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  1. - Solved by workaround - Created a workaround by writing a LUA script which simply takes the current fuel amount from sim/flightmodel/weight/m_fuel_total and copies it to sim/cockpit2/fuel/fuel_totalizer_init_kg, and assigned it to a button to execute. Now when refueling, can run and set the correct amount in G1000. Not sure why the buttons are missing, but at least I can get the fuel totalizer to be functional. Took people in an Aerobask forum to suggest a solution.
  2. I've seen similar behaviors with the G1000. Sometimes, the keys are actually there and active but not labeled, and clicking on where it is supposed to be works. Sometimes just clicking back and forth on things brings it back. I'm still trying to get my question answered about the fuel totalizer buttons, which don't seem to exist, but can't even get an answer if they are supposed to be there or not. I've been told by developers that G1000 problems are Xplane and not them, without even attempting to point me in the right direction. Support for multiple questions on this plane has been disappoint
  3. Hi all, I've never been able to find buttons to set the correct fuel amounts to allow for in flight predictions. Do these exist on this TBM? They are normally placed on the G1000 where the LFE buttons exist on this TBM, and accessed through System, while Flight plan is open. Has anyone seen these buttons, and if so, how do you get there? Or is fuel totalizer functionality working? Thanks!
  4. It needs to pass FAA inspection and be certified for use above 14000 ft, not cause radio interference nor fire hazard, so it's understandably expensive.
  5. As stated, map the flashlight toggle to a button. You can have either red or white light. The red is just enough to show you the button outlines. That's what I use, since you can't feel the buttons with your fingers, obviously, and the red is minimally invasive. Also, you can turn on the Access light, which gives a medium amount of light in cabin, less than the Cabin light. In real life would probably mess up your night adjusted sight though.
  6. To answer the first question, I was not arming VNV as seen in the screenshot, just entering altitudes in the plan. Then was erroneously getting warnings that TOD is coming soon. Got back to flying the TBM again under IFR on Pilot Edge and haven't been seeing this behavior anymore, or maybe just learned to ignore it. It doesn't affect functioning, just a false message. I think what you describe might be the situation. I am now setting cruise altitudes in flight plans, but from fms imports. They are showing white, and then I set some constraints for arrivals or airport elevations fo
  7. Goran, I understand you can't be responsible for Laminar code bugs and fixes to those. But as a software professional myself, when a customer reports a problem with our software, I do as much as I can to deal with the problem and doing the research myself even if the fault ultimately lies with a 3rd party, like maybe OS issue. I am responsible for the enjoyment and success of the product, regardless of the underlying platform. So maybe check with other customers, or run a test myself to get more context. First answer never being go talk to Microsoft. It's all too easy to get bounced
  8. Does nobody have this problem? The functionality for changing field elevation is in the same place that the fuel function buttons are located? Or is that also Laminars problem. Could use some support
  9. You mean use the mouse, by click and drag of the throttle lever? Sure, but that seems like it would take your eyes off the outside even more. You need to make small adjustments while focused on the runway end for landing. So I use a 3D SpaceMouse from 3Dconnexion in left hand for 3 axis control + 2 buttons for 2 views, and a mouse for right with 9 buttons, trim, throttle and views. It's worked for me for multiple simulators. Used it for TruckSim, FarmSim, KSP, Google Earth, and more. I've certainly had a full yoke, pedal and throttle quadrant setup in the past, so I know how that feels.
  10. Ok, thanks. Yes I was aware that the G1000 is XPlane standard, but wasn't sure which parts are your additions. I did notice that the menu buttons differ from an Aerobask DA-62 I also fly, and of course the Engine instrumentation. So which are your additions in the G1000 pages? I'm asking because I also posted another G1000 question here, about not finding the fuel quantity adjustment buttons. They are on an Aerobask, but not on your TBM. It could be same answer for the fuel question. I'm trying to understand why there would be different quirks between your TBM and an Aerobask, if you both
  11. How do you find the best way to control throttle position? I have setup 2 mouse buttons for throttle and don't use a hw throttle stick. I find it very difficult to set the throttle position, especially without friction turned on, as it always overshoots and flies with a delay at least half way across range. This is especially challenging at takeoff and landing obviously. Always over powering, and then trying to adjust and swinging to the other end. I end up putting my attention on adjusting the power lever to stay within range, which is obviously distracting from staying on course d
  12. As seen in the screenshot, I get the VNV alert to turn on in cruise are random times.. There is still more than almost an hour before TOD. Is this a bug or something I configured and don't understand? Thanks
  13. I've been looking through all combinations of menus and screen combinations and cannot find anywhere to reset the fuel quantity for the flight plan fuel flow calculations. In another planes G1000, on the FPL page the System softkey is available and leads to the Decrease, Increase and Reset Fuel buttons? What am I missing here? Thanks
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