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  1. Thanks, sounds promising. I’m happy to assist with testing. So, does this mean that the problem is not related to the Honeycomb Configurator, or any other plug-in?
  2. Still crashing with latest XP version. Is there any word on when the next update will be out and is the apparent incompatibility with Honeycomb being assessed and/or addressed? I say apparent because when I was testing, it seemed to me that this is where the issue was - if I removed HC, I had no crashes, but as soon as I re-introduce it, the TBM crashes. This does not occur on any other payware aircraft that I have. As good as this plane is, it's unflyable and bloody frustrating to get partway through a flight and thing just drops out - if it can't be sorted out, then I'll cut my losses and th
  3. +1 with mrcultureshock - but I’ve parked my TBM (haven’t flown it in weeks) as I keep getting CTDs with the Honeycomb Configurator so I’m hoping these guys are working with Aerosoft to investigate the problem.
  4. Not sure how Prosco solved it but there’s a great app for iPhone and iPad that not only contains all of the checklists but has a flight planning tool as well. Just search for TBM Performance in the Apple App Store.
  5. Ok, after a couple of consecutive flights, TBM crashed while in OpenGL, so it seems that it doesn't matter whether you're using Metal or OpenGL, if your Honeycomb Configurator is active, you'll get a crash. Disable the Honeycomb Configurator, and it doesn't crash.
  6. aerox

    "Vacuum low"

    Thanks danhenri - I've used the TBM data refs but I think it's incomplete, but this is helpful, thanks.
  7. I’ve reverted back to OpenGL and so far no crashes.
  8. aerox

    "Vacuum low"

    Thanks for this - could you also suggest the settings for Low Hyd and Doors? I’ve been trying to figure these out too. Is there a cheat sheet listing this info? The supplied Datarefs info is great but it’s not comprehensive - many thanks.
  9. Hi ssalis, I can vouch for Goran's suggested approach - I was having crashes and decided to do a clean install initially without any scenery other than the default KSEA and then flew the TBM on the same flights where I was experiencing the crashes. That went fine, so I then added scenery (but not the Aerosoft stuff) such as my continent and test flew the flights again, no problem. I did try some different routes and I did encounter a crash but I had added the Honeycomb Configurator by this stage so I tested by first removing the HC and then as I was flying other aircraft, I re-installed the HC
  10. If your flight plan calls for you to commence descent then you’ll see a small white circle on your flight path indicating top of descent. For the aircraft to descend, you have to do one of two things; either hand fly it or tell the autopilot to descend and to do this you need to ensure that you have selected the lower altitude, the leg is activated and VNAV is selected.
  11. I’ve had no issues with the climb or descent performance using the autopilot- as long you adjust the power lever to keep within limits. Another thing to consider is the weather settings - XP is rubbish right now for weather so much so you’re better off disabling auto weather and manually set your own
  12. Flew the TBM tonight and it crashed again. Flew the SSG 747-8F last night with the Honeycomb Configurator and no issues or crashes. Goran has been very helpful in trying to figure out the problem but I'm running out of ideas.
  13. Just completed a flight (same route as the one where I had a system crash) without the Honeycomb configurator and no issues. On a separate matter, I notice I'm having pressurisation issues but looking at the maintenance log, there are no defects.
  14. It just crashed - Goran, I'll pm you with files soon
  15. So far, no crashes after a full clean install and test flying after installing the TBM, then limited scenery (ie not the entire world, but my home country), no crashes and about to fly after installing the Honeycomb AFC Bridge. What I have noticed this time around, which has never occurred before, is when I use the Airframe Manager to add or change a TBM, the screen goes black. The only thing I see is the left hand side menu (ie for payload, airfare manager etc). This only occurs when in OpenGL but not in Metal. I can't even get the standard XP menu bar at the top of the screen to be vi
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