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  1. Everything is OK. You are using STD setting on the altimeter and not the barometric pressure of that area.
  2. Look at this document in "X-Plane 11/Instructions/X-Plane SPECS from Austin/Exchanging Data with X-Plane.rtfd", might help you. This is a bit old, but might give you some hints http://www.nuclearprojects.com/xplane/index.shtml
  3. Can you use commands instead? les/sf34a/acft/inst/mnp/airspeed_ind_bug_knob_dn_pilot les/sf34a/acft/inst/mnp/airspeed_ind_bug_knob_up_pilot
  4. As you said, it is a freeware aircraft; but not open source. DRM protects my code which is my intellectual property. But is not about DRM only. Gizmo is the best option to develop a high complex aircraft, using Lua. Avanti is one of the most complex freeware aircrafts in X-Plane, because takes advantage of Gizmo's horsepower. At this point, with all the development going on, both for X-Plane and Gizmo, is not possible to get the plugin, other than owning an X-Aviation product. Sometime in the future, might be available for free distribution, but that's no one priority now. Your suggestion about what I should, is not welcomed. I think that also you don't like other to tell you what you should do. It is something free, if it is fits you, good. If not, then move on.
  5. @InitiatedAunt74 currently the only way to get the Gizmo plugin is if you own any X-Aviation product.
  6. Yes Gizmo is required for this aircraft. This is the source of all issues. Where did you got the Gizmo link?
  7. Contacting support more than once, puts you back in the end of the support line. Please allow 3 days before your ticket is answered, as is printed here: https://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/contact_us.php @Cameronsoon will solve your issue. Please be patient and check you email (even spam) for X-Aviation response.
  8. I think I had it working. Try this file (drop it into aircraft folder where the .acf file is). RealityXP.GNS.ini
  9. Are you sure have looked around? https://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/forum/105-support/
  10. If your Mach speed goes above M.65 (which is aircraft limit and indicated below speed tape), there is a tendency for the left engine to overspeed. Keep the speed at M.65 or lower. The FM is a bit rough on these extremities, and will be reviewed with XP12. The warning is a bug in my navigation code, happens at the end of the flight plan, and will be fixed in the future. But beyond the warning, you should have no other affect in the operation of the aircraft.
  11. In AUTO, nose wheel steering is disabled above 60 knots ground speed.
  12. If will happen again, post here the Log.txt to check if there is and bug. I've made a flight with Avanti, might help
  13. After a few requests I got for loading the aircraft for use with career trackers (FSEconomy, FSCharter, etc), I did some changes to allow control fuel and payload via X-Plane's menus. This is a short fix, not an update. Download the file below. Backup your P180_Avanti_II/scripts folder, and delete it from Avanti's folder. Unzip the downloaded file and move the new scripts folder into Avanti's folder. Download here! FUTURE UPDATES: After X-Plane 12 will be released, and do what needed for the payware products (C23, DC3), I will bring Avanti up to XP12 standards, hopefully sometime within 2022.
  14. Long time to write an update, so let's go! By the way, if you have discord, feel free to join our discord channel https://discord.gg/tQWCRGngcw , we will be happy to welcome you there! May be the title does not makes much sense, but bare with me, it will! We are changing the usual way that liveries work. In our DC3, will not be just extra some extra external paints, but much more. Each livery will represent a specific airframe. This means that each livery comes along with its own persistence system, own operating hours, and of course will follow its own maintenance schedule (which will be analyzed in the next post). This means, that as you fly with one livery, flying hours, etc. will be added to that specific livery/airframe. Change to a different airframe (or livery), will be almost like change aircraft. Note: the systems remain the same. But, you may ask, if someone wants to add a livery, how is going to work? We are tracking the various values through a couple text files, that exist in each livery folder. So there are 2 options: 1. You can copy the specific files from an existing livery, and if you like, change some values. 2. Do not add anything. When you load the livery for the first time, the files from the default livery will be copied over to the correct place. Within the aircraft package, will be detailed instructions of how to add a livery. That’s all for now, here are some shot with the respective GUI:
  15. I owe to do a post showing in detail what we are working on. As Goran said, we are adding more than originally planned. If you have discord, feel free to join us there, where we talk (and show progress) almost daily. https://discord.gg/tQWCRGngcw
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