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  1. With version 1.6.1 and a new airframe, restoring a saved state in the Airframe Manager, I get a crash to desktop very early on after the restore. The saved state was a ready to taxi situation at KDEN created from version 1.6.1 (not an old version). I start up at KDEN and fix a few restore errors (like GEN1 OFF). Within 1 minute, it crashes. In one case, the crash was within the first three seconds (let's say instantaneous). All I'm doing is looking around the cockpit for anything else that needs fixing to really be ready to taxi. In the Airframe Manager: 1.) I click the saved state name (KDEN-KASE taxi) 2.) I leave "Restore Position and Trajectory" ticked 3.) I click ">>>>> FLY! <<<<<" 4.) I click ">> Confirm? <<" The second attachment below (the instantaneous crash) contains a backtrace, which ought to be helpful. Log_ctd_2022_06_29_a.txt Log_ctd_2022_06_29_b.txt
  2. This happened to me, but I found that I could regain control of the power levers. There is a popup that appears briefly after turning off the ATS and trying to move the power levers. One must position the levers on the Bravo so that in that popup the two oval shapes are lit (solid white). After that, the power levers in the sim track the position of the power levers on the Bravo. I presume this is some sort of sim workaround to get the power levers into the position where they would be in real life.
  3. I tested the above procedure today (without invoking VS or setting descent rate) and it worked fine. I waited until the glideslope intercept altituded was reached before pressing APPR.
  4. I guess it's a VOR approach because HIXOV is PSP104/10.2 and TEVUC is TRM272/10.7. I hadn't noticed that on the approach chart.
  5. If I recall correctly, I had the the altitude set for 4000 ft as the RNAV (RNP) Y approach chart indicates for TEVUC. After passing TEVUC, I probably was too slow to reduce the constraint to 2900 ft. Well before JISOP, I reduced the selected altitude to 2900 ft as indicated by the approach chart as the glideslope intercept altitude. I immediately pressed VS and set a high descent rate to try to get down to 2900 ft before JISOP. Shortly after pressing VS, I also pressed APPR to arm the glideslope capture, which never happened since the actual altitude never got below the red glideslope dot. So, my actions probably prevented the glideslope capture from happening. However, I wasn't actually asking if I did the correct thing -- only what the correct procedure actually is. So, if I understand What Pils said above, the procedure for an RNAV (RNP) approach is: Fly this procedure with FMS1 or FMS2 selected as the navigation source. Before TOD, select altitude setting to glideslope intercept altitude or altitude assigned by ATC, since this acts as a constraint on descent, Press VNAV to engage VNAV mode Optionally, press VS and set a descent rate. VNAV mode will respect the altitude constraints (and optionally speed settings) in the flight plan. Probably not needed. Before the glideslope intercept, press APPR to arm VGP, the synthetic (computed) glideslope or glidepath. When the glideslope is intercepted, VGP will activate and the aircraft will descend along that path. Once VGP activates, the altitude constraint indicated by the selected altitude will be ignored. Cheers and thanks for the feedback. I will try this procedure now and see how well it works.
  6. "VNAV (RNP)" was at a typo. I do know it really is RNAV. But thanks for pointing out the mistake.
  7. I'm trying the RNAV(RNP) Y approach to runway 31L at KPSP. VNAV kind of works up until the point where the synthetic glideslope should be intercepted, provided one lowers the target altitude setting to below the runway altitude. Most aircraft permit the target altitude to be set to the glideslope intercept altitude for this type of approach. Is VNAV actually the wrong way to fly a VNAV(RNP) approach? How does one select other approach modes?
  8. Encounted a CTD after flying the SR22 Integra 1.1.0 for a while at KPSP, started a new flight switching to the SR22 G1000 and flew a right pattern from runway 31L, landed, parked the aircraft, with engine running a little below 1000 RPM, then went into replay, positioned replay to the final, took an external snapshot from the rear, tried to rotate camera to a right side view, got a crash to desktop. Log.txt shows " 0:45:16.885 I/WIN: Opened window Replay overlay 2022-03-06 18:45:36 SR22[dr.c:137]: assertion "!__builtin_choose_expr ( __builtin_types_compatible_p (__typeof__ (f), double), __isnan(f), __builtin_choose_expr ( __builtin_types_compatible_p (__typeof__ (f), float), __isnanf(f), __builtin_choose_expr ( __builtin_types_compatible_p (__typeof__ (f), long double), __isnanl(f), (__builtin_trap(),f))))" failed: afm/sr/f/switches/flaps (dr.cpp291: &fDR->drt) " Log.txt
  9. It works! My pants have returned.
  10. Just installed version 1.0.3, but I'm getting a crash quite early on in starting X-Plane. I haven't even got to screen where you continue with the previous flight or select a new one. It has failed to load three times. There's no clue in log.txt, but the Gizmolog.txt file contains the message: " debug: 411.097: X-Aviation Licensing: End User. debug: 411.097: Not a Verified X-A Developer. I cannot load your scripts. Sorry. debug: 411.098: Toast Message:(type:info) (X-Aviation Licensing) / (Your license was updated.) " Any suggestions? UPDATE: Got past the problem reported above by re-installing the update. Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
  11. For the Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant, I've got the power lever and flaps lever working, but I can't figure out how to map the Condition Levers. Is there a custom command or variable to which to map those? I've tried mapping to Mixure and to Propeller, but neither of those worked. The Bravo axes menu has no item for Condition Lever that I have discovered so far. If you have done it yourself, please share with us how you mapped it (i.e., which axes and the menu item or the custom command or variable). Thanks in advance.
  12. A few questions: 1.) To what command or menu item did you map your condition lever? Mapping mine to Mixture doesn't work at all. There is no Condition Lever in the menu for Bravo axes. 2.) Did you have to change the config for the ALT-VS-HDG-CRS-IAS selector knob or the INCR-DECR knob? If so, would you care to share with us how you mapped it? PROBLEM #1 SOLVED: It's true that Mixture 1 and Mixture 2 don't work, but I was wrong in thinking PROP 1 and PROP 2 was not working as a mapping for the condition levers. It works fine. The animated levers just are a little reluctant to move at first. I'd still like to hear the answer to problem #2, though.
  13. Thanks for pointing that out. Coincidentally, just discovered the ELT just about 15 minutes ago. Cheers.
  14. So far, having just acquired the SR22 Avidyne model, I can find neither the ELT on/off switch nor the indicator light. Also, I can't find anything for the stick shaker test (presumeably a switch). Could someone please tell where these are located or indicate that they not implemented.
  15. I also have the nose wheel steering issue. Tried turning the tiller option on/off. Seemed like the tiller wasn't working either. Didn't check the hydraulic pressure, but, if low, that could be why steering is not working. Log.txt
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