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    Flying TS Cirrus SR22TN. Owned and flew SR22. Using TS SR22 v1.2.2 and X-Plane 11.55.

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  1. OuterMarker is spot on and thanks for this update. I was flying with Vulkan unchecked and the outside the plane mouse fist and clicking of chocks, doors, pitot cover and airplane cover did not work. I switched Vulkan ON and the mouse fist came back to life and could toggle the chocks etc from outside the plane. Interesting the mouse fist works inside the plane even with Vulkan turned off. When Vulkan is turned on and I am in IMC the fps drops down to 10 even with antialias turned off. I am flying with a reasonable gaming PC 2070 GPU and using the latest SMP5 cloud rendering. I am flying ri
  2. I am flying the TS SR22 TN V1.2.2. The plane flies very well and really enjoy it. Using the outside view and hovering the mouse over the chocks, pitot cover, the cowl plugs and the outside door key latch does not result in the mouse arrow changing to a fist that produces a desired action to remove or open something. Inside plane views still works fine. I can hover over the inside door latch to open and tap the key to put in the starter. I created a video and a photo in Xplane but it does not show the mouse as I hover it over a select point. I am still able to remove chocks etc from the
  3. I was able to click on the chocks, pitot cover or door area in the external view to remove or install the chocks or pitot cover or open and close the doors. It is a great feature and I am doing this in the external view. That functionality is not working now for me in the external view. I noticed this in v 1.2.1 and it is still the same in v 1.2.2. Could I have done something to turn off the capability. Bill
  4. I used to be able to position the mouse over the chocks, pitot probe, and cowling covers to either remove or put-on. The mouse pointer turns from an arrow to a hand and I just click. That functionality is not there or is not working. Great feature to be outside the plane and move around to inspect. Appreciate clarification. Bill
  5. Having the pop out of the PFD MFD without bezels is a great add on and I have two shortcut keys to do this. I am using presently the Sim Innovation panel builds on a touch screen monitor and would like to have the PFD MFD bezel-less screen pop out and stay in a defined position for future flights. I can do this on the HS TBM900. I have to position the bezel-less PFD MFD for each new flight. Can a pop out to a defined position be done or setup on the TS SR22 aircrafts? I understand the RSG hardware enables this but only for its hardware. The SR22TN is my go to aircraft for flying and find
  6. I upgraded from the CH Yoke to the Honeycomb Alpha and Beta system. I am struggling to get the throttle quadrant working for the Xplane11 Hot Start TBM900 turbo prop system. The quadrant works fine for the TS Cirrus SR22. The YouTube videos do not talk about the turbo prop systems and the new TBM900 single throttle lever system that combine the condition and throttle lever. There are videos for the TBM900 series in MS2020 only. Appreciate any guidance on this. WRS
  7. In Cruise flight with the AP set I will get a pitch oscillation and see that the pitch trim is set to significant pitch down. I turn off the AP and the TBM900 pitches up significantly. I have been able to manually set pitch trim for level flight and turn on the AP. The pitch oscillation goes away. It appears the AP is flighting the pitch trim setting. I would have expected the AP uses pitch trim to control altitude and climb or descent. Any similar experiences. WRS
  8. Would like an invite to the Hot Start TBM discord. Thanks
  9. Quick comment on my experience with the SMP5.01. I am using a NVIDIA 2070 16GB video memory, TS S22T, higher end mesh and get very low FPS with volumetric clouds even with most other options turned down per general recommendations. When showing a view that does not include the sky my FPS go well above 30 but then drop to 10-15 FPS with volumetric clouds in view. I changed clouds to a non-volumetric options and FPS went back to 30+. I can see this is still in Beta and will check back as things get sorted out. Do enjoy the cloud realism for SMP v4 and v5. I am sure this will get ironed o
  10. Thanks for the update. It is unfortunate this type of limitation is in place. I do see that the RSG hardware setup for the Perspective is the ultimate way to go but want to test the SR22 for awhile with my SimInnovation panel setup. I am still able to do this but with more effort. This aircraft is very impressive and takes Xplane Flight simulation to a new level of realism. Bill
  11. I have been using a third monitor to retain the pop out PFD and MFD on LR C172 and other G1000 panels. They alway stay in the third monitor. For the great SR22 the PFD and MFD do pop out and can be placed on the third monitor but they do not stick for another session of Xplane and this SR22. As such when I load Xplane and the SR22 for a new flight the next day there are no pop out G1000 PFD and MFD and all needs to be setup again. Would like persistence on the prior positioning of the pop out PFD and MFD. Is this possible. I have the persistence setting applied. I am running Xplane11.50.
  12. Quick update on the PFD MFD not sticking on pop out to third monitor, I am running Xplane11.50. Bill
  13. I have been using a third monitor to place the pop out PFD and MFD on LR C172. They alway stay in the third monitor. For the great SR22 the PFD and MFD do pop out and can be placed on the third monitor but they do not stick. As such when I load Xplane and the SR22 for a new flight the next day they do not remain popped out and in their original place. Would like persistence on the prior positioning of the pop out PFD and MFD. Is this possible. It looks to be the case for use on RSG hardware. WRS
  14. Yes during taxi differential braking is the only means to steer. The TS SR22 steering is very close to what I experience in a real SR22. On departure the rudder will help steering once you have some speed before rotation. This plane offers a very real experience. WRS
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