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  1. I use this tool. https://github.com/leecbaker/datareftool/releases I do not have this plane but have used it with many planes and it has parsed out the datarefs. Bill
  2. If you have not tried DataRefTool I would try it and see if it makes the datarefs visible. https://github.com/leecbaker/datareftool/releases Bill
  3. I want to say thank you and fully understand being patient and resourceful. My initial interest is SkyMaxx Pro and wonder if you see any issue with that? Thanks Bill
  4. Trying to adjust the MSL height of Classic_Tower_3.agp but it seems like you cannot adjust any *.agp. I have "Set MSL" checked and have tried any number of values in the "MSL" with no luck. I have done the same thing with beacon_airport_big.obj and it works correctly so not sure why this should not work for *.agp if the selection tab gives "Set MSL" and "MSL" as a option. Using WorldEditor 1.2r4 on X-Plane 10.21 Thanks Bill
  5. My latest version of Xsaitekpanels 2.19 has very good support. Bill
  6. Yes Xsaitekpanels is my brain child and has been a very fun ride and has more followers than I could have ever imagined. Here is my latest add on aircraft folder so you will get to see a variety. For me datareferences make more sense but I can work with either one. One other thing is that I have a datareference for every switch or button position for the switch, radio and multi panels so I can also talk to FlyWithLua to give even more configuration possibility’s. The xsaitekpanels.ini is self described and hope it make sense to you. From my perspective and what I look for in a aircraft is a set of datareferences that I can map to the Saitek panels to make as little mouse action as possible. Ps I just noticed there is no Linux version for this plane and as a Linux user and multi platform developer wondered if that is possible in the future? Bill Add_On_Aircraft_ini.zip
  7. Hi Tom, For default aircraft I use the default datareferences or commands depending on which makes sense. So on a radio panel in the COM1 position I use fine and coarse commands for fine and coarse knobs. In your case with a addon aircraft Xsaitekpanels has a very large xsaitekpanels.ini configuration file that should allow it to work with your aircraft. I have people that are using it with the R&P 777 and the Challenger300 and I am working on making a configuration for the Jetstream 32. I look for xsaitekpanels.ini in the current aircraft folder so you can have a different one for any aircraft you fly. As my plugin has matured I am moving the control from me to the users so they can make it work with any adon aircraft that has the information available. Any other info you need please feel free to ask. Bill
  8. I had altitude hold instead of altitude arm for the ALT button. Changed now with the release of version 2.12. This code has been like this for a very long time which is why I was so confused but the sudden change. Should be all better but let me know if it is fixed for you. Bill
  9. I have tested the following default aircraft and here is a list of the ones that seemed to work fine to me. Cessna 172SP Cirrus TheJet Columbia-400 P180 Avanti Ferrari Team B747-400 United The ones that did not KingAir C90B Baron B58 If you look at the beta change logs coming up to 10.20 final you will see both of these plane were touched. I think there is a pattern and don't think it is Xsaitekpanels unless you have more convincing evidence. On both of these plane you cannot have the alt hold and vs hold on at the same time like you can on the other five planes I tested. Please test and see your results are the same and if so then it is a bug with those two plane and not with my plugin. Ps. Found a issue and will have it resolved after some testing either tonight or tomorrow. Bill
  10. Javier, Thanks for the added info and now fully understand the why of your newest creation which is just gorgeous from the video I have watched so far. I have downloaded your free manual and will be spending some time understanding this new aircraft a year in the making. In the info you have already provided I do not think it should be a issue to have Xsaitekpanels working with this aircraft. It will take some time and a few more questions from me to make sure I fully understand the datareferences but think reading the manual first is the correct step now. As I am a Ubuntu user I thought in one of the videos it said that there will not be a Linux version. I hope that is not true and if you need any help in porting to Linux feel free to contact me and will do what I can. Enjoying X-Plane more and more every day Bill
  11. Xsaitekpanels already has some of that and I can add more if the need is there but I have a question asked in post #11 that is still unanswered. Example TuneLeftNumbers Com1: J32/Com1NumAct Is this a datareference or a command? If we are talking about commands then the issue is mute and will add remapability to all affected buttons and controls. If on the other hand they are datarefecences then I do not have a solution for that because my plugin is no different then a fancy joystick that cannot enter numbers either. So we are all aware of the current status of Xsaitekpanels it is 32/64 bit and already has remapabilty of the full switch panel. It also has partial remapabilty of the multi panel that is in the current version 2.05. I have just finished the remapping of the radio panel's Com 1 & 2 coarse and fine knobs and Nav 1 & 2 coarse and fine knobs over the holiday's and will be released as version 2.06 in the near future. Bill
  12. Javier, Thanks for the information and have been looking at it to see what is possible from a Xsaitekpanels point of view. It looks like most of the J32/xxx are datareferences and not commands but I am not clear on that. Example TuneLeftNumbers Com1: J32/Com1NumAct As I see no increase or decrease so I have to assume that is a datareference and you put a value in there. Am I thinking correctly? Thanks for your time and Happy Holidays Bill
  13. Hello, Name here is Bill (sparker) and the author of Xsaitekpanels. I have recieved a PM and a email about this issue and am thinking about a solution. The Current version 2.05 of my plugin supports all default aircraft in X-Plane 10.20+. Trying to cover every new addon aircraft is a task beyond what a free plugin should be asked to support. My manual clearly describes every datareference and command that I use so it is known to all who want to look. That all being said what I think a solution might be is to add remapability to the switches or buttons affected on the radio and multi panels. To do that since I do not own this aircraft I would need a list of all datareferences and commands used to even think of making this happen. My plugin is free but I do take donations and think this might help me find some time to help resolve this issue. Bill
  14. This is a good enough source for me. http://wiki.x-plane.com/Beta Bill
  15. As the author of Xsaitekpanels will there be a section for plugins? Bill
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