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  1. not happy that i just purchased SkyMaxx Pro V4 on the 8th January. . If i new V5 was coming out i would have waited.
  2. I'm going to do a fresh install of x-plane , if I do it now I can let it download over night and let you know tomorrow!
  3. Log.txt I removed all 3rd party plugins, except Gizmo, and reload the sim, press the red button...twice, then close the sim here is the log text.
  4. look ill do a new install of Xplane and plug ins and then we can see if it fixes the issue or if it happens again.
  5. sure here you go ! TBM900_Log.txtLog.txt
  6. I also use xOrganizer but have removed that also
  7. I use Honeycomb bravo throttle light switches . I disconnected the Bravo throttle and Saitek yoke. I removed all plugins also but still its not working. I then assigned a button on my yoke for the Display Backup Button but no luck with that. Are there any hidden folders I can remove so I can do a clean install so it wont remember the history and be like a first time use?
  8. Hi I'm having an issue with the Display Backup Button. I pressed the button while I did an engine start but now its stuck on the backup screen. The red button no longer works. I have tried new airframes and aircraft locations but I still get the backup screen as soon as I power on the aircraft. I have also done a full aircraft re-install but it still remembers when I turn the Power on it goes into the backup Screens. Regards Jason
  9. jason74


    when i look at my flight plan there is no route discontinuity in it. it shows the TC and TD. I just tried another flight and vnav works. sometimes it works others it does not. I always check my flight plan is entered and complete. I have been flying the PMDG NGX for years so know how to enter the flight plan. I do understand the IXEG 737 vnav is a little differant to the NGX
  10. jason74


    Yes I have star and runway selected for the destination and i hand fly the 737 up to 1000ft before pressing Vnav
  11. jason74


    Hi Im having problems with vnav. If I start my flight in Turn around mode once I take off on my flight vnav will not engage. If I start my flight with engines running vnav works. I do arm the auto throttle and FD and once the power gets to about 40% I press the toga switch. is there a switch on the overhead panel im missing?
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