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  1. N778MW - Leading Edge Simulations Beechcraft C23 Sundowner View File INSTALLATION Unzip the file into C23 liveries folder. Works for both analogue and G5 models. Submitter airfighter Submitted 11/19/2020 Category General Aviation Livery For https://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/product_info.php/beechcraft-sundowner-c23-p-166
  2. Version 1.0.0


    INSTALLATION Unzip the file into C23 liveries folder. Works for both analogue and G5 models.
  3. As shown in the picture below: 1. Press the REFS button twice to go to REFS 2/2 page. 2. Turn the outer knob until the blue rectangle go over the "V-BAR X-PTR" text (number 4). 3. Turn the inner knob until "V-BAR" text is blue and large as below. 4. Press REFS once again to hide the REFS pages.
  4. Make sure to read the description well. Probably you are missing the Gizmo plugin. If you have any problems, please post your Log.txt.
  5. Select a lower altitude and then select one of the vertical modes, like vertical speed (VS), flight level change (FLC), pitch, or VNAV (buggy). Use the throttles to control, if in VS mode the airspeed, or if in FLC mode, the VS.
  6. This time I will talk about the project status, and how we are moving forward. I will not give specific ETA! They only thing I can say is that this my daily and only focus. Goran’s job is almost finished, and the project is on my shoulders! So, ETA will be as soon as possible will be ready! The “general status” of the aircraft at this point is that is operational, you can do flight from cold and dark, VFR and IFR flights with the use of the 2 VORs and 2 ADFs, use the simplified autopilot we talked last time. Some of the systems are done, most of them are in progress. There are no systems
  7. I wish I could, but I'm missing 2 things. The documentation of the EVO and the time to do it. Also a EVO pilot to help me with that.
  8. This is a very valid point and I can't understand how I missed that. I will have in mind to do that for the next update. Already added in our bug tracker. Hope you get your iMac soon and enjoy X-Plane with the Sundowner!
  9. @YYZ342 see above. With 11.50 Vulkan some new rules have been implemented, that might flag some objects for some "illegal" text. But just that. No other problems.
  10. I have looked at it and it is not a real issue, rather X-Plane "complains" about an grammar error in 3 files. You can use the scenery normally, and I will take care to make a patch to fix this.
  11. Hey all you! Been about 1 month and a half since the last update. Due summer, family vacation, and a couple other obligations, the development speed was at minimum, but now I am cranking the speed up towards the final stretch. Also the rhythm of development updates, will return to normal, around 1 per 2 weeks. Enough of that, let’s move on, and let’s talk about Auto(matic) Pilots! HISTORY The original DC-3 was equipped with the Sperry Type A-3A Automatic Pilot (see the difference in the wording?), a 1930’s system. I will not analyze the operation here, but in a next update, dedicated to
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