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  1. In the TBM900 folder, I have two files: NormalChecklist01.pdf and NormalChecklist02.pdf but the checklist stops at the procedure: "APPROACH". I thought I edited the .pdf so I reloaded the TBM900 1.1.13 and still don't have a full checklist. Where can I find her, please?
  2. Again a problem! FLIGHT: LFBO AFRI5B BRUS6T LFMT ILS 30R - FL120 Before flight: OK, Take Off: OK, Direction Wpt FINOT (FL 110) then CRASH. Here is the log.txt. Personally too many problems: Install and start from LFPO impossible, reverse capricious, GS deviation capricious, flights = crashes (vol = crash) . I put the Saab 340A in the hangar (I bought it 02/27/21), too bad I liked it. Log3.txt
  3. Thank you for your explanations. No problem I will wait for the next update. Happy Easter everyone.
  4. "Parking brak ON => GS deviation appears" is due to chance, sorry. It is a crossing point which makes GS deviation appear or disappear Video (see in 1080): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eF9BZjim2mlBiq73Ei2SJibO6g2gaDvT/view?usp=sharing 00:23 => GS deviation appears 01:20 => GS deviation disappears Log.txt
  5. I am reporting a malfunction factually with a video recording for demonstration and find it unfortunate that it is not taken seriously. I am told: you need the Log.txt, you have to reinstall, etc. So, 1 / I reinstalled (before deleted 2 folders : X-Plane 11 \ Aircraft \ X-Aviation \ Saab 340A and folder: X-Plane 11 \ X-Aviation) 2 / attached the log.txt. Result: 1 / to KMRY ILS 10R (110.70): No GS deviation 2 / at KMRY frequency set on KNSS ILS 31 (108.50): GS deviation I suggest that the developers do a simple test: launch X-plane then the Saab 340 A position KMRY 10R is to enter the frequency 110.70 (ILS 10R).
  6. Hello, I'm sorry for the programmers but the "No deviation G / S" bug is still present. Vol KBLF-KMRY APRR ILS 10R (110.70) with LES SAAB 340A 1.6.4 : No GS deviation. Video (see in 1080p) : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wiHL5ks6mYgnlhhaYTPfaSS4iD6OgajS/view?usp=sharing 00:00 : APRR ILS 10R Actived 00:34 : APPR engaged 00:58 : APPR + LOC (green), G/S captured (descent) but No GS deviation 01:50 : Parking brak ON => GS deviation appears
  7. That was it. A big thank-you @JGregory . And thank you to others for your help.
  8. @JGregory - Thank you, I will test. @SupraJari - Thank you but Watch the video at 00:57 - trim is set correctly.
  9. Hello, Hello, I am following the checklist and I am thinking of doing the entire T / O procedure and despite everything when I start taxiing I have the "Config" alarm which sounds but I do not know why. I recorded this phase by video ((watch in 1080), it lasts 1 minutes : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vrrVf54BuAyCFPJY_AOEzi2dw_saxwgM/view?usp=sharing If anyone could help me that would be really nice. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hello, I just tested v1.6.4. Many thanks for your work. I allow myself to specify for those who discover the SaaB 340A. The Lever Auto-Latch in AUTO mode: allows just after the touch down to bring the throttles to reverse. With Auto-Latch in MANUAL mode: just after touch down, the throttle must be on IDLE or higher. There, first you have to activate the Lever Auto-Latch (keyboard shortcut : "les / sf34a / acft / engn / mnp / Right & Left Power Lever Flight Idle Latch") then bring the throttles to REVERSE.
  11. Hello, Like you, I have the same welcome screen with the GS 530 and I use Navigraph AIRACS 2102. I think the welcome screen is a frozen image but the GS530 uses the AIRACS Navigraph if they have been installed correctly (for you it's OK). The test: look for the LFKJ - RNP RWY 20 approach if it is present you have the latest AIRACS. NB: this approach appeared a few months ago in the Navigraph database.
  12. @JGregory - 1.6.4, would it be possible to add a keyboard shortcut to have "Saab TQ status" in popup. Thanks in advance.
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