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  1. 2 days later the Saab flies normal again. It really seems to have been a "case of the mondays" (X-plane weather broken). Thanks for the tips.
  2. I tried to take off with icing protection but no luck. And the first 2 attempted flights were in sunny Spain.
  3. Once I reach 6000ft the airplane starts to rock violently like in a thunderstorm, autopilot cannot keep the plane on course and I have to abandon flight I tried both the Cargo and Passenger version, same problem
  4. Yes but there is an "n" missing. It says "authorized personel"
  5. Do you use FSE? I noticed that FSE can put quite a bit of cargo weight on the Saab, theoretically so much that I can barely take off.
  6. What do you mean with "hardware plugins"?
  7. How high do you rate the probability that a plugin interfers with trim of individual 3rd party aircraft?
  8. No stress, I am used to what we have now but under some conditions X-Plane lightings is way too dark and it makes me feel depressed. A way to better illumínate the cockpit would be great and would make me enjoy the Saab much more - if it is technically doable. Other airplanes have the same problem but the cockpit in Thranda airplanes is better in that regard, especially the Piper Arrow.
  9. I can't stand looking at a dark cockpit for extended periods with a dome light doing nothing during daytime, even when the cockpit is completely in the shadow. Even though the Saab is my favorite plane in X-Plane, and tend to fly with planes with less fidelity because they have better lighting (Fokker 50 for example). A developer on another forum was kind to supply we with some info how to change lighting for the Piper 28, and it was just a few lines a confíg file. Is there a set of paramters how to make the dome light work like a real lamp taht illuminates the cocjput and not just a
  10. Which update? Since I bought the Saab there has not been a single update.
  11. It's possible to replace the sound file for the hydraulic pump with silence or something less annoying. The pump can also be managed by switching it off during flight and on before landing. We have no real damage so this is actually a little bit of a damage control simulation on which you can discover some of the other switches you never use
  12. Good to hear that you are making the update and that it will adress the autopilot. I hope it will not take forever though. After 200+ hours with your Saab 340 I am getting close to giving in and buying a Carenado.
  13. The autopilot oscillates like mad. On my last flight it was swinging left and right during an entire flight of over 700 miles. I tried increasing throttle, disengagae autopilot etc, CTOT autocoarsen was all off.
  14. I also see those windows quite often, for instance when I accidentally hit trim during autopilot operation.
  15. no, if I am at any height and 10,000 selected I need to set it to 9,900 or 10,100 first
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