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  1. Should I test in windowed or fullscreen mode after updating to 11.55?
  2. Unfortunately the TBM crashes my X-Plane again even when the simulator is windowed instead of fullscreen. Logs are attached below. X-Plane_2021-06-29-203435_CaptainYukinoshitaHachimans-MacBook-Pro.crash Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  3. Thanks. (By the way just wondering if Apple and AMD are aware of this bug?)
  4. The problem is that under windowed mode the title bar of X-Plane is always displayed, which is very annoying. Have you heard of any ways to hide that?
  5. @Goran_M I have removed all 3rd-party sceneries and plugins while the TBM 900 continues to crash. Logs are attached below. BTW the memory of my Mac should be in good condition as I did a test using Rember and no error was found. Also, all these tests are under fullscreen mode, should I do another one in window mode? Log.txtTBM900_Log.txtX-Plane_2021-06-03-160838_CaptainYukinoshitaHachimans-MacBook-Pro.crash
  6. TBM900_Log.txtLog.txtX-Plane_2021-06-03-064958_CaptainYukinoshitaHachimans-MacBook-Pro.crash I just got another crash with Marginal Ground Traffic removed above an ocean. Later I'll test it again with all 3rd-party plugins and sceneries removed.
  7. @Goran_M BTW do you think there are any means to automatically test, or do I have to manually fly multiple flights in order to reproduce the crash?
  8. The Marginal Ground Traffic plug-in come from 3rd-party sceneries and I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to remove it. (And these sceneries seem working fine with other aircrafts). I'll try the aircraft around default airports first, however it might take some time as the crashes seem to be very random and it's hard to know what kind of action would trigger it (once in ZSPD the TBM even crashed when turning switches on the ground).
  9. The problem is that even when on the ground or shortly after take-off the TBM can also frequently crash, which shouldn't be caused by the scenery.
  10. The TBM900 frequently crashes on my MacBook Pro on macOS 11.4 (20F71). I had no such problems with other aircrafts (e.g. FFA320, FFA350, Toliss A319) and the log files are attached for your information. X-Plane_2021-05-29-214002_CaptainYukinoshitaHachimans-MacBook-Pro.crashX-Plane_2021-05-29-130555_CaptainYukinoshitaHachimans-MacBook-Pro.crashX-Plane_2021-05-29-003112_CaptainYukinoshitaHachimans-MacBook-Pro.crashX-Plane_2021-05-28-200716_CaptainYukinoshitaHachimans-MacBook-Pro.crashX-Plane_2021-05-28-184351_CaptainYukinoshitaHachimans-MacBook-Pro.crashX-Plane_2021-05-28-16593
  11. On which page is this on the POH please? I tried to look it up but couldn't find it.
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