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  1. Added script to allow quick scrolling by holding down the assigned button and added a command for vertical mode switch. Switches between IAS and VS but only if one of them is selected. Also added heading bug scroll. I know there are commands but for me it sometimes skipped degrees. You can assign these commands FlyWithLua/SF34/PitchWheel_dn FlyWithLua/SF34/PitchWheel_up FlyWithLua/SF34/Vert_Mode_Switch FlyWithLua/SF34/Heading_Bug_Dn FlyWithLua/SF34/Heading_Bug_Up SF34 Pitch.lua
  2. Hi Ch.Cole, I hope you dont mind I have modified your script to allow quick scrolling and added a command for vertical mode switching. Am I ok to attach here?
  3. Thanks for that, found it and assigned.
  4. Thanks for the quick update but I seem to be having a few issues. 1) Started with flaps not showing as set on the outside model but seems all my flying surfaces are not animated. 2) Park brake will toggle on with command ’sim/flight_controls/brakes_toggle_max‘ but will not hold on. It will toggle and hold half brake with command ‘sim/flight_controls/brakes_toggle_regular’ 3) On landing my throttles lock and will not allow me to move them into reverese unless I move them forward first. 4) My GS indication on the PFD is missing but the AP captures it ok d
  5. Hi, not sure if will help but I have to load into xplane with a default xplane aircraft then switch to the SAAB 340. This works for me
  6. Thanks but not as much as the developers have done
  7. I have updated my XFirstOfficer files to the new Take Command SAAB 340A version 1.6 and they can be found here if you fancy a copilot. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/60439-saab-a340-xfirstofficer/
  8. Thanks for the info got it to work cheers
  9. Thanks for quick reply
  10. Hi, first thanks for the update well worth the wait I have a couple of questions 1) I use the reailtyXP GTN750 and I can get the LRN into the airplane but it will not follow the track. I have heading selected with NAV armed and on intercept course. PFD shows HDG and LRN1 under but it never activates? 2) IAS doesn't seem to work. I have it selected with but it will not command correct pitch to maintain IAS. VSI works fine. 3) My altitude indicator doesn't move from the 12 oclock position to show hundreds . Copilot and standby are showing fine. 4) I have written XFirstO
  11. It’s only trickier because you have to use a datarefs. The bindings you need are shown in my post.
  12. Hi, I have my crs1 and crs2 bound to a hat switch on my throttle. Just use the joystick menu and then custom bind OBS 1 up, OBS 1 down to one axis then OBS 2 up, OBS 2 down to the other. The VS and heading are a little bit more tricky. These are the bindings I use.
  13. I am using it fine in 11.5 b3 with no issues. I dont have all my plugins loaded from 11.41 so maybe a plugin causing your crash.
  14. i Have moved my XFirst Officer files for Leading Edge Simulations Saab A340 to the download section. Here is the link https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/60439-saab-a340-xfozip/ I hpoe you enjoy
  15. I use a xJoymap and have both LES/CMD/gust_lock_release and LES/CMD/gust_lock_lever_pos and neg bound to a single joystick button on my throttle. Works a treat
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