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  1. From the Gizmo tool bar, click on the tablet button (1). If the tablet is off, click on the (2) area to turn it on. Then click the icons (3) to remove chocks and tie downs. If the icons are colored, they are on, if they are grey they are off. For faster support, please post here: https://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/forum/235-beechcraft-sundowner-c23-v2/
  2. For the purposes of centralized control of any issues with the aircraft, I have opened a special repository on Github to track them. If you have any issue with the aircraft or suggestion, you can added directly here: https://github.com/airfightergr/C23-Bugtracker/issues
  3. A disclaimer before dive into the fuel system. There are a ton of different fuel system configurations on DC3s/C47s. Some have 3 tanks, some 4, others can take extra fuselage tanks, others have crossfeed valves, others don't. Here we are simulating one specific configuration, of a specific DC3 aircraft, as described below. Also, here, will not cover the parts related to the engine operation, like priming, mixture etc. 1. Description DC3's fuel system is not a complicated one, but because of the lack of automation, the pilot should always be aware of the fuel situation, like fuel rema
  4. Sounds like the left tank has no fuel. Check that you have fuel in you left tank.
  5. You don't need to deactivate Gizmo when you fly a non-Gizmo aircraft. There is no "performance hit". It consumes about 200 microseconds of CPU time, which is less than 1/1000 of 1 fps. If you want to hide the Gizmo tool tray you can go to Gizmo preferences and disable it.
  6. 95% torque for take off, and then maintain 90% through the climb (you can push 100% up to FL260). For cruise use the torque you like without exceeding 250 kts or M.67. Start your descend earlier than what the FMC suggests, or set on the DESCEND page a descend angle of 2*. You must keep some torque (do not descend on idle) to keep oil warm.
  7. This update won't be a system specific, but one on the general status of the project. One of the small things have been added. is the tablet to access the Avitab content. You can show/hide it via the DC3 Menu, and rotate it around as you like. The battery on the tablet will last about 5 hours, enough to complete any flight! Will be fully recharged every time you load the aircraft and will consume power while is visible. One big thing I'm working on is the Sperry A-3 autopilot. At this point the basic operation is working fine, I need to added a couple of things and fine tune it.
  8. I don't know if there is one, but Avanti has been around the FMC, so I'm not sure, if exists such thing, how well will work.
  9. Do you have Gizmo installed? Please check the description for the download. Also please post any images and the Log.txt file to be able to understand what's going on in your X-Plane.
  10. First of all you haven't "paid" for support. A donation is as a thank you to the developer who spend his/her time to give you a free, high quality aircraft. Second, the released version is the 2.3.0. There is no other version beyond that. There are stuff as work-in-progress, but nothing is ready to released.
  11. Post here for LES Saab 340A support: https://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/forum/158-saab-340a/
  12. The Gizmo version you are using is old and probably does not work with the later X-Plane versions. If you own an X-Aviation product, rerun the installer to get the newer version, otherwise I don't if @Ben Russellcan help here with making a new version.
  13. OFF: Turns lights OFF DIM: Enables the FLOOD R PNL knob to adjust the dimming BRT: Lights on on full power.
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