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  1. 100% agree with the others, more than pleasured with this product, i can't wait for v2.
  2. I have flown a couple of flights since last hotfix and no problem.
  3. Cameron, thank you for the response. As a developer I understand you very well and nothing else to say that I have not exploring even 50% of v1.6 and I am already waiting v2 That is what happen when you get a good product. Regarding to windshields "blind" due to ice, could you tell me please if it exists or it doesn't matter if i turn the windows heat on or not, i will never be blind if i get ice conditions on flight? Cheers
  4. Hi all, I am new in turbo props and finding a good one to get and I saw so many awesome videos about this plane that I couldn't resist buying it. Now i have a question for devs...are you planning to add anny ot all of these funtionalities/improvments? Librain effect compatibility Testing system A pax/cargo loader for the different variants Failures generator/configuration (and i don't mean a click and generate system failure, i mean something like random and taking into account the flying time, the bad procedures or use of the pilot, etc. like in real life) I
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