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Found 3 results

  1. Obviously could be pilot error, but I cannot figure out why the Mu-2 flies appx 5 degrees nose up, and about 80kn true too slowly. I'm fairly certain this is not expected behavior. If anyone has any tips, it would be appreciated. I've tried changing the centre of gravity and the plane rebalances back to 5 degrees nose up. I've tried trimming it out hard, same thing.
  2. Hi, Having enjoyed flying this aircraft, I've given livery creation a shot. This is a French Navy (Aeronavale) livery, had they used the MU2 for Maritime Patrol. Please let me know about any issues or potential improvements, this is a first attempt. Thanks, f Marine_Nationale.zip
  3. Hi X-Scenery peoples, was going to write my life history but you'd be bored. I haven't used X-Plane for four or five months, and I'm temporarily away from home and without an internet connection on my own PC. I decided to get back into X-Plane, and both the Mu-2 and Falco are asking me to re-activate. No hardware has changed (except the joystick). Is this normal and expected behaviour of the X-Scenery DRM? I'm now going to try and find the email address and password I used to register the Falco. If I don't come back, call the emergency services and ask them to send a rescue party...
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