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  1. I do now! Thank you! I won't be so shy about asking next time : ) Kor
  2. Since version 1.1.10 the landing and taxi lights don't illuminate the ground. 1.1.11 didn't fix the problem either. I thought it must be something in my setup so I removed all plugins but the problem remained. I finally installed a second copy of x-plane but that didn't fix it either. Is anyone else having this problem? Any suggestions? I'm attaching my log.txt with X-Plane (11.41) running and also after I shut down. I'm not sure which is more useful. Thanks! Log_kor.txt - X-Plane running with TBM 1.1.11 running. Log_kor_after_shutdown.txt
  3. I would like an invite too please. The last one has expired. Thanks!
  4. Could you please explain what the Rotary test is? Thanks!
  5. Hi Marcin, I haven't flown SusiAir for quite some time. This new update will be a good excuse for me to spend some more time flying for them! Hope you are doing well! Kor
  6. Ilias, Thank you for your great work. I'm really looking forward to this update. I also just discovered your blog. I haven't had a chance to read it yet but it looks very helpful and interesting! Kor
  7. Hi Tselios, I'm confused. I don't see a new version out there. Isn't V 2.1 still the latest? Thanks for the great aircraft! Kor I hear you Ilias. I sure wish the Avanti II POH was available. And I can imagine the cockpit differences are substantial, as you say. I believe they upgraded the avionics. Are you still intending to update to the EVO someday.
  8. Smartcockpit contains a lot of technical information that would be a great resource for you as the designer of the simulation. But for flying the plane it doesn't have the kind of stuff that I always look for and is always contained in the Pilot Operating Handbook. That document is not included on smartcockpit. On the other hand, I found the P180 Avanti FMS 3000 Guide to be very useful. The Avanti's POH is the most thorough that I have seen and includes all the normal, emergency operations and many, many pages of performance tables that will guide a pilot in how to fly the aircraft most efficiently and safely.
  9. Chris, I should warn you that the POH from AVIALOGS is a 1992 edition so it is not for the Avanti II, just he regular Avanti. I don't think there are any major differences though--I hope : )
  10. 1. Assign Toggle thrust reversers to a key. Push the key after landing and advance the power levers to maximize reverse thrust. I find this to be the best solution. 2. I use the CH Throttle Quadrant for my power, prop and condition levers. With this hardware, there is a check box in the X-Plane 11 joystick assignment for the throttles, "Throttles are CH Products Throttle Quadrant." If I check this without the reverse thrust key assignment, reverse thrust is automatically engaged if I pull the power levers back beyond the detente built into these throttle levers. This method is more realistic but it is difficult to pull the power back to the minimum for landing without accidentally engaging reverse thrust! 3. There is a lua script, natural_reversers.lua that enables fine tuning a lever, even if not a CH Throttle. I had the same problem with his as with #2 though. It's great that you are studying as much as possible about the Avanti. I do this with all the aircraft I fly and find it half the fun of flying in the simulator. I downloaded the full pilot owners handbook from here. It costs $25 for an annual subscription but I think well worth it, even for one manual. Having said that, I managed to download all my other handbooks for free. I hope this helps! Kor
  11. Hi Ilias, I found the answer which was related to my suspicion. I guess in XP 11.10 they decided to allow the directional gyro to drift the way it would in real life. Although I had set it to match the magnetic compass, that didn't fix the problem. The fix that worked was to set a key to activate Navigation &Radios/Indicators/vacuum DG sync to magnetic north. My C208B was one that Carenado upgraded last year for XP 11, otherwise I wouldn't have bought it. So I'm good now. Thanks. Kor
  12. Sorry not to get back sooner. For parking, doing runups, etc. I use brakes max effort. For everything else I use the toe brakes on my rudder pedals, left and right toe brakes. I use headshake so I moved it out of plugins and experimented with braking. As I anticipated the "judder" was much reduced so I think headshake is exagerating that little bounce-back you get when you apply brakes to a full top. Usually I have no problem stopping although a few times I did.
  13. Actually, I have the 208B that Carenado updated last year for XP 11 but I think this is the first time I’ve flown it since 11.11. I’m happy that I don’t need to turn off Gizmo. I’ll need to do further testing on the 208B. Thanks. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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