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  1. On the performance report I only get "Ramp Weight - Normal" everything else during the flight reports "Not Available" Is there something I am doing wrong? Edit - just noticed I am using igoconnect 2.41.3 not .5 - I will update to see if that fixes the issue (also using the new version of the Saab - so I am certain this is it…)
  2. @Nandopiloto1985 and @amarob, you guys have probably found this already...
  3. And zero is the bottom of the green area?
  4. They came over fine - thanks @N1K!
  5. Was watching a video by Reflected Reality Simulations and he had some beautiful take off data cards. Any ideas on where they can be found?
  6. It's not the hot fix. I flew 2 flights at 6000' today with no issues. It's probably the weather...
  7. @Pastrong See this topic
  8. @Robster See this topic
  9. @Milan Bogicevic Start up X-Plane and load the Saab (cold and dark). If you immediately go to external view and zoom up on the nose gear you will see it moving at a seemingly random pattern. This is without any power at all to the aircraft and with the chocks in place.
  10. Has anyone upgraded who has NOT had this issue? That would be interesting to see.
  11. I'm pretty sure it was the Navigraph Simlink that was updated this morning and NOT the 1.6.4 update that is causing the CTD. I removed the Navigraph plugin and all is well!!
  12. It can be set using the XPlane keyboard settings... You can also set it to a joystick button (as I do)...
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