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  1. Check out the wonderful documentation included with the aircraft (it's in the 'Manuals' folder you'll find under the aircraft folder - Systems.pdf. Page 89 explains the T/O INH button does as well as the GND OP button in full detail!!
  2. This might be similar to one of Kent's questions - but is there a key binding to bring the throttles past the flight idle stop? Now when landing I have to look down to "physically" (rather than using my joystick) and pull up on the throttles to get Tham past flight idle and into reverse mode. This is actually a nice feature as I no longer have to watch the TQ popup while in flight when trying to bring the throttles down to flight idle and not past into reverse.
  3. @kentwerickson you can assign the toggle brake commands to a joystick button but can no longer assign the HOLD brake command. It is counterintuitive to have to hit the button twice to 'pump' the brakes - but it can be done. Hope they find a way to bring the HOLD logic to a dataref assignable to a joystick key like in 1.5.
  4. What are folks using for brake mapping? The usual 'Hold brakes regular.' and 'Hold brakes maximum.' do not seem to be working. Also the manual says that in VS mode vertical speed can be adjusted with the pitch wheel on the auto pilot control panel. Which particular mapping would that be? Thanks all!!
  5. Candid - I am assuming that what you are reporting as far as not having to add much power to get the plane rolling is an artifact of the turbine engine modeling that they are working to correct. Hopefully when 1.5.2 is released you will see better modeling of the engines and, as a result, power settings. As Cameron mentioned, and I think he is correct, most every bug has been found and reported in the Saab 340A support topic found here. Just search on my name and you'll see a couple I am sure! John
  6. While your finalizing 1.5.2 - any chance we could get a light bulb upgrade to the annunciator panel? Not sure how much development time this would take. Also I did read the older topics on the subject and do realize this is actually pretty true to life - but I'll give up this bit of authenticity in order to be able to read the lights! Thanks all!
  7. BetterPushback works fine with this plane although I usually am parked at a stand without a gate so maneuvering forward isn't restricted.
  8. I've never had anything like his happen with the LES team or Cameron. In my opinion it's all how you engage with folks and how you mentally react to their written word. Personally I'm thankful for their continued efforts with the 340.
  9. Nice to see that it does work - I know with X-Plane it has to be pretty heavy precipitation to show up on any planes weather radar and I haven't seen it yet.
  10. As Homer Simpon says, "D'Oh!" Genius Goran! - not sure when I moved the X-Plane radios slider to off but that was it!
  11. BetterPushback works fine except for the fact that I cannot hear the radio calls. I have all my radio sliders (COM1-3 and INT) pushed up but I cannot hear the tug driver. No biggie but if you have the secret let me know! John
  12. It looks like only the throttle quadrant viewer is able to be mapped (JGX/SAAB/POPUP/TQ_viewer/CMD/showPopUp)
  13. Ah! I have noticed that in the wing tip coverings for the nav lights as well as the beacon on the rudder fairing. Maybe something they will address in version 2.0
  14. Are you launching the cargo variant? You will see three variants passenger, cargo and airborne (early warning military version). The cargo will not have windows.
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