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  1. Flying X-Plane 11 for a long time and never knew there is a flashflight here, which I got assigned to a key in Prepar3D ... Thanks...
  2. I never turn VNAV before last waypoint before T/D all the time flying on ALT. But if I got ALT + VNAV turned on and select lower altitude the plane is not descending after passing T/D. Need to be ALT turned off. Should it work like this?
  3. I don't see this "bug". Saw so far ice once on 10 flights on the wings and front glass.
  4. Maybe you give me a clue. Everytime I want to fly this plane during night session starting from an airport in GA section (so in 99% no external lighting) I'm not able to get battery switch ON, because of total darkness, so have to change for a while time to 11:00am for example turn battery on and lights and move back to real night time. Of course I know I can map the battery button to a key, but is there any other solution? I also think the night lights inside the plane are not sufficient. Any comments here guys?
  5. Great plane ... please develop it further. First time since 2 years started flying GA plane, and can't stop.... Luckily decided to buy it from 1.1.13 version. Thanks for the great job.
  6. I deleted the whole flightplan too probably also during direct. Not sure if I did something incorrectly or push something accidentally. But that happened once so far.
  7. Thanx, but didn't get it. I set up T/O trim and rudder (during plane start-up and taxi to RWY) : - leave it as it is - put it in the center - move it to the green marker ?
  8. Guys, First of all, thanks for development of this plane. I started to love GA and can't stop flying it. So much fun vs all those Boeing / Airbus planes. Can't find it in documentation I trim ELEV to T/O position but Rudder position also has green marker?
  9. Agree, you have to launch for the first time the plane without ShadeX. Once it's activated I turned on ShadeX again, and all works fine.
  10. Works fine if ShadeX is deactivated and removed from plugins ... Damn, I like ShadeX - is there any possibility this plane can worth with ShadeX?
  11. Here's mine ... All white screen, but I have ShadeX installed, so trying to figure out a bit.
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