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  1. Hi Goran.... any news from Saso about my CTDs? After waiting some months, I finally upgraded to Big Sur OS..... hoping this isn’t going to add new problems.... thanks Stefano
  2. Nothing to do.... 5 or 6 crashes today, trying to fly from Tunis (DTTA) to Bologna (LIPE) On the ground, or a few minutes after takeoff. On IVAO network. Full Screen. One monitor. I'm definitely not able to complete this flight. Logs attached. Thank you for your help Stefano TBM900_Log.pdf Log.pdf
  3. Full screen as I wrote.... What does "OP" means? Thanks Stefano
  4. ...and I forgot..... today the TBM also crashed on the ramp at DTTA (Tunis) a few minutes after starting X Plane, standard scenery, not yet started the engine....not yet connected to IVAO... how is it possible?
  5. Hi Goran.... Like Tony, I keep having crashes while flying the TBM900 (last release) on X Plane. It happens anywhere, and randomly, with native or custom sceneries, flying online (IVAO) or by myself. The engine noise just disappears, the monitor freezes, and within 2-3 seconds, crash to desktop. One monitor, Full Screen. You can imagine that doing 3-hour flights for online tours, crashing 30 minutes before landing and having to repeat the whole flight is quite frustrating... Please look at the logs attached Thank you Stefano (Retina 4K, 21
  6. Paul, you have to use the “manual” process of updating.... the Navigraph FMS Data Manager automatically downloads and install the 11.50 version of navdata. So go to the Navigraph website, login, and under “FMS Data Manager, search for “FMS data manual installation” There you Can find both versions to download. Unfortunately, the current cycle (2014, actually) in the last one they decided to publis in both versions. From the next one (2101, January 21 onward) only the 11.50 version will be available. We Can just rely on the upcoming new version of the TBM, which h
  7. Cameron, Now I understand that your workaround is for people not interested in having navdata regularly updated. I certainly missed that point, I'm sorry, I'm not writing in my mother tongue and some subtlety can certainly escape me. I also understand very well that it's just a game, and there's nothing sensational or dramatic in it. I'm just writing to understand more and better, I'm a doctor and a real life IR private pilot, definitely not a computer expert. But, I have to say, the impression is that all the posts here really bother and irritate you, even the most cor
  8. ....Problem is, the current AIRAC cycle (2014) expiring January 20, 2021, is the last one for which Navigraph published the 11.41 version. From now on, only 11.50!!! Stefano
  9. Michael.... ok for the Resources/Default data....but... if you copy in the Custom Data folder the files and CIPF folder from Cameron's default data, which are from cycle 1708, maybe you can see ILS LOC again, but how can nav data be updated??? You'll have in your FMS the 1708 data, not the 2014... Did I misread? Am I missing anything? Stefano
  10. Any further update on this? Cameron? Goran? Is this workaround really working, or not? I'd rather know it for sure before doing any change... Navigraph just released their 2014 AIRAC Cycle, which they reaffirmed is going to be the last one with the double version for X Plane, 11.50 AND 11.41. From the next cycle (2101, I suppose) only the 10.50 version will be available. At this moment, this means that the ILS LOCs will be out of service for those of us using the (in any other sense fabulous) X-Aviation TBM 900 on X Plane 11.50. I guess Navigraph shouldn't be blamed for
  11. Problem is...... Navigraph just committed itself to publish the “11.41” version of the NAV data till the next update.... 2014 I guess. After that, only the “11.50” version will be available, if they don’t change their mind in the meantime. So, or the longed-for TBM900 update will be available soon, or the Navigraph folks will change their mind, or we all will get very proficient in RNAV procedures, to the LPV minimums, I mean..... Not so bed, anyway. Stefano
  12. ssalis

    Aleatory CTD

    I’ll try, thank you. Stefano
  13. ssalis

    Aleatory CTD

    Full Screen... by the way, how do I disable the "internal" AI traffic in X Plane???
  14. ssalis

    Aleatory CTD

    I don’t have any third part AI traffic.... do you mean the “internal” XPlane AI traffic?
  15. ssalis

    Aleatory CTD

    Log3.pdf Goran, here it is. Today, same flight (LGAV to HECA), CTD after landing (luckily!!!), during taxi to the parking area. Attached please find the log file from the root folder. Thanks a lot, bye from Milan Stefano
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