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  1. I inadvertently initiated L engine shutdown (by releasing a agent bottle) inflight, flying with one engine after this mistake, I could not for the life of me relight the L engine and also could not turn on the APU, I was at FL 050. So I landed with one engine and parked the aircraft. How do I service the engine and make it good again using the FBO?
  2. I am in persistent mode on the ground. The fuel panles are OFF and SOVs are closed. Yet, fueling is in progress. How to stop it?
  3. yes, but how is it closed? I am on the ground now.
  4. How to make sure this is closed before the flight?
  5. Fueling works okay but how to de-fuel?
  6. I can fuel but the defuel doesn't work...
  7. The reason I thought of Gizmo was that the installer issued a message that it couldn't install Gizmo... Anyway like I said, I managed to install the package o the USB...I can't point out what's the cause here, but when I install from X-aviation on this particular PC, I get this issue. I am happy that at least I have a work around. (using another PC and USB)
  8. Completed my first flight KLAS to KVCV...
  9. Okay done! The USB method was failing as I was inputting directories, it just needs a clean X-Plane 11 directory. Download time from another PC to the USB took about 20 mins. On the PC where my X-Plane installation is it took 6-7 HOURS and timed out. I am not sure what is the reason for this. It could be 1. Anti Virus interference 2. X-Plane software conflicts (Gizmo) Anyway, all is good now.
  10. The installation aborts about half way through due to a time out. I have tried the USB method but it does not recognise the X plane folder that I copy to it. This is a hard one....
  11. I am doing a download / installation again now, so I will see if it works. If it fails, I will try the USB method again.
  12. Downloading the package, then the installation program closes just before the entire files are downloaded. I had experienced this issue with a previous X aviation package and now I am experiencing it again. I have disabled the firewalls.
  13. okay so what i did was install the package on another pc and transferred it to a usb stick this enabled me to bring back the files to the x plane folder and now the airport package is good ...
  14. So much for the online support... Anyway I am trying to do something let's see how that works.
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