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How to configure the Condition Levers for the Honeycomb Bravo


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For the Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant, I've got the power lever and flaps lever working, but I can't figure out how to map the Condition Levers.  Is there a custom command or variable to which to map those?  I've tried mapping to Mixure and to Propeller, but neither of those worked.  The Bravo axes menu has no item for Condition Lever that I have discovered so far.

If you have done it yourself, please share with us how you mapped it (i.e., which axes and the menu item or the custom command or variable).

Thanks in advance.

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I upgraded from the CH Yoke to the Honeycomb Alpha and Beta system.  I am struggling to get the throttle quadrant working for the Xplane11 Hot Start TBM900 turbo prop system.  The quadrant works fine for the TS Cirrus SR22.  The YouTube videos do not talk about the turbo prop systems and the new TBM900 single throttle lever system that combine the condition and throttle lever.  There are videos for the TBM900 series in MS2020 only.  Appreciate any guidance on this.  WRS

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Were you ever successful in configuring the condition levers?

I own both the Alpha and Bravo units. I downloaded the Piaggio Avanti II and installed it on my computer.  The prop controls on the Avanti are called Condition Levers.  I did not find a setting for these so I assigned the blue levers to Prop 1 and Prop2. 

The problem is that these prop controls operate very erratically.  When you are viewing the cockpit throttle quadrant and adjust the blue levers, they jump all over the place.  They don't adjust smoothly.  It makes the plane unflyable.  Is there a fix for this erratic behavior?

Note, I tried this on two separate computers with the same result.

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