraft's from all pmdg to Maj dash 8 and Cessna and never experienced that struggle for take off even lower trim settings. In fact i tried tutorial and followed all the setting including i make sure that coarsen is on. and light illuminated (as light is tooo low)after 64% trq I tried saitek pro flight yoke and now using honeycomb but same results Secondly engine readings are weird but i read few articles regarding the changes in x plane 11 and this issue will be addressed third one is aircraft banking to left side during takeoff but that is natural behavior which is fine. so main problem is the issue with take off and if set the trim on lower side of green bar then i have to pull the yoke all the way to make the aircraft up. Can somebody pls shed some light on this issue and explain if this a issue or its normal behavior as i never experienced that level of struggle for take off. thanks Adil
  5. I am using 1.1.9, which is a major improvement on 1.1.8 which didn't run on my machine. However, now that I am back flying an excellent machine, I have found that the elevator trim is virtually ineffective using either my Saiteck X56 stick or the mouse within VR. Has anyone else come across this problem??
  6. Hi all, I did quite a few flights with IXEG 737 in different configurations ( weights, fuel ), however what i`ve noticed id that whatever ZFW and fuel i input into FMC i always get a trim settings of 3.4. Every single time, is that correct? Or is it something I`m doing wrong. Not sure what else to write to add more info for those that need to know. Greets
  7. When flying at lower speeds (e.g., during approach phase) with autopilot on I'm seeing the pitch trim go to an extreme high value (nose up). The aircraft noses up and cannot be persuaded to descend. I have to turn off the autopilot and set the pitch to something more reasonable, but doing that while struggling with an out of control aircraft can be quite difficult. When adjusting the pitch trim, one cannot see where the aircraft is going. I do have a couple joystick buttons assigned to pitch trim, so I can use those more conveniently. However, my real question is what can cause the pitch trim to go extreme position like this while flying? Center of gravity? Just flying too slow? I don't have this issue with other aircraft. Also, I don't remember having this issue with an earlier version of the Saab 340A. I have flown the Saab 340 v1.4.1 only twice so far, so I'll keep an eye out as to whether or not this is a consistent problem or intermittent.
  8. Just a tiny one, I noticed that apparently the Ground Service menu and the Takeoff page use either not the same calculation for T/O trim, or there's a rounding somewhere (really just a minor difference, no impact on functionality):
  9. Dear my fellow aircraft builders! I am in the early stages of a Learjet 45 (XR) project, currently working on the flight model and basic 2D cockpit. The fuselage, wing sizes, positions, stabilizers are all build from a 3-view-image that I imported and measured within a CAD software. So all positions and sizes set in Plane Maker should be "quite good". Area of interest is the horizontal stabilizer that is a moving surface to control the pitch trim and of course the magic center of gravity (cg). Facts: The Learjet 45 (LJ45) has a moving horizontal stabiizer to control the pitch trimI modeled that through the use of the appropriate settings in the control surfaces and made the hor. stab. a moving surfaceAccording to the FAA certificate the LJ45 has some "strange" hor. stab. max. deflections http://rgl.faa.gov/Regulatory_and_Guidance_Library/rgMakeModel.nsf/0/880d41da2731227386257d5d006b9505/$FILE/T00008WI_Rev20.pdfi.e.: leading edge up trim = -0.3° and leading edge down trim = -9.5° -> that means NO positive incidence of the hor. stab. at all? I modeled that in Plane Maker the following way:set the incidence of the hor. stab. to -4.9° (middle position between -9.5° and -0.3°)set the control surface defllection up and down to 4.6° (so i can reach -0.3° and -9.5° with max. trim in both directions)set airfoil to symetric NACA009 (I have NO information about the hor. stab. airfoil of that bird)cg of gravity is set in the middle according the FAA cert. and AFM (middle of 1% MAC and 28% MAC)Problem (or maybe this is not a problem, but just "normal"?):: when I go the a very fast speed (within the envelope!) e.g. 330 KIAS at 3.000 feet (.. and loose my licence ;-) the max pitch trim brings the hor. stab to -0.3% (nearly straight level, but no pos. incidence allowed) the hor. stab still produces too much DOWNFORCE that the nose of the aircraft goes UP and I can not trim the plane and must use elevator to hold it straight leveled.I can test more situation and bring the aircraft to exxtreme weight/balance situations WITHIN the flight envelope and weight / balance specs. that I can not trim the aircraft Ideas / Questions: Is this a problem? Or is it "normal" that a aircarft is NOT trimmable within the flight envelope and weight / balance specs?Did I read the FAA spec. correctly? i.e. the incidence is always negative betwenn -0.3° and -9.5°I am really questioning the -0.3° max. UPTRIM... when I could set that to 0° or +1° all problems would be solved? But the cert. says -> NO only negative? ;-) If anyone even has the time to take a testflight, I can send you a link to the current acf. Your help and ideas are very welcome!
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