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  1. PROBLEM SOLVED: I was wrong about Propeller (Prop 1 and Prop 2) not working. They do work as a mapping for the Condition Levers. They are just a little reluctant to move at first.
  2. For the Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant, I've got the power lever and flaps lever working, but I can't figure out how to map the Condition Levers. Is there a custom command or variable to which to map those? I've tried mapping to Mixure and to Propeller, but neither of those worked. The Bravo axes menu has no item for Condition Lever that I have discovered so far. If you have done it yourself, please share with us how you mapped it (i.e., which axes and the menu item or the custom command or variable). Thanks in advance.
  3. A few questions: 1.) To what command or menu item did you map your condition lever? Mapping mine to Mixture doesn't work at all. There is no Condition Lever in the menu for Bravo axes. 2.) Did you have to change the config for the ALT-VS-HDG-CRS-IAS selector knob or the INCR-DECR knob? If so, would you care to share with us how you mapped it? PROBLEM #1 SOLVED: It's true that Mixture 1 and Mixture 2 don't work, but I was wrong in thinking PROP 1 and PROP 2 was not working as a mapping for the condition levers. It works fine. The animated levers just are a little reluctant to m
  4. Thanks for pointing that out. Coincidentally, just discovered the ELT just about 15 minutes ago. Cheers.
  5. So far, having just acquired the SR22 Avidyne model, I can find neither the ELT on/off switch nor the indicator light. Also, I can't find anything for the stick shaker test (presumeably a switch). Could someone please tell where these are located or indicate that they not implemented.
  6. I also have the nose wheel steering issue. Tried turning the tiller option on/off. Seemed like the tiller wasn't working either. Didn't check the hydraulic pressure, but, if low, that could be why steering is not working. Log.txt
  7. cwjohan

    V1.6.3 Problems

    Yes. 1.6.3 -- sorry. Typo. Interesting -- specifically what sorts of "BAD" results have you seen with "T/M" position, JGregory? Very interested to know. Thanks for reply. Cheers. PS: I suspect the L & R AC GEN equipment is for anti-icing purposes only and thus couldn't affect torque.
  8. cwjohan

    V1.6.3 Problems

    Flying v 1.6.4 Saab 340A from EDDS to EDDM (2nd flight after crashing first flight during takeoff), everything was going very nicely until on descent I slowed down too much, autopilot shut off, and I was losing altitude. Then tried to gain altitude by pushing the throttle full forward and the condition lever full forward, but got no torque. Did that happen because the condition lever was on "T/M"? Torque continued to drop until I had to land in a field. No lights were on on the warning panel. There were however L & R AC GEN lights on in the overhead panel, which could have caused some
  9. Cool. Glad to hear that not running those plugins worked for you. But did you actually remove them from the plugins folder or just disable them in the Plugins menu in X-Plane?
  10. I see you have Silver Lining and Skunkcrafts Updater. Try removing those two plugins and see if the problem goes away.
  11. For my setup, the key to de-stressing the memory seemed to be removal of SilverLining (SkyMaxx). speedbird1229, do you also have a lot of airports and aircraft installed in X-Plane? You might also try removing all AI aircraft, since each one uses some memory and generates extra ATC activity.
  12. Followup to previous experiment removing almost all 3d party plugins from the plugins folder: Removed: RealWeatherConnector SilverLining Now all 3d party plugins have been removed from the plugins folder. Started up X-Plane and loaded the Saab 340A at CYLW airport and let it run cold & dark with no further action. After letting it run several hours, I had gotten no CTD. I then went through the standard manual start up procedure and flew IFR from CYLW Kelowna to KGEG Spokane with no problems other than that, throughout the flight prep and the flight, a hydraulics gauge
  13. Another experiment. From my full setup, I removed: 12 airports AutoGate AviTab Little Xpconnect SAM ToLissData ToLissFlightPlans ToLissTerrainData Xchecklist xjet XPUIPC NavigraphSimlink_64.xpl Previously, I had removed: 124thATC64 DataRefEditor EZPushback FlyWithLua core edition HeadShake librain SkunkCraftsUpdater TerrainRadar XFMC xreloaded XSquawkBox Plugins remaining in the plugins folder: Gizmo64.plugin PluginAdmin RealWeatherConnector SilverLining XPLM.framework XPWidgets.framework Result: Started up X-Plane
  14. Thanks for the input, Ben. Very informative. Pretty esoteric stuff, especially with the use of offset addresses that have to be in the first 2 GB of address space! Someone probably thought no one ever would need more than 2 GB for this type of memory pool, and they thought they were being very clever by using just 32-bit addresses to save space in the memory pool block chains. Is it possible that, in my case with the Saab 340A, the Garbage Collector is running out of memory because the instrument panel drawing code is doing nothing to de-reference some objects no longer needed (e.g., r
  15. Here's an example of the Saab 340A loaded in PGUM Guam and just left to run in cold and dark state. There is no ortho within thousands of miles of this place. My only action was to click on the X-Aviation licensing window to close it. After about 17 minutes, it hung. Three log messages indicate an out of memory situation. The Task Manager never showed RAM or VRAM exceeding about 30%. I have 32 GB of RAM and 8 GB of VRAM. G64: 611.008: Memory Allocation Error: Run(gfx): draw_SaabOnDrawBeforeGauges3D: not enough memory G64: 611.008: Memory Allocation Error: Run(gfx): draw_SAAB_PLII_
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