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  1. I can't help you but I can confirm that this is a malfunction that I reported (see Cameron's post above).
  2. I use keyboard shortcuts a lot. So hard to find. Thank you very much.
  3. I think I have solved questions 2 / and 3 / but I don't understand what triggers the alarm that we hear in the video and especially how it is deactivated. A little help, please would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. Good morning all, I am discovering the SAAB 340A and today my first tour of the track. Let me ask you three questions: 1 / when I remove the Auto-Pilot, how do I remove the alarm (video)? 2 / for the landing how to unlock Power Levers (video)? 3 / I don't understand the options of the preference window (video)? Sorry for not knowing and thanks in advance for your help. The video that shows my questions.
  5. No problem, I am more than patient and I am not complaining but I just bought the SAAB 340A and no luck for the first launch of the plane, I am leaving from LFPO. So it crashes and I don't understand, until by chance I change airports. Thanks again to those who helped me.
  6. With the Cessna and the 737 Laminar, no problem.
  7. I think I found the BUG !!! If I run LES SAAB 340 without or with plugins: EGLL Gate 211 => OK LFBR 32R => OK LFML 13L => OK LFPO any location => CRASH. I should point out that in the Custom scenery, I only have the Global Airports updated today.
  8. Sorcellery !!! 1 / I removed JarDesign ground handling plugin 2 / I switched to OpenGL mode 3 / I reinstalled the LES SAAB 340 4 / I started Xplane then Cessna 172SP 5 / from the Cessna 172SP, I launched the SAAB 340A. It works ! I'm in the cockpit! Then, I put back JarDesign ground handling plugin, I switched to Vulkan mode and finally I launched the SAAB 340A with fear in my stomach and ... it still works. Soon I'll be flying! A big thanks to all of you
  9. Option 1, 2 and 3 => CRASH. I weigh that the crash occurred during the validation process (mail + password + validation) puique until this validation, I was in the cockpit of the SAAB 340 then the validation window appeared and after validation "server connection" and ... CRASH. I specify : 4/ I restart Windows 10 then Xplane then TBM 900 => OK.
  10. First, a big thank you Goran_M for this quick response. I just removed JarDesign ground handling plugin and same problem, I put the log file (Log_crash_04.txt) accessible here. I specify : 1/ Installation => OK / X-plane launch and SAAB 340 launch => OK / Window with Email and password request => OK. 2/ I validate the window and Xplane 11.52 Vulkan mode => CRASH. 3/ I restart Windows 10, deactivate fire wall then Xplane then SAAB 340 => Crash. 4/ I restart Windows 10 then Xplane then TBM 900 => OK. 5/ I restart Windows 10 then Xplane then SA
  11. Good morning all, I just bought the SAB 340 1.6. Download: OK. Installation: OK. Launch: I arrive in the cockpit, the program asks for my email and password, I validate and CRASH. Here the install message and the log files. I contacted support: wait. NB: I have the TBM900 and no problem.
  12. Hello TBM 900 team, I received the email, Yessss !!! I will install it and be able to fly with the TBM 900 again. Our customers will have had to wait several months but the list of improvements seems very professional and for that it takes time, so BRAVO. So, I'm leaving you because my TBM is waiting for me at the GA parking lot at LFMN. Cordially
  13. Bad news but thank you Cameron for giving it to us. To all, Happy end of year celebrations
  14. Hello, I hope, I wait, I dream of it ... I hope, I wait, I dream of it ... Please an info. I won't tell anyone. Thanks in advance.
  15. Hello, On the TBM 900, is it possible to adjust the brightness of the PFD but especially of the MFD (too bright), if so? How to do it ? Thanks in advance
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