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  1. Sorry that the commetaires of the video are in French but I posted because the crossing of the layer of cumulus is really very realistic and immersive. Bravo SkyMaxx Pro !!!
  2. Hello, I know it's a support forum but I thought maybe you'll like the cloudy atmosphere produced by SkyMaxx Pro when landing at LOWI. Enjoy !!!
  3. I think that with SMP, you use a weather injector because SMP + X-plane by default =
  4. Very well thank you. Would it be possible for you to post your cumulus choices as I did in post 1 to get the same thing. Thanks in advance.
  5. FlyAgi, I do not want to annoy you but your clouds do not seem realistic to me as proposed SkyMaxx Pro v4.8.2. Here is X-plane option "few cumulus" by SkyMaxx Pro v4.8.2. : So as not to cover the sky with clouds like "a field of salads", here is what I would like: I know that sometimes the best and the enemy of good.
  6. Thank you very much for your answer and the consideration of my request.
  7. Hello everyone, First of all, I would like to say that I am very satisfied with SkyMaxx Pro v4.8.2. But personally, for the X-plane option "few cumulus" I would like less cumulus (one here and there) than the default SkyMaxx Pro, here: Is it possible ? If yes, how ? Thanks in advance.
  8. Absolutely. Thank you for your response and I look forward to the fix.
  9. the option "force cirrus layer" disappeared in the interface of the V4.8
  10. Hello, Thank you for this update. With SkyMaxx Pro v4.8, I encounter some problems: 1 / a layer of cirrus is always present even when in the "weather" part, there is none. 2 / If I ask for a layer of cirrus cumulus + cirrus appears. 3 / If I remove the cirrus layer cirrus come back. Demonstration by the video here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dqrIyxWg4CNcUX5bGAcyEswihqq7naW8/view?usp=sharing Best regards.
  11. Thank you so much sundog ant JohnMAXX. I look forward to the 4.8 and with the solution to this unsightly problem. I leave you to work !!! FYI, Viewsonic 2560x1440 Vsync screen and for the plugins I use:
  12. Hello to the developers of SkymaxPro and thank you for this meteorological realism. I downloaded SkymaxPro 4.7.3 and via SkyMaxxPro-windows-installer.exe I did the installation. I encounter 2 problems: 1 / The installed version is 4.7.2 (see screen) and not 4.7.3. 2 / The Cirrus: High and 5 are "framed" (see screen). Could you help me solve these problems? Thanks in advance. Best regards. NB: I practice Photoshop in my profession and I can easily edit a .tga file but I do not know where to intervene
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