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  1. What i do is when using flap 0 i put trim 1 notch up on the gague, and when i use flap 15 i leave it at 0. All that with cg position on default in load screen. Works well for me
  2. Probably the icing, we had similar issues before since XP11 icing model is a bit too aggresive with this plane, but for me i use this script which made icing more realistic : https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48460-icing-simulator-the-complete-edition/
  3. Going to try later, i had similar thing before last patch but only when using better pushback with engines off it would drain hydraulics to 0 and bug steering, so i never pushed back without starting engines first. Edit: Ok i have that bug too, now even without better pushback, hydraulics won`t hold pressure and nosewheel got a mind of its own. Thing is, it only appeared after starting engines.
  4. @Candid Watching real Saab 340 flights i found out correct CTOT usage. Check provided tables to determine required torque for takeoff , you can find that in charts pdf in manuals folder. Let`s say charts gave you 100(And it is normal to get T.O. torque as high as 108 according to charts). Dial that in in CTOT but do not arm it, from what i gathered watching real flights they do that on takeoff run. When lined up advance throttles so that your torque gets close to what is dialed in CTOT- if you needed 100 advance to about 95 and then you arm CTOT so it keeps torque about 100 during T.O and init
  5. Well now ITT is much more real than in previous update where it was like 60-100 degrees less that it should be. This aircraft keeps getting better.
  6. I too removed simlink and now it works, i updated both today but forgot about simlink update. So now we know the culprit.
  7. I've got same problem, after last update i can't load AC, it crashes as soon as it loads in sim. Reinstall didn't help. Tried loading on different airports around the globe, same results. Log.txt
  8. There is also freeware x-camera that offers ui for creating camera presets and more. It saves csv file in AC folder that will persist through updates.
  9. Now that you say it i noticed that on cont auto cycling anti-ice lights cycle only once and not again(maybe a bug?), altho i didn`t fly into serious icing yet since tha last update only through some light rains. Might test later with custom weather.
  10. For throttles my solution is to bind one button to remove flt idle lock and second one to put engines in reverse. Also i edited throttle curve so that my hotas throttle at 0 is ground idle. On touchdown first i push one to remove lock and then use other one to put engines in reverse. Works very well, at least for me.
  11. First of all cheers for the update, nice to see that it is always improving. I see in changelog that you tweaked ITT values but now i feel like they are little too low now. In climb (in the real thing at least) above 15000 ft or so, depending on the day, you should become limited by ITT instead of torque, and limit is, depending on who you ask, about 820-840 deg. C. However, now even with throttles to the max, gauges don`t go over 770c, with props either on 1230 or max, so i guess they are about 100 degrees off. Anyways thanks for the great aircraft that will eat my free time in the following
  12. I bought Les Saab 340 few days ago, installed and activated no problems. Today it was updated, I installed update and now Gizmo throws some errors, opens empty activation window and nothing works. Antivirus/Firewall disabled, OS Win 10, latest drivers and stuff. I tried several times to restart pc and xp11,reinstalled saab again and still no luck. GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
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