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  1. You should probably contact Laminar's support: https://www.x-plane.com/support/
  2. Actually yes. Was on the back foot to release DC3, but now is getting ready. I'm implementing new UI, and as soon is ready, will go for release.
  3. With X-Plane 12.0.8.beta1 (and 2), a few system changes has been introduced, which affect DC-3. With that in mind, we have to clearly state that, Leading Edge Simulations DC-3 v2.0.3, officially supported version is X-Plane 12.07. We are gathering info at this point of what changes needs to be done to be compatible with 12.0.8 and beyond. We are started working on DC-3 v2.0.4 version, that will support X-Plane 12.0.8 (stable) and above. Will not be compatible with X-Plane 12.07. The release of 2.0.4 will happen, after 12.0.8 become the official X-Plane current version. As of now, the known issues are: GPU is not working. Fuel tanks selection does not work properly. If you tested DC-3 v2.0.3 against the beta versions of 12.0.8 and have any issues, please post them here, so we could gather them all, and fix them. You can also post them over our discord servers. Other issues not fixed with 2.0.3, will be included in 2.0.4. Thank you for your patient! Ilias Tselios
  4. I will make a 2.0.4 update to fix this, and a few more stuff in the next days. Seems libacfutils are not forgiving to such errors!
  5. Hm, yes... that's wrong, though it is called only if DRM has failed.
  6. G500 should not be installed in DC-3. I don't know if that's a installer bug, but please remove it. I will inform X-Aviation to check it though. Also, please post any issues at the dedicated support forums: https://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/forum/280-douglas-dc-3-v2/.
  7. There is a nice video from FlightChops, learning to fly the DC3 with "Mr. DC3", Dan Gryder. The take offs and landings are with crosswind, just check how much yoke to the left he puts during take off.
  8. Cool! Yes, FO's attitude indicator is rolling the wrong direction. Fixed for the upcoming, 2.0.3 update.
  9. First of all the online manual about the KAP-140 autopilot, provides you a link to download the official manual, for how to operate it. The KAP-140 is coupled with the KI-525A HSI, but the GPS unit(s) does not provide steering commands directly to autopilot. In short, when the autopilot GPS hints you, before any turn, to set a new course, you have to set it manually, in the HSI. And then the autopilot will follow perfectly. If you don't do so, the autopilot will see the deviation, and will follow a heading (usually 30 degrees left or right of the current course on HSI) to try to capture the leg, but since does not have the correct course dialed in, this will never happen.
  10. @Erny_Modulewill be fixed, plus a few more things, but won't be available "next week". Also will require some livery tweaking as well.
  11. @Erny_Module, @Goran_M will have a look.
  12. Ah... haven't being enabled yet in the code. Working on this right now. Stopped in the middle of this testing Austin's builds. Should be ready for this release, probably around the end of the week.
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