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  1. well done jg and Milan, that was the problem. Strange only effected the Saab for me, but sorted now . Thank you and sorry guys at x-aviation it wasnt the new update saab after all
  2. Hi i have updated to the latest version today but x-plane CTD sometimes on loading up and sometimes loads aircraft then few seconds after CTD. I have uninstalled and re downloaded three times but still same problem. Please find attached x-plane log text. Carl Log.txt
  3. Thank you, didn't see that
  4. Im sure when you press climb speed button the aircraft should adjust pitch to keep the climb speed three different speeds depending on how many times you press climb button? Otherwise whats the point of the climb button?
  5. Hi im finding a few problems in this latest version. Maybe some things are pilot error? im not sure but i have flew previous version with little problems. 1, passenger door open but does not light up open on overhead. 2, I cant get cargo door to open , no click spot. 3, im finding it very underpowered, ie it struggles to climb and climb mode makes no difference, it stays at around 130 -140 knots no matter what climb mode speed you set. i have tried aircrat with and without x-plane experimental flight model ticked. 4,pilot alt needle does not move( i think you are aw
  6. Got to say a big thank you to you guys. You listened to all the comments about problems we had, for me it was VR issues, but i just tried the update and its fantastic. Everything works fine in VR now so again Thank you for all your hard work on this superb Aircraft. feeling Happy carl
  7. done another couple of flight and worked fine . so a big thank you M
  8. A Big thanks to you all, for the work that you do for the sim community. i must admit i was really sad when i updated to 1.3 because of the VR problem, but now i can see that it is being looked at and will be fixed in the near future, i am really grateful to all involved. thanks carl
  9. Quick update, did try this new VR config and obj file . Tried to do a flight manipulators worked fine all seemed ok but twice sim froze at different times, first time froze on taxi 2nd time froze just after takeoff. Not sure if these were related to the new files or something else. Will test again tomorrow.
  10. Thank you so much. cant wait to give it a try. Cheers
  11. Well i love VR and only fly VR and so do a lot of people i Know. Im part of a group who fly together on a sunday and all of us fly in VR and we love it, Best thing that ever came out for Flight sim.
  12. It's a shame, because everything else works fine in VR, hope it's fixed soon? The ALT, HDG SPEED are unusable in VR
  13. Hi, and thanks for this update. This aircraft looks fantastic in VR and i have flew it a lot in VR using the simVRlabs config file. The problem is with this new update the simVRlabs file is no longer usable. Everything in the aircraft works in VR except its almost impossible to adjust ALT, HDG, Speed and Course using VR manipulators, this is a real shame and its making the aircraft unusable in VR. I just wonder if there is anything can be done to rectify this as it s a fantastic aircraft?
  14. Thanks for the reply Goran. will do.
  15. Hi Goran, sorry here are logs. Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
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