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  1. Hi downloaded latest version 1.6.2 but still unable to bind the button with autopilot disconnect red yoke button whereas in 1.5 versions i did it with les Ap_disconnect but its not working anymore as well as i tried xplane default commands such as toggle servos or ".........servos whichever side active". I tried to find this topic but no luck if anybody can help me on this issue thank you Adil
  2. 1. Downloaded new version 1.6 and I think there is a bug When I press climb button on autopilot it show speed on top corner in PFD and at the same time speed bug moves to that speed shown in speedometer but there is a mismatch of speed between speed bug and pfd climb speed. In the previous version speed bug and speed in the pfd always matches when press to low high or mid climb 2. Flap axis doesn't work as it was mapped with xplane axis where as other axis are working fine. Can you help on that matter. 3. Already discussed in the forum but I want to add thi
  3. Hi sorry if this topic has already been discussed but tried to find the solution of the issue but couldn't therefore i am here to find the answer of the problem. bought Saab 340 A month ago tried and found amazing aircraft but there are couple of things i need to discuss TAKE OF PITCH TRIM SETTING Really annoying behavior during take off even trim bugs nearly 80% up (near the top end of green bar) with around 70% load (fuel and pax) but still i have to pull the yoke nearly 80% to get the aircraft off the ground as for me it feels like that aircraft is not ready yet speed 110 to
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