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  1. First of all, thank you for your response. To have an almost 100% comprehensive aircraft is something i would like a lot to have, and i think i talk on behalf of almost everybody and if you add a fully failures module, as near to real as it can and well documented.....what more could you want.......I just pray to god it's soon.
  2. Can normal and abnormal procedures of Saab 340B be applicable to the A model?
  3. I know dev team said that v1.6.5 was the last one and i appreciate all the effort and the love putted in this beautiful plane but, could be possible to have a "patch" adding only the rain effect? I think it would be really appreciated but all of us taking into account that v2 will not here in a short-middle time. Thanks
  4. Hi all. I am having a problem with last version. Allways when I load the Saab for first time, it loads but there is no sound. Everytime I have to reload airplane to get sounds. What am I doing wrong? Thanks
  5. Thank you....will try
  6. Thank you N1K for your response. How all others (including you) set trim for takeoff? I set it to what i suppouse it should but it is far from the correct method.
  7. Hello, Can someone explain how to calculate the value of the needed trim for takeoff? I will appreciate a lot. Thank you
  8. 100% agree with the others, more than pleasured with this product, i can't wait for v2.
  9. I have flown a couple of flights since last hotfix and no problem.
  10. Cameron, thank you for the response. As a developer I understand you very well and nothing else to say that I have not exploring even 50% of v1.6 and I am already waiting v2 That is what happen when you get a good product. Regarding to windshields "blind" due to ice, could you tell me please if it exists or it doesn't matter if i turn the windows heat on or not, i will never be blind if i get ice conditions on flight? Cheers
  11. Hi all, I am new in turbo props and finding a good one to get and I saw so many awesome videos about this plane that I couldn't resist buying it. Now i have a question for devs...are you planning to add anny ot all of these funtionalities/improvments? Librain effect compatibility Testing system A pax/cargo loader for the different variants Failures generator/configuration (and i don't mean a click and generate system failure, i mean something like random and taking into account the flying time, the bad procedures or use of the pilot, etc. like in real life) I
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