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  1. Inspired by this, I made quick and dirty version. I hope somebody posts more stylish-card
  2. WHOA! I just posted about nice checklist which replaces charts like this takeoff card. Using this and checklist on yoke would be fantastic! Sorry don't have answer for you, but will monitor this.
  3. Not sure if you guys use this or not, but I'll give you a nice tip for different checklist. I have assigned this to "0"-key in numpad, so I can access this checklist very fast and it has all the things I need. I currently use this for every flight and I hope you find this useful too. I asked about it after seeing video from "Simulation Channel Deluxe" (very good simvideos from him!), it's visible at 8:47 on his Saab tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOyM1r79iJw He couldn't tell who made it originally so I can't tell much about copyrights. I also made one modification to
  4. Just curious, did you use "real weather"-setting? If the rocking starts, set your weather manually to CAVOK and check again...
  5. Do you guys fly with "real weather" enabled on XP? I had huge problems yesterday with it and after reading some forums, decided to install "[XPGFS] NOAA Weather" plugin as it was recommended to fix issues and yes, they were solved right away (I find flying with preset weather like CAVOK" pretty dull). I'm pretty sure this has nothing to do with Saab...
  6. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/243179-x-plane-1153-real-world-weather-turbulence-wind-gusts-wind-shear-set-to-maximum-weather-bug/
  7. Just curious, are you guys using "real weather" on XP? NOOA has issues with it's weather supply and if you use real weather that's what you get. Roller-coaster ride... Try "clear weather", solved my problems.
  8. I confirm, I just re-downloaded and installed. Steering works perfectly.
  9. Also make sure your trim is set correctly. I've had this when doing touch and go's when trim has been out of green area.
  10. That is intresting. I'm flying very mixed loads at FSE (PAX, mixed PAX and cargo and cargo only) and have never thought moving CG. Most planes I've flown (MD-80, 757) have had CG calculator with load manager software etc. Now is this something you would normally consider with Saab? The problem is that there is no load manager nor load sheet so we don't know where they sit and how much luggage they have.
  11. Answering to myself, I have not been able to get those hidden buttons to work. But it seems that "autolatch" introduced 1.6.4 has proven to be fantastic so I'm very happy the way it works now. I have not had any issues with it in about 10 flights I've taken.
  12. OK, I have CTIT there, but will try for those hidden reverse buttons
  13. Thanks for the info. Thinking about this with Honeycomb Bravo, would this work? Bravo has buttons which are "pressed" when power levers are full pulled down (buttons 9 & 10). Configure them as "flight idle latch left and right" so when you pull levers fully down, max reverse is engaged? The problem is that when you press levers down, buttons are pressed all the time. Some things go up and down then...I will test this, but can't currentely. After reading this I hope this makes sense lol
  14. Same here, I have CH yoke and trim-buttons work fine. But can't make them work with Bravo-wheel.
  15. Have you succeded to get the trim wheel to work with Saab? I have tried several settings, but can't get trim wheel to adjust trim..
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