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  1. No mate I haven’t - since posting my question, turns out there’s a fix coming out for us Mac users of the Bravo so will wait and see how that goes, let the dust settle for a bit then come back to this - it’s no biggie, I just use the mouse to drag the throttle to ECO and I’m fine with that. Kudos to the guys who created this AC - love the level of immersion I get from this - well done to all.
  2. Hi Guys, I just got the Honeycomb Bravo TQ today and I'm playing around with it and I'm stuck with setting the power lever with the TQ. The throttle (unfeathered) side is fine, it's the feathered side where I'm challenged. As best I can make out, I can use the 'Mixture' lever to control from Lo to Hi and back, but I can't get it into cutoff despite using the command mixture cutoff. Has anyone been able to set this up on the Honeycomb Bravo TQ? I'm wondering if I need to make an adjustment to the response curve?
  3. I can attest to this, it's how my setup works. I'm using my CH Throttle Pro (until my Honeycomb Bravo TQ arrives) to manage the power lever and it also manages the tow as well.
  4. I tried the tow feature for the first time on the weekend and worked fine
  5. To the Moderator - I posed this question under General Discussion - would you please delete it - thanks. Each time I load the TBM, the pilot’s door is always open. Doesn’t matter how many times I close it and latch it, either from the payload manager menu or from inside the a/c, it will be open the next time I load the a/c. I can’t find anything in the supplied doco on this other than the a/c remembers the last loc and configuration, so I would expect the a/c to load with the door closed, but it's not. Any thoughts or suggestions on why this is? Is there a configuration setting
  6. Disappointing response given the sheer amount of realism applied to this aircraft. Would be very appreciative if you would reconsider - not requiring any rudder to counter the effects of torque and prop wash during takeoff diminishes the sense of realism that we as pilots look forward to and appreciate- it’s why we bought this sim :)
  7. Thanks Goran, that helped - there's still a lot about XP 11 that I haven't used or wasn't aware it existed, so you never stop learning. The radio hash thing and rumble, when I fired up XP and loaded the TBM is when this occurred, but after updating Live Traffic and the Zibo 737, then loading up the TBM, the noise is no longer there. No biggie but it's sorted. Cheers.
  8. Hi everyone, Just bought the TBM-900 on the weekend and I'm really enjoying it. have a question regarding whether it's possible to adjust the seating position in the PIC seat so that when I glance out the left window I can see the wing. Simply adjusting the FOV makes no difference. I'm using a Mac OS Catalina, XP 1150. Just wondered if anyone else here has done this? I should be able to look out the window and see the wing. Also, I didn't notice this over the weekend, but when I opened up XP and loaded the TBM today, there is a strange rumbling sound with an overlay of static - wel
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