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  1. Thanks a lot, seems interesting system!
  2. Hi There is nice SUPP GND WING ANTI-ICE test in after start checklist. But then I started to think how does this system work? There is not much information about 650 pneumatics available, from Smartcockpit website good docs about Challenger 605 can be obtained. But 605 does not seems to have this panel. I tried to play with these switches and watched bleed simulation panel at the same time and found no direct connection. Just curios - for which purpose this this system is there and how it works?
  3. I have been using X-Camera and it somehow is in conflict with Challenger. After disabling it from Plugins menu the Num keys for saved views are working fine.
  4. Yes - seems that the issue was deicing. Loaded the state, reached on takeoff only to 80 kts, then stopped and ordered the deicing truck. After that aircraft accelerated nicely to v1 and further. Seems that during initial setup I tried once X-Plane real-world weather and aircraft managed collect enough invisible ice.
  5. Yes - both problematic states were saved with aircraft on the ground, ready to takeoff. Good to know that I am not only one in world with this issue. Checked the X-Plane setup and seems that states are saved as state.bin files in X-Plane 11\Output\CL650\airframes\ folder. Files itself are binary. so it is hard to compare them.
  6. Selected another airport and loaded saved state of Challenger, still similar problem, max velocity 90 kts. Then I created new aircraft from Airframe Manager in third airport and started everything from cold & dark and everything was working, managed to finally make planned short flight. So maybe the very first aircraft state was corrupted?
  7. Thanks for information! Tested the controllers, no additional brakes axis were found. Put X-Plane brake data and frame rate output to screen, nothing suspicious. Maybe the state file of Airframe Manager got somehow corrupted during the updates and frequent changes? Will try to start from cold & dark and see what then happens...
  8. Not a problem, today the maximum stablized speed seemed to be 71 kts:
  9. Hi After some video watching, reading and checklist work managed to set up Challenger for short hop (~100 nm) and saved the state with Airfame Manager. Now I am finally trying to use this state for takeoff but for some reason the aircraft accelerates until 70 knots and nothing more, unable to reach V1 and futher, just keeps driving at runway. Now scratching head, conditions following: Weather X-Plane ISA (+15 °C, dry, no wind), total weight 13756 kg (according to X-Plane itself), FMS TO thrust limit 90.3, ATS display showing N1 TO, engines providing 90,3, parking brake off, flight spoilers retracted, left engine thrust 34.69 kN, right engine 34,9 kN (from Engine State Study menu), T/O CONFIG OK message on MFD, MFA modes |TO| |TO|, no failures in Failure Manager, X-Plane 11.52r2 running ~35 fps. Would it be better to create new state from cold & dark or am I missing some setting? Pots
  10. Isnt there abnormal and emergency docs included in Documentation folder of aircraft? On the moment I could not check myself but I think they were there...
  11. Maybe the manual would be too voluminous? For example Aerowinx PSX (Boeing 747-400) operations manual is 611 pages, 100 page of it is simulator handling and the rest about aircraft. Challenger 605 docs from SmartCockpit are 630 pages it total. I understood that learning this aircraft in real life training organisation takes few weeks of full working days. So for simulation the best way of learning seems to be from step to step (with different videos, SmartCockpit docs etc).
  12. Like that? FI -flight idle LES - Leading Edge Simulation ?
  13. Stupid question - how to open the cargo door in v 1.6.5? According to manual there should be some clickspots on door, but I have not found them. Clicked on door and around it for few minutes, nothing. Somehow I remember from some release notes of 1.6.* version that cargo door was not supposed to work and would be corrected in version 2.0? Or is it connected with selected livery? Not the most important feature of aircraft but still interesting.
  14. After some testing the issue seems to be with only right side EFIS DRIVE XFR switch. On left side same switch moves nicely between three positions. As the feature itself is not modelled then it just small observation.
  15. Thanks for information, always interesting to know such small details.
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