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  1. Like that? FI -flight idle LES - Leading Edge Simulation ?
  2. Stupid question - how to open the cargo door in v 1.6.5? According to manual there should be some clickspots on door, but I have not found them. Clicked on door and around it for few minutes, nothing. Somehow I remember from some release notes of 1.6.* version that cargo door was not supposed to work and would be corrected in version 2.0? Or is it connected with selected livery? Not the most important feature of aircraft but still interesting.
  3. After some testing the issue seems to be with only right side EFIS DRIVE XFR switch. On left side same switch moves nicely between three positions. As the feature itself is not modelled then it just small observation.
  4. Thanks for information, always interesting to know such small details.
  5. Yes - the main problem seemed to be somehow broken switch manipulator. It could be moved only once in one direction and thats all, Gizmo must be rebooted for moving switch back to central position.
  6. Good to hear. I took short look of supposed A340A manual on a well-known text sharing site. In the beginning it looked like A340A AFM but after some pages it turned out to be A340B one, so some kind of strange mix. Thought that better spend time (and money) with something more authentic.
  7. Testing here fresh 1.6.3 version on X-Plane 11.52r1. I had nerve to move switch DRIVE XFR in EFIS section of overhead. According to Saab 340B AOM this DRIVE XFR/NORM/XSIDE DATA switch is meant for switching DPU (Display Processor Unit) in case of failure. Everything is fine but switch animation seems to be broken somehow - switch can be moved only from NORM to DRIVE XFR and thats all - it could not be moved back to NORM or from NORM to XSIDE DATA. After rebooting Gizmo everything is good again. Am I only one experiencing this? Maybe not important switch (there are not many failures o
  8. pots

    Emergency bat?

    Thanks for reply! Saab 340A AOM seems to be very rare but somehow I found Saab 340B AOM. According to it emergency power supply unit contains a 24 V 5 A·H lead-acid battery and battery heater (to warm the battery for best efficiency). Just curious - is similar solution in 340A?
  9. pots

    Deserved Plaudits

    This aircraft is great! It is not big nor very modern, it does not have complicated systems but it greates passion! This forum is filled with observations, ideas, suggestions, bug reports, busy life is going on. Was Saab released on year 2013, so almost 8 years ago? But it still creates emotions, so well done!
  10. pots

    Emergency bat?

    Due to version 1.6.2 release I started to reading again Saab 340A Systems Operation Manual. According to electrical system description on page 55 and schematics on page 65 there seems to be hidden emergency battery located somewhere. So it has no switch (always ON), no voltage display and it status is shown only by "EMER PWR" warning light?
  11. Seems to be some issue with version 1.6. I managed to start engine 1, then manual start of engine 2 did not succeed. Then thought that auto-start should work fine, engine 1 is now working but auto-start itself is stuck for 5 minutes now.
  12. Working fine here with v1.1! Thank you.
  13. Just made observation about G5 in X-Plane 11.41. When pausing the simulation the G5 starts to increment the IAS value itself until the maximum (360 kts). When unpausing the correct value is swiftly restored. Maybe it not bug but just interesting behaviour. Pots
  14. Hi Now when BN-2 Islander v1.1.0 update is released, should we wait for new G5 patch file (with updated *.acf)? Pots
  15. Flight deck looks nice! Seems to be new - nice yellow label from left overhead panel with handwritten note "Instrument lights" is gone. BTW this label is present in X-Plane Mobile DC-3, it this addon created also by LES?
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