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  1. Yes, of course, I've double checked that the built-in failures were all disabled (i. e. "always working"). So, I just flew the same route (that I unsuccessfully tried to fly twice yesterday) without time acceleration and the problem did not occur. This is far from hard evidence but it supports the theory. So, is it a bug? IOWs, should I expect this to be fixed someday or should I just view this as an inherent limitation and refrain from using time acceleration?
  2. intelfx

    Oxygen Mask

    I'm sorry for necroposting, but I have just reproduced this exact bug, can confirm and also provide a possible explanation. It happens when UI scale is not set to 100% (which explains the reproducibility — @robder likely has a high-DPI Retina screen which probably necessitates the use of UI scaling). Any chance this could be fixed (along with other bugs that manifest when UI scaling is used)?
  3. (Okay, now I'm embarrassed about the amount of topics I created in recent days, but this one is a serious question.) In recent days, I made four simulated flights with TBM900 (not counting various experiments and training — that is, long flights). During all four of these, the TBM900 broke in (almost) the same way. Three times (#1, #2 and #4), the engine suddenly caught fire and the crash bar dropped without any intervention on my part. One time (#3), ITT suddenly spiked to 1000°C and continued to raise extremely rapidly through 2500°C, at which point I pulled fuel and ITT started to
  4. Hmm, so I flew with this cabin in "deathtrap" condition up to 30000 ft, and it did pressurize okay. Is it going to slowly leak air or something?
  5. Greetings. This is just a "curiosity" post really. So I've been messing around with the TBM900, trying to see just how badly I can wear it out if I'm super sloppy with everything (but not to the point of crashing). After a couple of tail strikes with repairs, the cabin pressure vessel has degraded to a "deathtrap" condition (which got a chuckle out of me ;)), but I'm too bored to do even more tailstrikes to see where it gets next. So: seeing as the pressure vessel becomes "worn" or "very worn" after just one repair, skipping the "good" condition completely, what exactly happens
  6. Today, as usual, I've been practicing in trying to find new and creative ways to break the TBM 900. Long story short, I botched a mid-air restart and broke the propeller. Then I did a nice and clean forced landing, came to a full stop and immediately (without going into maintenance manager) restarted the flight to reposition myself on a GA ramp. When X-Plane finished loading, the TBM 900 immediately tipped over and tail-striked itself, breaking the pressure vessel and screwing up my maintenance log. I reproduced this several times, then went into maintenance to replace the broken prop and on t
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