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  1. Yes it's only been a month or so, I been really pleased that my favorite airliner is back to being loved again.
  2. I have experienced Crashes with Traffic Global, I just disable when using the TBM
  3. Yes, I did read that and is the reason for my post. I'm very happy that the Development Team is back at it for this excellent model. I am anxiously awaiting additional update news and of course the release of the update. Kudos to the Dev Team for supplying a status, I think that is where alot of criticism came due to the lack of such communication, I'm just pleased that there is something on the Horizon.
  4. Hello All, Just wanted to drop a line as it has been awhile since I last visited and I was quite critical of the Development Team. I stand by my remarks of the lack of updates regarding the IXEG and believe there was a "dragging of feet" so to speak in regards to this. However, with that said, some of that criticism is because I believe the plane to one of the finest and still is in many respects. Although it may seem petty, I still am irritated by the doors not opening. I do though continue to fly this and have had many hours of enjoyment, I believe that even after now 2 years this
  5. This is probably gonna be met with some nasty remarks, but this is my opinion.... I own the IXEG 737, I enjoy it very much, my frustrations comes to the lack of updates. It has been a couple years (yes years , not days , not months) Hold is still not there and cabin doors yet to open. Fair to critique? Yes I believe so. Yes I know the cabin doors are eye candy, but is something that others have been able to accomplish and virtually all payware at comparable price certainly have this. The FMC Hold is a long time coming and not something , in my opinion , should take this long. We are speaking y
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