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  1. If your flight plan calls for you to commence descent then you’ll see a small white circle on your flight path indicating top of descent. For the aircraft to descend, you have to do one of two things; either hand fly it or tell the autopilot to descend and to do this you need to ensure that you have selected the lower altitude, the leg is activated and VNAV is selected.
  2. I’ve had no issues with the climb or descent performance using the autopilot- as long you adjust the power lever to keep within limits. Another thing to consider is the weather settings - XP is rubbish right now for weather so much so you’re better off disabling auto weather and manually set your own
  3. Flew the TBM tonight and it crashed again. Flew the SSG 747-8F last night with the Honeycomb Configurator and no issues or crashes. Goran has been very helpful in trying to figure out the problem but I'm running out of ideas.
  4. Just completed a flight (same route as the one where I had a system crash) without the Honeycomb configurator and no issues. On a separate matter, I notice I'm having pressurisation issues but looking at the maintenance log, there are no defects.
  5. It just crashed - Goran, I'll pm you with files soon
  6. So far, no crashes after a full clean install and test flying after installing the TBM, then limited scenery (ie not the entire world, but my home country), no crashes and about to fly after installing the Honeycomb AFC Bridge. What I have noticed this time around, which has never occurred before, is when I use the Airframe Manager to add or change a TBM, the screen goes black. The only thing I see is the left hand side menu (ie for payload, airfare manager etc). This only occurs when in OpenGL but not in Metal. I can't even get the standard XP menu bar at the top of the screen to be vi
  7. Just to update - on Goran's advice I've created a new XP 11 installation and am testing without scenery, then I'll add a plugin at a time and see how it goes. The key here, is the assistance is first class and very much appreciated, so hopefully will sort this out and get to keep flying the TBM.
  8. Guys, I'm done with the TBM 900 - I've just tried it with OpenGL and it crashed again. I'm out of ideas. It's been fun but there's no joy in having this crash on you every flight. I'm not a SW engineer or developer so I know nothing about what the issues, but there is a conflict somewhere and I have no idea if it's the OS, the TBM900 or XP - I really hope that the developers can get to the bottom of this but for now, I'm not going to be using the TBM900 anymore. Thanks Goran for all your help.
  9. Hi, I'm running TBM 900 on a iMac 27 in full screen mode (which is how I've always used it with no issues) and now, I'm getting regularly crashes and it always seems to be the same message "Application Specific Information: terminating Assertion failed: (! scaled_font->cache_frozen), function cairo_scaled_font_destroy, file ../../cairo-1.16.0/src/cairo-scaled-font.c, line 1326." I have removed Live Traffic and every other plug-in I can and I still get these. Like ssalis, I too have waited months to update to Big Sur so am now wondering if I also have a compatibility issue with the
  10. Wow, I mean, wow... I'm so jealous of you guys..... what a thing of beauty
  11. No, this is not related to 'P' factor - the aircraft is flying fine, I think it's just the algorithm to show the position of the trim indicator - I also meant to include in my spiel above, the pitch trim indicator is fully forward (nose down) in S&L and I'm sure I've seen videos showing this is not occurring in real TBMs. It's no biggie, just asking the team if this is something they could look at or is it something related to the native XP platform.
  12. I notice that when the 900 is in different modes of flight (TO, S&L) the position of the trim indicators doesn't seem to match reality. For example, in S&L, the rudder trim indicator is always to the left, to very far-left of neutral or normal but when I see videos of real TBMs in flight, the rudder trim indicator is where you'd expect it to be. I've flown with experimental mode on and off and I haven't detected any significant difference. My controls are calibrated and I test the trims prior to taxi, so I don't think it's my setup. Is it a limitation of XP or does the algorithm
  13. Sounds to me more like a calibration issue or a conflict. I'm running HC Alpha and I have no issues with control feel at all - never have. First step I suggest, is to create a profile just for the TBM and then calibrate your flight controls. Then test to see if that fixes it and if it doesn't, see if there are any conflicts between your controls. XP is usually pretty good at detecting conflicts such as a two or more devices using the same axis.
  14. aerox


    First, if you enjoy a high degree of realism in your sim aircraft, then the TBM 900 is definitely worth getting. The level of immersion and realism is very good indeed. Now, as to your question, it doesn't work the way you may think. In the 900, there is a payload menu (with a weight and balance chart) where you either manually enter the type of person (male or female) and the weight plus luges in the rear and front compartments, or you can use the auto option and choose ½, ¾ or full load out. The fuelling is managed by selecting the fuel caps (one on each wing) which then displays the am
  15. Why don't you get yourself a throttle? Doesn't have to be the Honeycomb Bravo, there's plenty of options out there. You're not doing yourself any justice or enjoyment by using a mouse to control the throttle. CH Pro is perfectly good - I've had one for years and still use it (not as a throttle) to manage my views - I have the HC Bravo which bloody excellent now they fixed the configurator.
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