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  1. Ah great. Sounds you like you are paying attention to this then. Great news.
  2. Will this aircraft be made compatible with XP12? If so, is it known yet if the upgrade will be a free upgrade or a paid upgrade? This question came up in a live stream the other day.
  3. This subject is an Interesting nuance I never noticed before. Thanks for bringing that up.
  4. Press the AP disconnect button on the yoke a second time.
  5. I can confirm what Jan said above. During the 737-300 heyday, I talked to a lot of 737 pilots in airports while waiting for flights and I asked many of them about this specific thing, as I was struggling with this with the early PMDG. Almost all of them said they rarely used Vnav, primarily because it was not very reliable and also in the US you rarely fully fly STARS to the end, most often getting vectored off early, put in holds, late descents and other ATC related things which pretty much rendered Vnav not very useful. At least according to those pilots at that time. I have a feeling the same thing is true today.
  6. Flaps are now tied to xp “flaps”. Nice going. However, toe brakes on my Saitek rudder pedals no longer work as before. 1.6.2 I will continue to fiddle with it and maybe redownload.
  7. Getting this Gizmo error now when I move the lever on my Saitek Proflight yoke that I have assigned to XP “Flaps” in 1.6.1. I get the same error if I switch the levers. By the way, flap lever does not move in the cockpit.
  8. Ok, I will pay more attention to that. What about the flap assignment?
  9. Oh, yeah, that. I have that window open all the time. This is all aligned at touchdown, matched up with the yellow line. Just can’t get them to go below the red line. Very fiddly.
  10. Not sure if other people are getting this but I cannot get the flap lever to work when mapped to xp flaps. Also having trouble getting into reverse upon landing with my Saitek mapped to prop; it won’t go below flight idle until I jigger around with manipulator while half way down the runway, then the manipulator reengages with the controls. I can see the prop lever moving into reverse, but the yellow line doesn’t move.
  11. Is there a way to set the ND to north up instead of heading up? I seem to be in heading up mode now for some reason. Can’t find a switch anywhere.
  12. I just purchased this and no matter what I try, I cannot get the throttle to move with the throttle lever on my Saitek quadrant. Flaps and spoilers work and when I change the lever assignments, flaps and spoilers move but not throttle. When I try to grab the throttles with the mouse, the trim wheel moves. W10 Xp 11.5RC1 with and without Vulkan enabled. When I start the engines and press N1, throttles move and reverse thrust works, but then there is no way to throttle engines back.?The passenger doors don’t open either; cabin crew menu seems to do nothing. Is there a trick to this? All other aircraft work fine.
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