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  1. I agree and have already said it in another post, This is fantastic! Truly the best purchase I have made and I have tons. I am really truly impressed. I have the TBM-900 and didn't believe it could ever get better but I was proven wrong. I find myself always using the Planes bought from X-Aviation the most. The IXEG , TBM, and now this one are pretty much all I continue to fly. I am really impressed as well with the quickness of the updates coming out. Just wait till Grame comes out with all the Videos he has in store for this Plane. I'm sure there is plenty I will learn about it.
  2. Thank you for responding. I do notice that CLMB does show on the display where the N1 is located and was curious how that changed, as it will say Fail at times if not done correctly and wanted to be prepared on how to address should that happen mid-flight.
  3. I been listening to the co-pilot intently with the checklists, one of the things I'm puzzled with is upon the After Takeoff. He reports "Climb Set". How is this accomplished. I would like to know in case I bump something or as an extra cautionary check.
  4. Hello all, I had an instance where the Plane would not taxi, kinda just go in circles as if there was an issue with the Nose Wheel. I contributed it to the Airport Designer as the Parking lot looked like Gravel. I restarted to an are that look like pavement and all was well. I did use Pushback when it was on the gravel looking surface.. fast forward to last night, and a similar thing happened once again after using Push Back. Has anyone else experienced any issues, upon using PushBack? Yes, the Checklist was followed and Nose wheel was set to armed.
  5. I'm sorry leha74u I read your reply and did'nt ackowledge. Thank you very much, that was what I was looking for.
  6. Maybe I'm a bit tired, but I can't for the life of me find the display to show my current weight to enter upon landing. Can someone jog my memory. Thank You!
  7. I own many (more than I care to mention) payware aircraft and even after this short period of time I have to say this is the FINEST aircraft I have ever purchased! Period! Flight model, Modelling, response, Frame Rates, etc. The Best Purchase yet. My first purchase from X-aviation was the IXEG and I still fly that very very often. I have several Airbus from various developers, The TBM, SAAB, etc. I back in the day had the PMDG NG. I thought there would never be another like the TBM but this aircraft is Epic! Kudos to all involved! Yes the manual issue and lack of tutorial like the TBM is not there. I got spoiled I guess. But I find myself actually learning more and being more attentive than I have with any other Aircraft. I just recently had some acceptable landings but I still drift alot on my touchdown. That is all me, not the aircraft and I look forward to getting better and better. I did experience an issue with the Steering for taxi on one airport that was downloaded from the Xplane site. I believe it was not the plane but the designer. Even though the parking area looked paved it was more of a Gravel type coloring. Possibly this was an issue with not being able to move and just spin. I moved to another parking area and all seemed well. I am really looking forward to Grame to do more of his excellent videos. I learned tons from him with the IXEG and TBM. Once again, High Praise to all involved. I look forward to any updates to come. In the meantime, I will logging many of hours in my now favorite.
  8. Good Afternoon everyone! I purchased and have spent several hours with trying to understand everything this incredible plane has to offer. Really great Job to all involved! I'm sure it will just get better with some tweaks here and there. I must say that without having a good Flight Sim Background I would of been at a total loss on how to get around this Plane. A proper tutorial manual like that of the TBM would of been of great help. I am anxiously awaiting Grame from Reflected Reality Simulations on YouTube to pump out his great videos. I learned the TBM and IXEG from studying his Videos. After several YouTube Videos I am now quite comfortable in navigating my way around with the Startup, Planning, TO and Landing. I did my first complete flight just last night and am getting more comfortable as I go along. For the Newbies I would suggest looking at YouTube for various long time flight simmers that stream. Although many don't do everything right or address everything, I have learned from something from almost all I have watched thus far. Kudos to the development team! I am enjoying my purchase as I have from all the purchases X-aviation.
  9. I have quite a few planes here, IXEG, TBM900. Both are excellent. Looks like I'm adding another very soon!
  10. Yes it's only been a month or so, I been really pleased that my favorite airliner is back to being loved again.
  11. I have experienced Crashes with Traffic Global, I just disable when using the TBM
  12. Yes, I did read that and is the reason for my post. I'm very happy that the Development Team is back at it for this excellent model. I am anxiously awaiting additional update news and of course the release of the update. Kudos to the Dev Team for supplying a status, I think that is where alot of criticism came due to the lack of such communication, I'm just pleased that there is something on the Horizon.
  13. Hello All, Just wanted to drop a line as it has been awhile since I last visited and I was quite critical of the Development Team. I stand by my remarks of the lack of updates regarding the IXEG and believe there was a "dragging of feet" so to speak in regards to this. However, with that said, some of that criticism is because I believe the plane to one of the finest and still is in many respects. Although it may seem petty, I still am irritated by the doors not opening. I do though continue to fly this and have had many hours of enjoyment, I believe that even after now 2 years this is still one of the finest and find the pricing to be very fair. Even after voicing my displeasure about updates, I still continue to support X-Aviation and in fact recently purchased the Hot Start TBM Model. I'm sure this too will be another great purchase and am excited to begin learning this aircraft. Just wanted to extend a "Thank You" to the development team for giving us a fair update status, to know they are working to provide an update is very encouraging and I look forward to additional reading about the update progress. Personally I think the sounds are already "Great", It handles great, is dependable, (Never experienced any crashes), aside from the door opening and possibly (although not necessary) a little cleaning, This will be the most perfect airliner one can buy. Thanks again to the development team, I'm anxious to hear more about the update status.
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