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  1. Yes inverter is set to MAIN Condition Levers set at TAXI Fuel Pressure does not exceed 40 PSI Aircraft does start using the default X-plane auto start menu...but that isn't the way I want to go.
  2. Yes and yes... Engine turns propeller turns whine is heard...no ignition
  3. Okay so i arranged the condition levers as well, everything is as per the manual, the engines rotate but the fuel never gets introduced.
  4. RTFM I guess,,well another little problem, I assign the condition lever operation but only the Lift function works...
  5. All other aircraft have the throttle moving, in the MU-2 the throttle is unresponsive. Furthermore the 2 blue fuel cut off levers are also unresponsive
  6. I have no moving throttle bars since the update using the X52 joystick and the application of throttle is unresponsive. Asigning the normal 'throttle' axis to throttle is unresponsive.
  7. This is seems to be very necessary, otherwise the AP won't function. The MU-2 is not the only plane I have that needs this... The Fly JSim 727s needs this too. Is there an xplane setting for this???
  8. I am trying to get the R engine going. The L Engine is on. Bleed and Gen are on. The engine will not start and the message R ENG ECU FAIL is displayed in white.
  9. My humble guess is the APS being off, due to it being in FAIL mode...but I am not sure that this is the reason. I attempted to land with one engine, however this caused a spiraling fall to the ground.
  10. on another post it has been answered to reset the APU fault by accessing an external door under the left engine.
  11. One of my engines failed on approach causing me to crash..
  12. I wish there is a way to do some MRO to the aircraft through the FBO to bring it to a state where it was before the failure. For example I have the ATS always on FAIL and my APU will not start. But it's flyable so I do fly it. Hoping for a future MRO functionality.
  13. In persistent or non persistent mode I am unable to start the APU. I have also used the DC power source but the APU just will not start. The message that comes up is that the pump has failed and the SOV is closed.
  14. I inadvertently initiated L engine shutdown (by releasing a agent bottle) inflight, flying with one engine after this mistake, I could not for the life of me relight the L engine and also could not turn on the APU, I was at FL 050. So I landed with one engine and parked the aircraft. How do I service the engine and make it good again using the FBO?
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