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  1. For me what is still needed to fly in VR like I can the TBM is for the popup panels to work in VR just like they do in 2d. Second is for the throttles to work like the default C90B or the 737-800 do in VR.
  2. Adding this to the cl650_vrconfig.txt file has the yoke trim switches working. #ELEVATOR TRIM BEGIN_MANIP command_switch_up_down sim/flight_controls/pitch_trim_down sim/flight_controls/pitch_trim_up DEG_PER_ACTION 7.5 HOLD_MANIP END_MANIP
  3. Popout Panels are all grey boxes for me. Log.txt
  4. I used OVR advanced settings and moved up/down to -0.10 and that fixed my issue. I can still get in places where parts of the aircraft is not rendered but much better. Thanks for the suggestion of using OVR advanced settings.
  5. In VR the trim switches on the yoke do not move which is used for part of the checklist. They will highlight but no movement. Any idea on a workaround to get this working or am I the only one with this issue.
  6. I was having a issue getting the adg test switch working but this has it working with the mouse and VR controllers. In the CL650_cockpit.obj I have. In the CL650_vrconfig.txt I have. Bill
  7. Is it possible that we could get the files you sent to Goran so we could also test till we have a update from HotStart. Thanks Bill
  8. To each there own. With mine if you click on the correct button it will check it for you as I did not see the provided checklist doing that. I may have missed something but just trying to new VR users. PS I happen to be the coauthor of Xchecklist and it was the first plugin to support VR when it became possible in X-Plane and have found it to be very stable over many years now. I also have never ran out of room in a VR cockpit.
  9. I am using this very early version of a interactive Xchecklist checklist but had some issues because I could not get the trim switches on the yokes to work. Anyone have the trim switches working? My throttles also will not advance always want to go back to idle. CL650_clist.zip
  10. Did you talk to Goran about having the throttles connected together like we have seen in other aircraft? I have seen a click spot for either or both throttles.
  11. Just a couple of things I found in my testing this morning. Using HDR and the Popup Panels from the Challenger 650 menu all panel are displayed in VR but you cannot interact with them with the VR controller. If you popout the DCP 1 or the CCP 1 you can interact with then using the VR controller. Hopping that every update we can help make this great aircraft more VR friendly. Not confident enough to fly it yet but am enjoying the journey.
  12. In the plane Settings audio tab do you have your headset audio picked? One other thing is make sure that X-Plane sound volume it correct.
  13. I just found out that HDR needs to be on for the HUD to look correctly.
  14. In VR I had not been using HDR but I found out many of my issues were fixed when I turned HDR on. So I guess for this aircraft we must have HDR on.
  15. If I pop out the 2d windows I can then use OVR Toolkit to put them in VR. Everything work except for rotating knobs. So switches and buttons seem to work fine. This will help me learn the plane in VR till we have better VR panel interaction. I have followed the checklist up till the FMS but need to so some more learning to go past that step.
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