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  1. A quick question: Once the cargo door is open, how do you close it again? Previously there was a click spot at the top of the door but although I have clicked all the way round it and everywhere else in between, so far, I've not been able to find it in this latest version.
  2. So, I deleted all the Saab files completely also the installatiion files and re-downloaded from X-Aviation then went through the installation process. The result of this action is that I now have a functioning nosewheel with my foot pedals. Maybe the uninstall did not work correctly or the installation, who knows, but I'm happy with the re-install. I suggest anyone with the same issue should try deleting everything relating to the Saab including the uninstall files, download again, install and see if that also solves the problem.
  3. Having a bit of an issue with the noswheel steering since v1.6.5. Pressed down the nosewheel button as usual to connect my foot peddle yaw but it will not steer the plane. I recalibrated my foot peddals but that made no difference the yaw does not connect to the nosewheel. Whilst observing the nosewheel on the ground I noticed that it kept swinging from side to side erratically on its own without me touching anything. In order to steer I ended up using the foot brakes to steer, bit of a pain but I managed takeoff. How do I resolve this issue. Thanks.
  4. OK thanks, I'll try it again today maybe it's somewhere else down the line.
  5. Hi, I'm just trying to download the Saab 1.6.1 update and the installer is giving me a download time for components of over 7 hours. When I downloaded v1.6.0 it only took me a few minutes. I've checked speeds at my end on fibre and I have no issues, so is the issue with x-aviation?
  6. Gizmo64 issue is resolved, I had to turn on the Tool Tray in Gizmo preferences, so that's working OK now. The G530 will take some time to analyze.
  7. Sorry forgot to attach the log file. Log.txt
  8. Trying to start a flight EGPN - EGMC. Get everything up and running nicely then start programming the 530 but when I get to the point of selecting the STAR into EGMC as soon as I click on it that locks up XP and closes it down. (I've attached my log). This happened to me twice so I intalled Reality GTN750 and used the popup to program the route which worked fine and am fly now without issues towards EGMC. The log text doesn't seem to say much so I'm not sure if this is an XP, SAAB or Gizmo issue. Regarding Gizmo, I'm using Gizmo64 and I do not have the menu list on the right side of the s
  9. I use x-camera, if I switch that off I'm left with standard XP number pad keys which are not very flexible and x-camera never caused this issue before. Anyway it's not an issue really I know where all the knobs and switches are anyway, it was just the convenience, I'm just lazy. Thanks for the input.
  10. Just a small thing that I noticed changed when using the checklist system, when i click on the view button next to the item I wish to check, the view immediately changes to the item but within about a second it switches back out again so you hardly get time to look at it. Is there somewhere you can adjust the timing so that it stays on the item to be viewed long?
  11. Please ignor my topic, I've found my mistake, I missed the tick box to include the cargo version during the installation. All is good again, sorry for disturbing your Sunday. Thanks.
  12. Just downloaded the v1.6 update for the Saab 340A but on starting XP11 I can't find the cargo version. During the install process it deletes the old files apart from liveries and x-camera, it loads files for the passenger version but not the cargo version. Tried re-installing but I just get the sam situation. Was the cargo version missed out of the update?
  13. Ben, further to my comments. Strange as it may seem I closed down XP and rebooted and then loaded the BN2 again and the panel is showing up perfectly without any gaps!!! The first time I started XP after deleting the XP11Gizmo64.plugin and loaded the BN2 nothing had changed but the second time it had, strange, however it now won't load with the GTN750 or 650 even though they are loaded in the plugin dropdown. Before I had the issue with the panel they always loaded up fine.
  14. Ben, thanks for your advice, unfortunately it didn't resolve the issue I still have lots of spaces in my panel. I don't understand half of what is in my log file, I've been using XP10 and subsequently 11 for several years so I guess there has been a buildup of issues over time. I suppose I should completely reinstall XP on a new disk to clear out all the junk but just the thought of having to reinstall all the plugins etc. is just mind boggling. If you have any other ideas where the issue lies I would be very greatful for your advice. At the moment I only have two aircraft that are not behavin
  15. Loaded my BN2 today but the flight poanel is not loading correctly, it's full of holes. The only additions to XP11.41 I have made since the last time I used this aircraft are the new German Islands from Aerosoft. I have tried other airports but the BN2 keeps loading with the same issue. I've also loaded other aircraft without getting this issue. Log file and screen shot attached. Kind regards Paul Log.txt
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