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    Clocks question

    Hi guys, I am wondering how to control and set up clocks. If I understand correctly, clocks is showing local time regarding the position on the planet. Which is quite strange and not according to real conditions compare to real aviation. (In real aviation is generally used UTC time) I tried to press buttons on the clocks was nothing is happening or changing. Do you have any advise how to change this local time to ZULU/UTC time? Also short question, maybe i am incorrect, but also pointers, specially the small one is showing of time very strange, its holding the positi
  2. Hi guys, please check out a new version I hope, I will bring for you next a few flight hours. http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=25193
  3. Thanks for fast answer. I am going to buy it now
  4. Hi, I do not own SkyMaxx Pro weather system but I am really interesting about it. I just wanna ask if problems like "rain bug - rain drops fall only out of clouds" "visibility - runways are seeing instead of low visibility across clouds" are resolved in this version? Thank you .
  5. I tested it many times but never got any problem report, crash or freezing. Firstly check if you have newest version of x-plane, 10.31, or try to send me a picture of crash report or message that you have got after crash.
  6. I have problem with upload this upgrade here, so you can download it on this link: http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=25193 I made some little upgrades, I believe you will fly next more hours with this great turbo-prop.
  7. Please, when will this upade release? I want buy this aircraft so I believe I can make it before christmas
  8. Hi guys, really sorry for long delay. But today I send upgrade file to "Cameron", so I believe it will be ready to download in short time. Plus, I added new GNS 430 as replacement for old "GPS", please check photo.
  9. I have to refine these modifications and I will contact jRollon, so the best would be to send all my work to him :-)
  10. Hi, I made some upgrades to Jetstream 31/32, please check photos - 19 passenger version cabin - NOW you can not fall behind fuselage/window/doors. Now, you sit in real fuselage. You can "walk" out from plane only via opened doors. Same as Carenado planes has. - in galley [OFF] sign that you can touch lights off/on on first input - little uprage for control joystick that you see direct to instruments as are IAS and RBI without hide your joypad - right-seat armrest set to upper position - clouds do not display behind fuselage. FPS increased little bit But, with respect to jRollon and his fa
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